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Ultimate Step-BY-Step Cheat for your Character and House


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This is a massive cheat, in ways. If you don't like it, then don't read and move on. This is for people, both newbie and veteran players, of Skyrim that might like dress up their character and house to the fullest and play without limitations. If you are a traditionalist that plays the game as it is...then please, again, move on...not the thread for you. If not, welcome, and read on!




Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is your Step-BY-Step Guide to the perfect character and house. Mind you, however, this is my view and I am sure someone will have a different view depending on their wants and likes. By all means if you have ideas or suggestions to improve this, then please offer them. Who knows, maybe I will like them and use them myself. I will do my best to give the up-most detail on these suggestions of mine.


Hope you enjoy the help!




I do recommended "SkyUI by SkyUI Team" and play using "SKSE".

All these mods will work fine on there own, as mention before, but for the best performance, graphic, optimize game with zero bugging, crashing, and glitching insured...downloaded "SkyUI and play under SKSE".


Also all these mods are simplistic and easy to use. I really hate complicated mods that go into way to much detail and instruction to use. I am kinda someone who likes to download and go. Just lazy that way.




Alright, first up are the House perks. These guys are mainly to really negate the Hearthfire DLC, for the most part, because if you are like me...the custom mod houses you were still using, were still better than the Hearthfire Manors. Do not get me wrong...adoptions, farming, etc were nice, but I have found a way to move those perks to any existing house or custom made mod of your choosing or creation.


Lets start with the "Nexus Mods" for Houses:


1.) Farm Everywhere by Magnemoe--->This allows you to garden to your hearts content anywhere and everywhere. It is not a large mod like the "Tytanis - Farming - Mounts - Crafts - Spells - Items - MORE by Tytanis", simple and easy, so you can click download and go without performance issues or complicated manuals of how to use the mod. Only downside, I will admit, it just give you the basic items, a few unique items like Jarris Root, some of the eggs, and a few items from the DLCs to plant. Not every plant is available, but I will make list to the best of my ability below. So not really a problem in my opinion, though for Tyrannis mod, it does have more options to plant. Way more...to much more in my opinion. However for the performance hindrance and compatibility this mod works perfectly.
Side Note: You will have to craft a hoe to plant (One Wood and One Iron Ingot on the Anvil).
Side Note 2: If you do spider and chauros eggs you will get a spider and chauros friendly pet. Mind you, the Spider was always easy to agitate.


Planetable Items:


  1. Elves Ear
  2. Frost Mirriam
  3. Garlic
  4. Crimson Nirnroot
  5. Nirnroot
  6. Gleamblossom
  7. Yellow Mountain Flower
  8. Soul Husk
  9. Poison Bloom
  10. Most Vegetables (Apples and Tomatoes not included)
  11. Most Mushrooms
  12. Most Alchemy Ingredients
  13. Supports all the plants from Hearthfire
  14. Jarris Root from the dark brotherhood quest
  15. It also let you plant eggs for nests

2.) Make any child your follower by Praveen---> Who needs adoptions, especially when you can't met the requirements of Hearthfire and have to buy an in-game house and only use that in-game house. Now you can just walk up to a kid (Any kid as far as I know) you like and tell them to follow you home. (Sorry your mom and dad hates you...but hey...I like you!) Only downside is the Hearthfire interactions...they won't find pets, ask you things, etc. They will just act like any other npc (read books, interact with their surrounds, etc) you have that acts like a teenager living rent free. The downside does not bother me as I just like to have kid but want them to busy themselves with out bring skeevers home! My Hearthfire children always did that. Noooo...never the cute fox, the smelly skeevers was more interesting. Completely insane children.


3.) My Home Is Your Home by Volek---> Pretty close to one mention before and "Spouse Can Live Anywhere" that I will take about next. This is for non-spouse and non-children npcs you pick up on your adventures and wish to make sure that when you dismiss them, they will stay at your house or another house you own, custom or not. Like the vampire Serena...love her interactions and dialog...she can stay at your house and not go back to Fort Dawnguard and have to constantly watch her back from vampire hunters. Never like that choice of home for her in the end. Also if you have any other home, custom or not, you can select it as a dismissing point, but it has to be house of some sort. Don't go leaving your followers in rain on the road between Whiterun and Riverwood by themselves...it gets dark out there, ya know.
Side Note: To make things easier, a book will be given to you once you load this, called "Book of Homies". It lists off all your followers, whatever they may be, you have collected. Oddly enough, despite this mod just being for normal npcs, it will list your children, spouse, etc too that you can collect from the other mods.


