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i need help for clean and optimize my modlist


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Hi guys.


this is my list of mods but i think there are useless packages that could be unnecessarily overwritten by other mods. I started from a friend's modlist, but now it's just a big mess. thankfully everything works, but I would like to clean up the useless packages and, if you have any advice to give, install new ones to improve the VR experience. thanks everyone for the advice.


paradise_halls_fellglow_slave_camp-adjusted 5-15-16

A Quality World Map - Classic with All Roads-5804-8-4CA

A. Noble Skyrim - FULL PACK_2K-21423-5-5-0-1543032385

AI Overhaul - Italian Translation-42531-1-6-7-1637072183

AI Overhaul 1.6.7-21654-1-6-7-1637061735

All in one (Anniversary Edition)-32444-5-1641492622

Anima Nera - SerketHetyt's Nera Follower SE-57698-1-0-1635637877

Anima Nera - SerketHetyt's Serana Replacer - Human SE-57698-1-0-1635637773

Apocalypse 9.45.0 -ITA-42089-9-45-0-REV01-1618756032

Apocalypse v945-1090-9-45

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE - Traduzione Italiana-39273-3-3-2REV2-1602403723

Audio Overhaul Skyrim (3.3.2)-12466-3-3-2-1591114339

Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Sounds Compendium Integration-36761-1-0-1-1591103601

Azurite Weathers-42731-1-81-1643145579

Be Seated v4.2.3-16613-4-2-3-1628012069

Beyond Skyrim - Assets-10917-1-5-2-1639253786

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Hotfix 1.5.3-10917-1-5-3-1639913724

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE - Traduzione Italiana-59593-1-5-3-1639922349

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma-10917-1-5-2-1639253787

Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch-10917-1-5-2-1639253789

Bijin NPCs SE 1.2.1-11287-1-2-1

Bijin Warmaidens SE v3.1.3-1825-3-1-3

Bijin Wives SE 1.1.2-11247-1-1-2

BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v5.5.1-201-5-5-1-1643408183

Bruma and Forgotten City Patch-27573-1-0-1563767336


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - v1.6.2-198-1-6-2-1628020768


Cathedral Snow and Glaciers (YALO T4R and RS)-18033-4-3-2-1559277953

CBBE 3BA (3BBB)-30174-2-18-1641727512

CBPC - Fomod installer - MAIN FILE-21224-1-4-17-1642089686


Convenient Horses Traduzione Italiana (v.7.0.1)-15416-1-4-4-1641820962

Convenient Horses-9519-7-1-1641573606

Curvalicious CBBE 3BA Bodyslide Preset-61099-1-0-1641167500

Diary Of Mine 2.5.5_fomod

ELE - SE v1.2.2-1377-1-2-2-1543800567

ELE SE - Legacy of the Dragonborn patch-1377-1-1-1572390813

ENB Helper VR-25142-1-0-0-1555617161


Enhanced Blood Textures-2357-4-0-1639547261

ETHEREAL CLOUDS SE - 2K-2393-3-0-1603321016

ETHEREAL COSMOS - Special Edition-5728-2-0

Expressive Facial Animation - Female Edition-19181-1-7-1575746557

Expressive Facial Animation - Male Edition-19532-1-21-1575813430

FallrimTools 4.3.2-5031-4-3-2-1568938505

Flower Girls SE e VR - Traduzione Italiana-26730-3-0-2-1567248170

FlowerGirls SE and VR Main File-5941-3-0-2-1566171791

FNIS Behavior VR 7_6 XXL-3038-7-6-1582049179

FNIS Data (Default)


FurnitureMarkerSex v0_14_3 SE

HD Road Signs 2K Version-2454-1-1

HD Skyrim Overhaul - Highest Quality Pack-19421-2-4-1580418993

HDT-SMP for VR 1.4.15 v2.2 (BETA)-30872-2-2-vr-1576733938


High Fidelity ENB - LCD version-27308-2-5-1566689033

Immersive Sounds - Compendium 3.0-56012-3-0-1632448909

Immersive Sounds Compendium 3.0-523-3-0-1629219996

INIGO_V2.4C SE-1461-2-4C

Interesting NPCs 3DNPC SE - Loose-29194-4-3-6-1582214998

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Inigo Follower Patch Room A-2-40816-2-1-1637695390

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Interesting NPCs Patch-39834-1-31-1641508231

Legacy of the Dragonborn - M'rissi Follower Patch Room A-1-40816-2-1-1637695678

Legacy of the Dragonborn - NPC Overhaul-38178-1-2-2-1611573522

Legacy of the Dragonborn 5.5.7 ITA-19991-5-5-7-1642691616

Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (Official)-30980-2-5-11-1642518544.1

Legacy of the Dragonborn-11802-5-5-7-1642623776



M'rissi's Tails of Troubles SE - ITA-37244-1-7-1621879466

M'rissi's Tails of Troubles SE 1.7-9666-1-7-1621857507

Navigate VR - Equipable Dynamic Compass and Maps-47174-1-51-1641423296

PapyrusUtil VR - Scripting Utility Functions-13048-3-6b-1545409528

Perk Point Book-2254-2-0

Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION SE ITA-12430-3-01

Populated Skyrim Hell Edition-5017-4-1-1595219057

RaceMenu Anniversary Edition v0-4-19-9-19080-0-4-19-9-1641860262

RaceMenu VR 0.4.14-19080-0-4-14-1597081369

Realistic Mining and Chopping for VR - USSEP-16692-1-1-0

Realistic Water Two - ITA-25447-5-0-0-1636885166

Realistic Water Two v1.12-41076-1-12-1626706192

Realm of Lorkhan - Custom Alternate Start-18223-3-6-1-1632558332

RSChildren Experimental Version - ITA - SKI-13861-1-2-1555707728

RSSE Children Overhaul 1.1.3 with hotfix 1-2650-1-1-3HF1-1583835543

Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE_VR - v1.0

Serana Dialogue Add-On SE-52369-2-9-2-5-1643565139

Serana Dialogue Add-On - ITA-52369-2-8-2-1635625560


SINful CBP-24313-6-1-0-1569682535


Skyrim SE 3D Sound (X3DAudio HRTF)-1897-1-0

Skyrim Sewers 415-9320-4-15-1549828167

Skyrim Underground-131-4-6-1-1581079394

SkyrimVR Strange Runes - Spellcasting Enhanced VR Edition-30558-2-5-1574612725








SkyVRaan 1.0.1-30571-1-0-1-1614546430

SL VRpatch Beta8 38 - test

SL VRpatch hotfix for v38

SMIM SE 2-08-659-2-08

Smooth Sky Mesh 0_262-18350-1-0-262

Spell Wheel VR-47630-1-2-5-1638635111

Spellsiphon - Complete Edition-26627-5-16-1642349673

Tamriel Master Lights - Standard version-36726-1-2-1612258061

Teru Diosa del Acero 1.2 3BA-61377-1-1-1642344419

The Forgotten City-1179-1-8

The Luscious Body - CBBE 3BA Bodyslide Preset-61708-1-0-1642727022

Total Character Makeover 1.2-1037-1-2

Unofficial Material Fix-21027-1-17-0-1573377063

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch-266-4-2-5b-1623727189

VRIK V0.8.1 Test Build 28-23416-V0-8-1-Test-Build-28-1624911793

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended-1988-4-80-1610196777

ZAZ 7.0SE-Rev1

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