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In Fallout 76 the ferals have a variety of clothes that often make sense, not just a combination of rags.


I'm not asking for all of them to get an upgrade, though that would be amazing, just the named ones ones that should clearly be in a uniform.

Vault 88 construction staff, Yangtze crew, your former neighbors etc.


Handy list,

Name - Affiliation - Suggestion;

[base Game]

Bob Stanson - Dunwich LLC - mining helmet

Bradley Ramone - Dunwich LLC - mining helmet, (reaver armour)

First Mate - People's Liberation Army - (Submariner's Hat), Uniform (as seen in concept art)

John Hatfield - Dunwich LLC - mining helmet

Jon Elwood - Polymer Labs (Director) - Labcoat/Suit(?)

Tim Shoots - Dunwich LLC - Mining helmet, (Reaver armour).

Wayne Gorski - Survivalist/Tinkerer/Conspiracy theorist - ???

[Far Harbor]

Frederick Gibbons - Farmer - Farmhand clothes

Patrick Gibbons - Farmer - Farmhand clothes

Steven Gibbons - Gibbons Child - Child outfit & scale down

Victoria Gibbons - Gibbons Mother - tattered pre-war dress

[Vault-tec Workshop]

Security Chief Anderson - Vault 88 - 88 Vaultsuit, VT Security Helmet, VT Security armour

Julian - Vault 88 - Hardhat, 88 (Utility) Vaultsuit

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