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please help :( neck and body diferent skin color


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hope someone can help me
I recently updated to version 2.22 of the body type cbbe 3BA, but now my character has a slight difference in texture or colour, I do not know how to call it in the neck,


I tried in the racemenu change the skin colour, the type of head (I'm using high poly face), before the body update did not have this problem and tried the solutions I found in videos on youtube but do not work. and can not uninstall the game because I have not updated with the AE patch I still have version 1.5.9. because many mods havei issues whith the patch and dont know how to make the right steeps.


i also tried to reinstall the body and face textures. i am using the mod "the pure female skin".but the problem remains


it's more visible when I change the skin colour to a darker one.


i added some comparative images


I would really appreciate your help







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Looks like a normal map seam (and maybe also subsurface texture seam).


Bodies in Skyrim have three types of textures:

- diffuse map: the usual body texture

- normal map: "roughness", "surface structure" (suffix "_msn")

- subsurface texture: reflections, shiny vs. dull, wet/sweat effects, additional "depth" (suffix "_sk").


If there's a mismatch in one of the three texture sets, you get seams. From your pics, I'd say the head and body diffuse textures DO match. So it's a problem with one of the other two sets (or maybe both).


Solution: Install matching normal maps and subsurface texture.


You can try your current skin texture with different options (if there are any), you can try different skin texture altogether, or you can try to find better fitting normal maps and _sk texctures from a different mod and use those together with your diffuse texture.

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It looks like there's a normal map or subsurface texture issue with "pure skin". So, reinstalling it will probably bring back the seam.


What you can do: If you use a mod manager like Vortex or MO2, that lets you set override rules on a "per file" basis: Try to use only the diffuse textures from your favorite mod and see, if you like the result. This means: let the diffuse textures from "pure skin" overwrite the ones from your current skin, but not the _msn and _sk files.


In fact, a lot of "mix and match" is possible with skin mods. See for yourself.

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