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I want to suggest you a few concept ideas i just had.


- What if your hands could physically move your character in the worldspace ?

You could for example use your hand to grab a mountainrock and climb your way in. Climb a tree, a mountain, a house, parkour...

It could had a ton of immersion by reinforcing the sense of presence in the world of skyrim.

Well even myself not being a programmer or a modder i could also acknowledge how difficult it might be to actually do a mod that hard however it could really be the next step to immersion.


- What if you could grab or simply put your hand on everything around you and a have an haptic feedback when doing so ?

Hold on a fence or a wall while sneaking, putting your hand on a wood pole and having the sensation of touching something. Having that sense of presence could also greatly reinforce immersion.


- I also think this kind of haptic feedback could be used when the object your holding has a collision with another object. Like when you put something back on a table or such, having a controller feedback would let you know your hitting another object.


I don't know how much of it is really possible to had to the game but i'm confident it could really bring the VR experience a step further.


Have a great day.



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I was actually just coming to this forum to see if anyone was working on the climbing feature idea. I know Blade and Sorcery has that built in but what would it take for Skyrim VR? It seems likely that the idea would take a good amount of work, basically going over the whole game world. Or, since the mountains, for example, are made up of several different meshes reused over and over again, would it be possible to just edit each of these reused meshes and make it possible to grab and pull yourself up? Also, if that sort of work was needed, how would it impact performance? I do love the idea of climbing to High Hrothgar Everest style though.

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