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Question about outfit studio

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Okay so the question is a little complicated, so ill just explain my predicament first.

I downloaded and installed kelckens new mark V armory redux mod yesterday and I absolutely love it. I have one problem with it though, and its the same one I have with infinite. The "female" body isnt curvy enough for my tastes, I want proportions closer to the halo reach body, but the mod doesnt come with bodyslide support. So I extracted the nifs from the ba2 file, but each part of the body (left arm/leg, right arm/leg, torso, hands, etc. are all separate nif files. I know how to combine them together in outfit studio but i tried that and it takes away the limb customization and forces all instance of the female armor to have the body i made in outfit studio. I then tried just changing the torso piece and in game it has no limbs at all. Lastly, I tried building some of the pieces individually but that also doesnt work. I dont know how to solve this issue, and google searches havent helped me get any closer. Does anyone know how to make it so I can still use the limb customization but modify the armor in bodyslide?

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