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I was wondering if someone could make a mod that allows you to turn Valindor, Cairine, and Haran into vampires, complete with useable coffins in their homes and dialogue, without having to get the quest from Vingalmo in Vokihar Keep.


It could thus act as a workaround for if Vingalmo won't RNG the quests to you or allow you to do so while a Vampire Lord in the Dawnguard side. It feels like it would give both a mechanical benefit (more coffins to sleep in) and a roleplaying/immersion benefit (you're a powerful vampire, why wouldn't you want to turn some people, and why do you need Vingalmo to tell you what to do?).


For reference sake, I'm talking about this quest: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:New_Allegiances

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