4.) Spouse Can Live Anywhere by Amgepo and Emma---> Straight forward enough for anyone with a custom mod house, juuuust be sure you actually get married (Only works on your spouse, uno, one, only he or she), that helps you out greatly in making this mod workable. "Husband screw Breezehome and it rather simplistic amenities and come live in this awesome modded home!!!" Move your husband or wife to any home of your choosing with a simple spell that is automatically added to your inventory when loaded. No really downside here, interactions are same. Just recommend that you have him or her follow you INTO, did I mention INTO, the chosen house and then mark it as your home before dismissing. Better safe than sorry.


5.) Unlimited Bookshelves by da5id2701---> Pretty well known mod. Have a bookshelves, or bookcase, that is empty and your not much of a fan for putting actual books in it, then here ya go. This mod lets you put just about anything in a bookcase or on a bookshelves, and does with out making it look jumble and will actually stack item like ingots. Downside: Some items that are large, or are very long, will either not fit or take up the shelve completely despite there being room for other items. Also bottles of any kind (potion, alcohol, etc) will sometimes tilt on their sides almost and not be completely upright. This can usually be fixed by re-adding or re-activating the bookcase or bookshelves again to get the items to reload once more.


Steam Mods:


1.) Give A Dog A Home by SFByran18---> For some reason or another this is the only mod I found that works safely, and right with no bugging out. This camper gives you your very own dog to have at your house if the house does not come one with on already...or does. Does not really matter as far as I know. It is Meeko, poor hound. Downsides, a matter of opinion here...he becomes a Husky and it is only Meeko you can choose...no other dog that I know of. However, in my defense, I haven't exactly tired to bring another mutt home other than him. One constant yapper is enough.
Side Note: Meeko is in Meeko Shack just below Solitude...sort of in that marshy-ish area about two inches below the city icon depending on your map scale. He is on the road waiting for you to pass by, follow the barking.
Side Note 2: Like with "Spouse can live anywhere mod", go INTO, again INTO, chosen dwelling before marking and dismissing your pup.


2.) Smiley's Dragon Priest Follower by CRSmiley---> If you have the same fascination as I do with Dragon Priest, and want a mod that just slates that desire with no problems or work really, then here is a follower for you.(Started when I had Breezehome and the Steam mod that added a handful of chibi animals, including Dragon Priest, to your house. He was simply adorable!) I practically do not use him in battle as much as a guard in my house, a decorations that..er...well...collects dust because I just leave him there and I wanted a Dragon Priest alright. No judging! Great thing is, you dismiss him and he stays put where ya do,...indefinitely. Only downside is...the dark elf simple voice. I have come to ignore it over time and just go...I have a dragon priest bitches!!
Side Note: Just go the labyrinth (Very hard to miss, it is smack dab in the middle of Skyrim. Just keep walking and you will find it.), PUT ON the wooden mask INSIDE the dome like structure and there he is. Tell him to follow you and the next random fast travel you make once returning to real world and he will be there by your side, waiting for your first command.


Extra Notes and Tid-bits:


There are two mods I will just throw out and they are "Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD", to fix any mannequin glitches, and "All Body Mods compatible Female mannequin by Koryushin", that turn mannequins into females, if you want that. They really don't apply to this but are mods that I want mention that are still good for your house, custom or not, that can just help. Again, perfectly compatible with all these mods. As for other mods you download, should be find unless they actually change mannequin themselves...you will just have to read the find detail on your other mods. Still, it should be pretty oblivious if you have two mods that change your mannequins, one to make female and another to make a cat. There will be some problems in that case and scenario.




