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[Mod Request] Finite Zombies - A real purpose


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Long time listener first time caller.

I've been a player of DL since the very beginning and although I've loved DL and to a lesser degree DL2 I've felt that the series like most Zombie games have ultimately failed to capitalise on a vision which Max Brook's World War Z (WWZ - the book) explores in great depth. That is a war against the zombie apocolypse with a view of actually winning it and destroying every zombie. Which ain't easy (the zombies clustered around under sea oil rigs as guys in those deep sea suits go down for hand to hand at a 600 metres in the oily dark). The book had a wonderful plot that is missing from the entire zombie universe (except for, amazingly enough Shaun of the Dead) which is it is possible to win against the Zombies.

I would love if we could bring this to Dying Light. It would give the entire game a vision that i feel is missing. Like Aiden's story of finding his sister felt like a sub-plot, something to add to his personal arc. But despite doing so much for the city, massively increasing the supply of food, shelter and water what was this for? So what does all have with my mod request? I was hoping, is there a way to create a mod that tells the game engine that instead of an infinite number of respawns the the game is limited ie 1 million zombies.

The end-state being a city that is free from the zombie mence. So is this is possible? Does the game allow for this sort of modificati,


Min Requirement


  • finite zombie ie 200,000. I killed like 97,000 zombies over 7 years and some 864 hours in DL. I think 200k is doable by a single player
  • a simple counter that shows killed / total zombies


Desirable feature


  • allow user to set number of zombies and other zombie types ie volatiles,
  • have a counter or page that shows statistics of zombies (and humans) killed (surely there is a table in the games db structure that records the number of kills... something the achievements hook into). type of kills would be cool as well.
  • dark places become empty ie resources don't respawn forcing gamers to wade into the horde
  • as you clear an area that area will no longer have zombies spawn


Highly Desirable feature


  • open up buildings and areas in the game so you can clear interior spaces and buildings ie that shopping centre that you follow the van. You can also take the attack to the screamers, clearing internal spaces of these bastards.
  • as you kill zombies ie 20% streets and buildings become empty
  • however rare zombies spawn/emerge because it turns out the bitters were, through the weight of their numbers alone or via some biological mechanism, keeping the more dangerous creatures off of the street.
  • We know the volatiles have intelligence. This could be used as a feature where one night you see a number of flares fire into the sky above a survivor windmill indicating that its under-attack by a swarm or mini horde
  • there is a way to build fortifications and create green zones. It would be cool if you could allocate this to either faction. You will have to pay this with resource points you gather from the bodies of the slain zombies. More material, more fortifcations and defensive weapons and shelters. Peacekeepers structures can defend themselves but make less food whilst Survivors have a structures that make lots of food but you need to run around defend them
  • To win you need to produce enough food and water, and clear the city of zombies.


Batsh*t crazy features

  • a server that is shared. Imagine if we could have a city with 5 million zombies and we could join and do a shared co-op (of course at this point in-game economy and resources would need to be considered)
  • and once the city area is emptied we open the gates and transport to new cities and or fight the horde that surrounds the city.
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