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I'm creating a cinematic experience with my gameplay footage with all the best mods and pairing it with composed music from my favorite films to really capture the moods and epic scenes. Thought I'd request a few of mods that could send it over the top, for anyone who has the time and if its doable of course.


1. Revamp of Free Camera mod.


the free camera mod is great, I love using it to record gameplay and scenery its just unfortunate the pan controls are mapped to the player controls so you can't fiddle around with in camera mode and control Geralt at the same time. what would be great is if there was a fix to have its own set of controls somewhere on the keyboard so not only would you be able to control Geralt in Camera Mode you can pan around & set it in areas to capture different angles of combat & exploration.


2. Replace Geralt combat stance with the Walking Sword Mod.


this would make him appear more like a calm and un phased bad ass in combat though i'm not sure if this would effect his stance in defense mode.


3. An Idle Mode for Geralt.


it would be more immersive if Geralt did things when Idle after a certain amount of mins that you can set. Such as Meditating with a camp fire, reading a book, sharpening his swords, eating and drinking, it would make him feel more alive.

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