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Need help to figure out which inputs are needed to feint


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Hello, this is not really a question about mod but here, there are people who look at what the game has under the hood.

So here it is, you should know that I'm physically disabled, so I play with some technical aids (a glovePIE script - yes I know this program is old and not maintained anymore - to allow me to hold the left mouse button down until I press another button, and the cheat engine's speed hack function to slow down the game x 4 or even x 10 when I need it).

I've been playing again for a while now and, whether it was years ago or now, I rarely managed to place a feint in sword combat. Of course I get away with perfect parries and combos, but it would help me be a little more offensive to be able to feint.

When I want to feint, I hold down the left mouse button and then normally I would wait for the opponent to react before I switch areas and then release the left button, except that even after my move is charged, no opponent ever reacts, so even if I switch areas before releasing the left button, the opponent always parries. Given the extreme levels of slowdown I can achieve, I don't think this is due to a problem with the speed of execution, I think I didn't understand when to hold the button or if I need to release the button before changing zones. Could someone explain in other words than the tutorial, or a video that shows the inputs, a successful feint? Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to read the post to the end


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