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Hello everyone,


I'm new to this community and also to ME, which I only discovered last year through the LE. I've seen on Youtube videos of modded runs from the original games, and after doing a search here, I see that the ME3 ThaneMod has yet been made/upgraded for the LE. I don't know whether the original creator is still modding but I was wondering whether it'd possible to have the ThaneMod for the ME3 LE. Please? (I just want to save/heal Thane :sad: )


Thank you in advance and sorry if this request has already been made.

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Mod author ceased all production after Nexus implemented some new rules a few years ago.


Project is dead, unfortunately.

Thank you for your reply.


So I read recently ago, sadly. It's a real shame, it was a great way to fix Thane's story in ME3...

Any idea if there's any other modder willing to do a similar thing for LE or at least to create a mod that provides real closure after Thane's passing? I mean, the fact that not a single squad or crew member mentions a word about it right after (when everyone has a thing to say about the passing of every other character) is almost insulting!

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