Now a mod for cheating, not that the one before where not really but these are bit more defined as CHEATING. Mostly for people that hate to give up their quest items and not keep them, thus unable to finish a quest, or those that hoarders, or blah, blah, blah. You get the hint and where I am going with this. Continuing on.


Stream Mods:


1.) Breezehome Basement with Extras by Crunchy Frog---> Simple, no broken cheat command that does not work when you type it in. (I have tried the cheat code, does not work.) Immediately available once you enter Whiterun at anytime. So Alternate Start (Mention Below) will not bug this up or this mod bug Alternate Start up. Behind Breezehome there will be an unlocked trapdoor with one of everything from Skyrim, Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard. Do not know if it is respawnable as of yet...never had a need to go back to double my items. Downside, if for some reason your are like the character Monk from Monk, the cell is a bit choppy at best. It will not, however, hinder you in collecting your bounty.
Side Note: WILL recommend however, depending on your computer or laptop, make MULTIPLE trips. If you load yourself up too much, there will be a definite lag in just about every performance category.
Side Note 2: Possibly only my game, but the area holding all the Dawnguard goodies is directly behind the ladder in the second cell your enter. You will see just a black-in doorway, best way to describe it, sorry really obvious though. Just walk right though it, doorway/archway is just glitchy, won't do anything too ya.


Small Note: This a mod called "Crafting Supplies by TanisDuncan" that adds a chest of smithing, alchemy, enchanting, Dragonborn, Hearthfire supplies that can with these mod if you do not want to type in ID codes into the cheat console or hunted down the items normally.


What is in the chests:

1...Dragonborn: a chest near the smelter at the Blacksmith's in Ravenrock (the first place you visit). The chest contains 1000 of each item needed for Smithing, Alchemy and the all new Staff Enchanting.

2...Hearthfire: This mod add 1000 of each material and item require to build your Hearthfire house and furnish it. The materials and items include Clay, Quarried Stone, Locks, Hinges, Glass, Iron Fittings, Straw, Goat Horns and other misc items required to make the furnishings, all these items can be found in the pre-existing chest near the Carpenter's Workbench of all 3 plots of land that you can build on. It also adds 10000 gold to the chest to buy 1000 logs.

3...Alchemy: This mod adds a Satchel in Dragonsreach that contains 1000 of ALL alchemy ingredients including Nirnroot, Daedra Hearts and those pesky Jazbay Grape. Also it contains all known recipes so you'll waste no time in finding out what ingredients go together.

4...Enchanting: This mod adds a chest in Dragonsreach that contains 1000 of ALL soul gems (filled) Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand and Black. It also includes assorted Weapons, Armor and Jewelry with EVERY enchantment in the game so you can disenchant them to gain the enchantments yourself.

5....Smithing: This mod adds a chest near the forge in Whiterun that contains ALL smithing items including Dragon Bone and Scales, Deadra Hearts, Ingots, Leather, Gems and Firewood which is used in the DLC Dawnguard. The chest contains 1000 of each item so there is enough supplies to make anything you wish providing you have the necessary perks, if not use about 300 of the Iron ingots and leather strips to master Smithing.

Nexus Mods:


Alternate Start-Live Another Life by Arthmoor---> I am sure everyone knows this one. This mod is not really necessary or apply to this, and does require some work, but is still a nice one to mention and have. The mod that lets you chose your beginning and skip, for the most part, that long intro when you start a new game. Thank the Divine! (Ha! I was able to slide that in there without having to look it up) There are no conflicts with the other mods and this guy, regardless if you are still in the middle of it or have complete the quest. So if you just woke up in as patron in the inn and decide, screw it and Helgen can wait, and get your home and character pumped up...go right ahead.

Side Note: If you really do not care which beginning you chose, then go simple and select "Patron at a Local Inn" and then Select "Riverwood Inn"...um the "Sleeping Giant" I think. First of all, if you use it to cheat and get a free house, cause a lot of bugs/glitch with other mods, not these one as far as I know. Still do not recommended. Second of all, most of everything you can do in the mods makes Riverwood a great starting point. (Really is the safest route too.) It is right in the middle of it all, giving you easy access, especially to the next couple of mods I am going to mention.
Side Note 2: While this mod is wonderful, there a few mods that change Helgen and beginning of the game and greatly conflict with this mod. The biggest glitch, one I have found twice due to conflicts with one my mods (Not any of these mods mentioned in this thread), was Tullius, Ulfric, and their second in commands all dog piling in the tiny, cramped, locked room trying to kill each other. Oddly, they leave you alone. If this happen...start disabling mods at a go and figure out which mod of your is butting heads with Alternate Start and delete it, because honestly...this mod is worth more than it in my opinion.




