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Blackjack for non-lethal stealth


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This is a mod I put up quite a while ago. I was mildly satisfied with it but I never made a post about it and just let people find it on their own. Now, I've decided to come back to it and I've completely rewritten it from the ground up. So, I just uploaded the version 1.3 which I think makes most things about the mod better.


My main motivation was a thief-type playthrough. Not an assassin who would kill people, but specifically a thief that would try to either sneak past without alerting or if that wasn't possible do a non-lethal takedown. I saw a few solutions to this problem but I got a sudden idea to make this mod. The inspiration was of course from Thief. The iconic Blackjack weapon is not a Thief creation but rather a real thing but Thief was certainly the game that introduced it to me.


The goal of the mod is make a simple weapon that you can use for your sneaky non-lethal needs. The underlying functionality is a bit complicated but from a player's perspective it should be simple: you hit someone in the back and they go unconscious. Some time later they wake up without too much issue. Enemies around them should react to an unconscious comrade realistically.


So, please check it out and let me know what you think. It would be great if this made different kinds of playing styles accessible. http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33034/?

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