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[Mod Request] Distance shadow line issue? Dynamic Shadow fix.


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Hey there modding community!

I've been enjoying MH Rise on the PC quite a lot lately. My experience so far has been mostly flawless, but there's one problem in particular that bugs me a lot.

I'm noticing that there is a certain area around the character that is rendered at a higher resolution, while everything further than that area seems lower quality. The quality difference isn't really noticable but the problem is that the lower quality render seems to be a bit darker so there is this line that you can clearly see in lit up areas without too much details. I'm attaching a link with 4 screenshots that demonstrate what I'm talking about LINK

This seems to be related to the way the game handles shadows since one of the main things I noticed is that shadows beyond that point are really low quality. Also disabling the "dynamic shadows" from the graphics menu seems to mostly fix the issue (it's still visible but it's barely noticable). I'm currently playing with this setting disabled, but I'd like to turn it on since it makes the world come to life. I don't like shadows being burnt into the textures.

Does anyone have any idea how to remedy it? If you could come up with a mod that extends this render distance I'd really appreciate that!

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