Alright, so that is houses and your basic really good cheating mods that can effect them and your character. Now time for the specific character mods. I do use "Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente" and a mod called "MaTera by Charismoon", these mods will not cause problems and should not cause problems other mods like this as it really does not effect the your character physical body. Just FYI.


Character Mods:


All the mods are categories under my "Perks" tab in nexus because they all huddled around your character skill and perk tree, improving them and thus your character abilities through different means.


Stream Mods:


1-2.) "Max All Skills-Tomb of Experience" AND "Level Upcapper-Reach Level 252" by MontyX (You will find that MontyX has a lot of mods that good, simple, but good)---> Combine these two mods and you can unlocked every perk, max your character's skills, seriously impact your health, stamina, and magicka to way out there levels, and all in about five minutes if you are as quick with the keys as maw.
Side Note: Very easy, right next to the first set of 3 guardian stone you pass by near Riverwood. Just select the tomb and a way you go.

Side Note 2: I do recommend SAVING A FEW TIMES. Not that there is a glitch or anything, but I have it happened to me once that my game crashed in the middle of doing this. Fingers will get tired! So make a save BEFORE you open your skills menu, AFTER your get your health, stamina, and magicka to desire levels, and if you really want to take my advice, HALFWAY through getting all your perks on the perks trees. It can be very time consuming and it is really annoying if for some unforeseen reason your game crashes or you have quit suddenly and have to start all over.


3.) JumpingHigh by MannaroThePatient---> Just download and go. This mod moderately increases your jumping height. By moderately, you won't jump building in a single bound...but hopping on the roof is easy, higher one might need some assistance. Also makes it a lot easier to just jump away from an attack and get some distance if you need to in a hurry. Attackers will pause if you do, losing their sight on you. You are looking about the equivalent of 15-20 jumping height instead of 5-10 standard. This is just a example, the mod goes over doubling the height a little bit. The downside is, if you have any jump animations, the animations will work properly but the jump time is increase as well due to the height. So, the animation will have completed itself a bit before the jump ends and you will fail normally, back to the default of Skyrim, at the tail end of the jump. Not really a problem for me and I do have animations that effect my jumping style due to having a cat for a character race, the MaTera mention before. These next three mods go together to get the desired effect of some of the bigger mods that just give to much in my opinion, and honestly, these three, work better separate than a one-in-all mod that always seem to be glitchy and non-friendly with other mods.


Nexus Mods:


4.) More Slots for Enchanting by Thingsolsan--->Very easy, just download and it will give you ten slots for enchanting for armors, amulets, rings, circlets, hoods, weapons, and select custom made items that the modders have made enchantable.


5.) Enchanting Freedom by Progman---> This allows you choose any enchantment that goes to armor or weapons. For Example: Normally bows have different enchantments from say...swords. Now there are no restrictions. If you want two-handed enchantment on a bow, you can. However, the downside is this. You can not place armor enchantments, such as poison resistance and the other ones, on weapons. This mod just narrows down the individual restrictions of each individual item and simple places two, ARMOR (includes rings, amulets, circlets, and hoods.) and WEAPONS.


6.) Perk Point Book - SKSE by Inigo21---> For anyone who adds mods that give extra or completely new perks to the perk tree, or simply those that did not use my skill and level uncapper mods mention just before these three mods. This mod adds a book to your inventory when loaded. Once read, it will give you an option to select 1...2...5...or 10 perk points to be used on the Perk Tree.
Side Note: Book is reusable and will not disappear. Still, I do not know what will happen if you sell...so, just keep it close, alright?




Below is the next set of mods that are not character base or house base but are helpful and easy to get. I have found these mods to be very handy. Here is a good portion of the reason why I said, in the Alternate Start Mod, that Riverwood was a good starting point.

