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Download of a Potentially Unwanted App


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The problem was on my end not yours. I am so sorry.


I honestly did think it was this website, after researching and doing all the recommended checks plus some, but it is no longer just this site Bitdefender is upset with. I would delete this post but I cannot figure out how, if NexusMods wishes to do so, feel free.


On the off chance someone else reports a similar issue, I have Bitdefender's most frequent notification posted below:


"We blocked this page for your protection: https://omnatuor.com/event The page attempted to download a PUA (Potentially Unwanted App) to your device. This type of apps exhibit behaviors that impact the privacy and security of your device and data."


I doubt this site was the cause now that the issue is no longer isolated to nexusmods as I have never had issues with this site before. At least not when I am logged in to my premium (ad free) membership. However I do not know for sure where the issue came from. If others report a similar issue indicating it did originate from your site, I will happily provide further information. Otherwise, I apologize for wasting your time and hope you have a nice day!


Thank you!

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