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SetPlayerAIDriven() Travel not working properly in VR, please help!

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a mod, where at several points AI takes over control over the player character, walking it to various spots. I am doing this using scenes, Travel (or Follow) AI packages, and the SetPlayerAIDriven() function.
This all works fine, and as intended in SE, but in VR the player avatar (VRIK) seems to be torn between following the AI and staying in place. The body stretches and twists in the direction of the intended walk, but the head stays in place.
I did try and uninstall VRIK, but the results were the same, except that there was no body stretching (obviously), i.e. the PC staying in the same spot, unable to move.
The SE version utilizes DisablePlayerControls(), but I have removed this for VR, so only SetPlayerAIDriven() remained, and the player character still can't move. Not on its own, nor by AI.
Does anyone have any workaround for this? Or could you point me to a script where this works correctly in VR, so I can dissect it?
Many thanks!

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