Steam Mods:


1.) ThunderDash by Monty'X---> If you can handle the way the horse looks, which for me is awesome (stressing the word "Awesome" here), then you have found the perfect horse! Thunderdash will not die from anything, pretty damn sure of it too because this horse has been through enough make it want to kill me, it's beloved master. For clarification, this does include very high failing. Makes a disapproving noise but that is it. The horse is faster and has infinite stamina, so run as far as you like, as long as you like. If you wait for about hour or two the horse will leave as it is a spell that summons it. Good thing about the spell, even if you have just the bare minimum about magicka at the start of the game, it is still enough to be able to summon Thunderdash. Just because I have to give a downside, to be fair, I will. Thunderdash is not shy when it comes to battle. The horse will jump right end, and even leave you high and dry if the action moves elsewhere to follow and kill it, like a damn dragon flying off. In its defense, Thunderdash will come back to you once the fighting is over. Very loyal...when the fighting is over. So if you want to keep the horse out of the fight, or not to give your position away to be stealthy, move away from the potential combat zone, dismount, and wait one or two hours for Thunderdash to vanish. Just summon Thunderdash back when needed afterwards.
Side Note: The spell tome for Thunderdash is located on Riverwood Blacksmith Table on the outside of the house.


2.) Resurrection Stone by Austin316hockey---> How badly do you wish to could revive the pain in the ass civilian that got kill by the dragon that attack. Did I mention it was an npc that played a major part in completing a very important quest that is now, for the lack of better words, f***ed up. Perhaps, you are in a fight where your follower dies or in battle where you really need extra man power because they all die and you are so out number. Boy do I have the miracle for you! Introducing, drum roll please, these miracle bad boy. The Resurrection Stone brings back anyone or anything that died. The way to make it is below. So yes, this mod require a little bit of work, but sooooooooooooooooo worth it.
Side Note: Our downsides are, which is not a problem in my opinion....One: Does not work on any person that died before you arrived. For example: ambush wagons by dragons or the vigilant from Dawnguard that raced ahead of you to vampire den that held Serena's prison. They were dead long before you arrived and will stay that way! Two: Some animals, horses mostly, and dwarven machinery when brought back will be rather ridged, Still-Framed is the word I think. Jumping into the saddle on horse is the only known one that resets the glitch and framing work properly for horses. If it is a dwarven centurion, or another dwarven machinery, then it will move around like it is frozen in place, unable to attack, but everyone will still treat it like it is threat and kill it again. People, Dogs, and other animals come back to life just fine.


How to make Resurrection Stone: (All items can be gather by typing in their ID number into the cheat console in matter of seconds. Hardest part is find a cooking pit really.)

Step 1:

Cooking Pit

Restorative Elixir:

1 Potion of Cure Disease

2 Potions of Magicka

4 Potions of Healing

2 Potions of Stamina

Step 2:


Resurrection Stone:

1 Restorative Elixer

1 Flawless Sapphire

1 Black Soul Gem (Filled)

2 Moonstone Ores


3.) Spell:WaterWalking by WarriorKeKe---> If you hate swimming through water to get somewhere because it is so slow, I totally do. This tome lets you walk, run, jump, cast spell, fight (never tried but I believe you can), even skip, if you character can, on water. Only downside, that I can think of, is the spells time length. I do not know how long it is myself, for the most part I have never had to recast the spell, but just for safety I always casted at the half-way point of where ever I was going. The spell simply wears off, casting it again does not cancel it.
Side Note: Spell tome is located in Riverwood Trader on the desk on the first floor. The item belongs to you, so it will not be considered stealing if you take it.


