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On Tattorack's request I've done a tutorial for current Blender Import Export to Oblivion.

It uses armor to demonstrate the vertex group I/O requirements.
It shows how to get the Oblivion skeleton/replacer into Blender 2.5+ (I used 2.71) and back into game.
In doing so it includes a brief CS(E) tutorial.
It also mentions the "Scale and Rotation to obData" for exports such as static and clutter.

It also outlines the relational difference of Nif Object to Material/Texture versus Blender.


I am open to feedback for improvement on the tutorial.

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@glowplug. This thread is extremely old - it goes back to 2009 (5 years)

I suggest putting your tutorial in the wiki. then linking people from the forums that need it. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I did not think it would qualify for the Wiki as there is already a similar tutorial (one of the stipulations).


I started out to help with current Blender/Oblivion I/O but the person needed CS help that seemed all too hard to find.

For a few extra hours I've tried to go one stop end to end in this regard.


As far as a link in the forums, with all due respect, I was concerned that it will vaporize much like the things I need to get on with my mod.

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