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Can someone make a mod that lowers the quality of the models when opening the inventory

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I play Minecraft Dungeons on decent 30-60FPS, usually because I set the quality lower using the setting files. But, regardless if I set the quality to 50, the inventory will always show my character in the highest quality that it lags my game to 8FPS.


It also causes packet losses most at the time. When I open my inventory or any merchant in the camp, it's so laggy that when I exit my inventory, the server doesn't work until like 30 seconds. Mobs don't attack you, no sounds are playing, you're still in the game but literally nothing is functioning for at least 30 seconds.


So, is anyone willing to make a mod that reduces the quality of the character and the merchant characters to make them match the quality set in the WindowsNoEditor file?

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