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spell learning mod idea


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while there are already plenty of spell learning mods out there i've yet to find one that appeals to me.


my issues with spell learning in vanilla Skyrim is that it's too easy and pretty much makes scrolls and staves obsolete. the benefit of scrolls and staves is supposed to be that they don't cost magicka and allow the use of high level spells even by a novice mage. but they bring their own downsides to them, scrolls are 1 time use and staves have limited charges. also, given how simple magicka management is it's just more efficient to just learn spells.


i've tried spell research but while i find the idea of it neat i hated how it was executed. it makes it such a hassle to learn spells, i found myself constantly sleeping to remove the magicka drain debuff and the constant trial and error makes it take way too long to learn even 1 spell.


i've also seen mods that makes it so that reading a spell book doesn't teach the spell, instead you have to read it multiple times to learn the spell. i've never tried one of these but it just seems like all i'll have to do is rest a bit till i can read again and then i eventually learn the spell. it sounds like it's just the same as vanilla but it takes longer.


so yeah. i found most spell learning mods to be either too much of a hassle or to be just a worst version of vanilla spell learning. so with that said here's my idea for a spell learning mod. if such a mod already exist please point me to it.


my idea is as followed.


first, spell books become equippable items. when equipped the player holds the open book in their left hand and can fire the spell out of their right hand, so it's essentially a 2 handed weapon. however the player actually uses a weaker version of the spell when like this and it costs more magicka to use it. fortunately as the player uses the spell they gain experience for said specific spell and once they've gained enough they fully learn the spell. once fully learned the spell works as it does in vanilla.


now the rate at which players gain spell experience is based on their skill level and the spell difficulty level. also, because the player has to equip the spell book they can't wield 2 different unlearned spells at once nor can they dual cast. i strongly believe this will make scrolls and staves become a viable alternative to spells even for someone who is dedicated to learning spells for when in a pinch a weaker version of a spell that cost more magicka will likely be more of a hindrance than useful.


to go along with this scrolls and staves should be made more readily available, as in shops should have more of them on hand.


now this isn't the only idea i've got for this. along with this there should be other means of learning spells. what i've got in mind is some kind of magical artifact that when consumed either gives spell experience to a random spell or on rare occasion just straight up teaches the player new spells. these magical artifacts probably shouldn't be too common.


finally i've got one more idea to go along with this, a new stat called arcane insight. this stat starts at 1 and increases each time the player reads a skill book that increases a magic skill. the idea here is that by reading these skill books the player learns how magic works in general and thus is able to learn new spells more efficiently. a higher arcane insight stat increases the rate that player's gain spell experience, the amount of spell experience gained when consuming a magical artifact and the chance of learning a new spell when consuming a magical artifact.


so this is my idea. if a mod like this exist, even if it only has some of these elements please point me to it. if no such mod exist then i hope i've inspired someone to make one.

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