4.) Airstream Levitation Spell by Observe---> This a iffy mod as far as if you need it or not due to the Thunderdash (Because of Skyrim Glitch that lets horse climb impassible mountains) and the jumping mod from before. The mod give you a spell tome in your inventory when loaded that lets you cast a spell that makes a purple, circular, haze shoot from your hands. Where the purple light lands is where your body is immediately pull too, aka Teleported too. It is handy for when you are over encumber and need to move fast or reach an area otherwise impassible. I have used it get through archway that have the metal bar blocking, took some aiming and time to get it right, but you will find yourself on the other side of the door without having to take the time to find out how open it. Beside in most case door have a lever on both sides anyway.
Side Note: Downside is this. If you cast the spell and the light hits it's target and nothing happens or in the top of the screen it said "Target not Reach", it is not a glitch, just out of range. The problem is when you recast afterwards sometimes, while in the same cell (building, room, mountain, etc), instead of going where you aim it the second time, it will pull you to the fail target location. So for example, if you targeted the roof of the Bannered Mare, and it failed, and then move city gates and casted again to the local bread stand. The spell will occasionally take you all the wall back to the target location at the Bannered Mare. To fix this, just leave and reenter the location you are in or go to an completely new location.


5.) Amulet of Rediculation by MontyX---> A nice item that gives you tons of perks for such little work. If you used the Tomb of Experience and Level Upcapper mods mention before, then this mod is really nice to filled in any gaps that might have been missing. The best part is the 5000 extra carry weight alone, as increasing your stamina...really does not go that far. Downside: As with any jewelry you have to pick and choose, unfortunately you can not wear two amulets. However, there is mod, "Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets by glock9mm", that will let your wear multiple rings and amulets. It will not let you add on custom made items though, just skyrim default jewelry, and luckily, the Amulet of Rediculation is considered one.
Side Note: You can also try "Left Hand Rings by duggelz", to give you multiple rings on your left hand as well. Added this with the enchanting bonus to enchantment slots and you could have some serious enhancements on your character.
Side Note 2: These three mods just mention all work together and with the rest of mods mentions as I have them now. They do not seem to mess with any other mods as far as I know.
Side Note 3: Go to any Forge and craft it using 5 Gold Ores. (Easy to get the ore by typing in the item ID into the cheat console)


Perks offer on the Amulet:

  1. Waterbreathing
  2. Muffle Movement 500
  3. Regenerate Stamina 500
  4. Regenerate Health 500
  5. Regenerate Magika 500
  6. Fortify Stamina 200
  7. Fortify Health 200
  8. Fortify Magika 200
  9. Fortify Armor Rating 200
  10. Fortify Light Armor Rating 100
  11. Fortify Heavy Armor Rating 100
  12. Fortify Bow Stagger 500
  13. Fortify Shout Time 100
  14. Fortify Persuasion 100
  15. Fortify Carryweight 5000
  16. Fortify Pickpocket 100
  17. Fortify Smithing 100





So there is your ultimate cheat. Feedback is loved. Suggestion are welcomed. Hopefully this does not have to many grammer and spelling errors, about crossed-eyed.

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Hey, thanks for the effort you put in. I just got Skyrim (late to the party as always) so its been a great help.


My main problem is I can't find the keep in Winterhold to buy Breezehome, I must be missing something. I have Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn DLC and all the unofficial patches for them.


Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

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Complementary nexus mod Suggestion, just download and install skill config, skills, stats, repeatble exp gain or no, all in one solution to some of this. Use wisely. You do it all from a menu no need to look for anything.


It wont uncap the 100 level but will set you stats to 500 at start if you wish, skills 100...and go from there leveling without limit. Also there is the legendary feautre so its allready limitless.


Check out sacred ring of jeebus and deciples ring for follower, for massive mutiple enchants, works with enchanting. Also there is a smithing ring mod that also boosts other things you get 4 rings, check god item secetion.


Another one that gives you a bat file called bat god, that adds 10,000 regan, carry (I think) everything, hit it multiple times if you wish. Search skyrim god. More cool stuff like this on nexus too. :smile:

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You don't need to cheat to have fun with the game, especially houses since money pretty much grows on trees. By the time you hit the early-midgame you should already own and have fully furnished at least 2-3 homes.


If you mod the game to make that process harder, then cheating kinda defeats the purpose anyway, doesn't it.


All that said, the best liveable houses aren't the ones offered by the game, they are custom built houses.


My favorite happens to be Riverside Shack, since it is designed to be a single person dwelling with a ton of utility in a very small space.

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