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Looking for best practice when asking mod mirroring permission


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I'm doing some work on the Portmod mod manager morrowind (via OpenMW) and a few other mod. As many of the cool mods are hosted on Nexus Mods (and google driver and other, hard or legally impossible to automatically download service), we have put in place a mirroring system, to reduce the load of the source site (althought it shouldn't be a lot of change). Portmod is based on the portage mod manager, notably used by the Gentoo linux distribution.


We can easily mirror mod which grant an explicit permission to redistribute it (or use any of the OSI-approved license, as well as a few more, like all variant of the Creative Commons, including those preventing commercial use or those preventing to distribute derivative (as patch are applied locally, and only an unmodified version is shared)).


I would like to know what is the best approach when contacting a mod author for asking for mirroring permission ? The message I usually send contain :


  • a TLDR asking if a can mirror the mod for a mod manager
  • Which mod I ask to mirror
  • What is portmod
  • A link to this mod in the online list of packaged portmod mods
  • A recommendation to use a standard license (with a link on the guide on licensing of Creative Commons)
  • A note that it is also possible to allow just us to mirror the mod too

As I am not familiar with the Morrowind modding community, so I'm asking here if there are missing stuff in here, or some other recommendation.

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