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Balanced world trough getting rid of stats increase per level


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I´m searching for a mod that does was the title says but I cant find one, so I asume there is no mod like this. (except one mod "Armaborn" which sadly removes leveling completly)


I your journey from level 1 to highlevel/endgame there always comes the point where the game gets easy, some enemies can do literally no damage (which is very unimmersive) altough a lot of mods try to fix this (there are amazing balancing mods out there altough they have all the Vanilla stats gain problem).


Getting rid of the stat gain/ %armor,%damage trough levels and perks could solve the problem in addition to freeze the world at f.e. level 70 and giving every encounter/npc his perk pack and making loot rare/hard to aquire (morrowloot f.e.),


If the player could start a new game now beeing on paar with f.e. a simple bandit and thus the player gets no addidional stats by leveling this bandit will also be able to kill the player altough the player gained f.e. 50 levels.


Hopefully a skilled modder pics up this topic, expands on it and releases such a mod (sadly I have no idea how to create a mod and I´m sure there is much more to take care of than the points I mentioned above)



wbr ChrisIII


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