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Where is Kain's Soul Reaver? Or Raziel's Spectral Reaver?


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I'm not sure my message will be seen, but all I want is to wield The Soul Reaver! How has this not yet been created? Please, I beg of all the amazing artists and modders alike, will someone make the holiest of all un-holy vampire swords The Soul Reaver? The physical one that exists in the material realm to be precise, though The Spectral Reaver would be an amazing addition. Maybe some enemy waves too? Or even Kain as a boss wave, with his angel of death, and first lieutenant? How about some maps too? All of that would make my whole life have joy, but all I really want is to wield that Reaver!


Thank you for taking the time to read my plea. If anything, I hope, at least, I brought some of you a little Nosgothian nostalgia. Happy Modding!


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