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Hello, I've been experiencing a bit of a problem with a new instance of a shout, set up inside of the Creation Kit. Whenever I try to unlock the shout by pressing the 'R' key, it instantly produces a CTD. I do not even get the typical UI menu pop up which asks, 'Unlock Shout?' before proceeding, just a straight crash and that's it.


I have a few screenshots provided with my set up, as well as a video reproducing the crash.


Currently, my set up for my shout includes:

  • A Shout Form consisting of 1 out 3 words of power, the remaining 2 left as blank.
  • A Spell for the Shout
  • A related Spell Effect
  • A Global, with the constant unchecked and left at 0.
  • A Word entry, storing it's translation data.
  • A functional word wall in which teaches the player the word (see video).
  • The shout Spell is placed inside of the vanilla Shouts FormList.


As of now, it has been a few days of me tugging at my hair. :sweat: I am just unsure at this point what it could be. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you! :D


Video URL:


Image: silence_shout_windows03.png

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Hey, I don't really get it ?

Do you still have an error message with that ?

Unfortunately no, no errors or warnings in the CK. I should also mention that I can unlock and use the word successfully via console commands. It seems to be an issue related to dragon souls somewhere, perhaps?

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