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Real Kung fu styles (All kung fu styles with real moves)


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I see some martial arts mods not really martial arts just one kick & a jump lol.Can someone make a real kung fu mod with actual kung styles & moves with animations, like snake style 5-10 different punch moves, or tiger style, or pray mantis, or buddha palm ascending from the heavens squashing your enemies leaving an indent of a palm on the ground, each style should have 5 to 10 different moves for both hands and feet. and there should be some real flips like they do in jet lee movies jump off the walls, wall scaling, side flips, climb on your enemies and take him down with a grapple move. or the famous kuji kuri with animations of the finger techniques (kuji kuri animations was done in oblivion) magic there should be two mods one regular and another to remove all enemies weapons and assign them with different random styles & levels so could be grand masters, you should also be able to be different types like a ninja with ninja style wall climbing claws or grappling hook to jump across the roofs of skyrim! or you can be a monk, shinobi with shinobi powers. good movie refs as to what i'm talking about buddha palm, shinobi hearts underblade great flick! Zu warriors, fist of legend, iron monkey, or the epic true legend! now if someone is good enough to make a mod like that I bet it will be epic if they do it right & do it clean & compatible, I can see them getting a job making epic games that are actual what it says Real Kung fu styles! Thanks all for listening hope we can find someone good enough to make this happen if not I'll keep learning & make it & get that epic job in the field!!!

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