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Any way I could get assistance merging two mods?

MadBardingRaSa and Assassin Armor OP Silent Henry

I've been trying to make it so I can have barding as well as the advantages of the second mod. will not spread or post the mod I make; is purely for personal use in KCD:RE. Any suggestions would help greatly. Thank you!


I am open to any program suggestions to assist with tweaking the tbl files. Still haven't figured that one out. I first tried simply copying and pasting the last lines of MadBardingRaSa's .xml files and pasting them into the corresponding .xml's for Assassin Armor, then saving the .xml's and copying the folders in the Mad Barding mod that had no corresponding file into Assassin Armor.


Do I need to use the Official Editor, or are there other free programs I can use to do this? I am at my wit's end, here. Please help!!!





***Never Mind, I decided to mod from scratch...Check out my new mod here ( Apostalus' Settings Mod at Kingdom Come: Deliverance Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com )

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