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Psi mec


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Hi, I try edit xcomstrategygame.xxx in


XGpsilabUI (classes) > buildsoldieroption (function)


Find this on top (Koption.istate = 1) to (Koption.istate = 0)


simple hex value change which is


Before 26

After 25


With this you can select mec trooper to undergo psi training. Icon so cool. But the problem is animation really weird since mec trooper design cannot be psi. For me, It is okay only during psi action after that mec trooper can run and take shoot an alien.


Then, I test only this perk work;


Mindfray ( no damage but reduce aim and will to alien also animation problem)

Mind control ( work but animation problem)

Psi panic (work but animation problem)

Psi inspiration ( work but animation problem)

Telekinetic field ( work but animation problem)


Rift ( not work and animation problem)

Psi lance (not work and animation problem)


I try on android version maybe can in windows vannila version. For fun 😁 sorry bad english


One things possible is mec trooper maybe can have gene modification perk based on (XGGenelabui > buildsoldieroption) but of course animation problem.


I also make shiv to have class and gain rank but only a few perk useful to shiv mostly on assault class. I try to separate a perk class for human and shiv soldier but no luck. I not modder.


Here a picture

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