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How do I post a campaign in 3 parts?


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Hey everyone, new here but I have written and begun making an entire level 1-12 campaign for Solasta. I am half way through but want to post it in 3 parts, levels 1-4,5-9,9-12. How do I do this? Do I have the entire thing in my dungeon maker as 1-12 but only upload parts of it? If so, how? Or, do I need to figure out how to split it in the dungeon maker first, and then upload the parts? The first half is 19 maps, 33 custom items, a dozen custom monsters, and sub quests, etc., I'm pretty happy with how its coming along, but it is built entirely in the DM, no scripting or moding, which aren't my thing, so I am a little our of my league on how to share it all--any help appreciated, even if you can just point me in the right direction:)

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