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Mod Request: Dynamic UI


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I wish someone would create a mod that would dynamically change the colors of UI based on time of day or weather. It would be sick to have darker UI in the evenings, and default UI in the mornings. Anyone up for the challenge? I'd be happy to design the graphics.

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After doing some tinkering, it is possible via:

      "LogName": "Dynamic Cursors",
      "Action": "EditImage",
          "Patchmode": "Overlay",
          "Target": "LooseSprites/Cursors",
          "FromFile": "assets/Dynamic/{{Time}}/Cursors.png",
            "CurrentTime": "{{Time}}"
          "Update": "OnTimeChange",
          "When": {
            "Time": "0600, 1600"

Within the content.json file if ContentPatcher is used.

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