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Creating a Perk: Please Help


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I am trying to create my first mod and I'm having some trouble.
I want the perk to add buffs to eating raw meat and debuffs to cooked meat. I'm having problems with one of the buffs. I want the raw meat to have the following effects: duration to be x2 and add strength and damage intelligence.

Firstly, the duration also affects chems, so I was wondering how I might circumvent that issue?
Can I set the effects on the meats for longer time frames rather than the perk entry?

The other issue I'm having right now is applying the buffs to the raw meats. I pick Ant Meat in the GECK and add the buff and try to give it the condition:

Subject.Has Perk, (My Perk) == VAL: 1

It will not confirm the condition.

Am I doing something wrong? It makes sense on paper to me what I'm doing but the GECK isn't allowing me to save the COND to the Ant Meat.

Issue: https://imgur.com/a/iSFD8kI

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If I'm not mistaken,


the condition has been "confirmed".


If your OS is anything past Windows 7, then the condition table will be pushed to the very right of the box.


To fix this, hover your mouse over to the right of the box until your mouse changes to the resize icon, and drag the columns over until you can see your conditions in their entirety.


Another way to fix this is to click on the condition table and hit either ALT +, CTRL +, OR SHIFT +. I forget which hotkey it is since I've been using my laptop and don't have access to a numpad.

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