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Compressing problem for mods in KCD


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My bad problem is resolved! thanks.


Firstly, WKpel author of Epona is the best horse has been extremely helpful kudos to him.

you should checkout his horse mods.


My problem now is how to compress the mod files that I have created called mystinger which I compressed as .zip using

7z..exe and renamed to mystinger.pak.


my Test:


What I did was to remove all my mods.
Then I only placed 2 mods
mystinger mod and the base_carry_weight_50000.rar-1220-0-1-1616091868 mod.


mystinger <---mod did not seem to work

base_carry_weight_50000.rar-1220-0-1-1616091868 <--- worked fine

So I unpacked the base_carry_weight_50000.rar-1220-0-1-1616091868 mod and just repacked it, nothing more, using

7z.exe set to zip format and default settings. Then I renamed base_carry_weight_50000.zip as base_carry_weight_50000.pak

I ran the game and the game did not recognise the base_carry_weight_50000.pak mod any longer.
To make 100% sure I copied my back up of base_carry_weight_50000.pak into the mod folder and ran the game.

It worked!


so I think that sort of clinches it.
It seems that the zip archive that 7z makes is not recognised by the game?

I know this was a problem from old but I thought it was fixed.


So my question to all you modders out there is how do you compress KCD mod files to make it activate in game.

If you use 7z.exe then what settings are required for the zip format. winzip is not a free app and it seems too bloated.


Any help would be appreciated.



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