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Please someone help me fix Skyrim VR!


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Hello everyone! I've been trying to get my Skyrim Vr to run for the last 3 days and always have just load to immediately crash. I fried my brain trying to figure it out. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it! I think it could be the mod load order.


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I am having problems too, Skyrim VR loads but I am stuck in a very laggy Skyrim window rather than proper VR. I initaly tried installing mods via vortex and they didnt work and I broke Skyrim VR.

I have tried:

Uninstalling Skyrim and deleting all files left including the ones on the C:appdata file

Uninstalling Steam VR including the ones on the C:appdata file

Uninstalling all mods and vortex.


I did a fresh install of Steam VR and Skyrim VR but it wont work. I will add here that it worked fine before I tried to mod it just in case someone askes me if it wored in the first instance and all other steam VR games work fine :D

Thanks for any help


And to evilhoof did you try the things I listed?


Solved my own problem, there was also a Skyrim VR folder in C:Documents, I deleted this too and my isses were fixed.

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I fixed similar problems by running the Steam utility to check program file integrity.

If you have the Steam version, right click on the name of the game in your Steam library, select "Properties...", select "Local Files" from the pane on the left, and finally, click "Verify integrity of game files.

This should get your game working. I would suggest disabling most of the mods and adding them one by one to see which one caused the problem.

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