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How to add/patch custom ammunition yourself to Better Locational Damage on FO4Edit?


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Title of the thread.


Also I wanted to do so myself but I do not see any guides for them.


Of course I can simply install New Calibers/Caliber complex with BLD patch however by then so much ammunition will clutter my game and may contribute to crashes if not that, savegame bloat.


Just in case someone is unaware, Better Locational Damage has a FormIDList section in its esp whereas all ammo and projectile are seen. Some ammo like .308 are put in a section for its "Middle Races" category. Not sure if simply adding the 5.45 ammo of Zenit AK (for example) or its companion pistol's ammo in the FormIDList and hope it works, or you need more steps to do yourself.


There is a BLD weapon patch script for FO4Edit I know, but it is for receivers and the weapon itself. Unless it has features I did not know about.


Thank you for anyone who can answer.


EDIT: Missing words and spelling.

Last Update: If your custom ammo uses vanilla projectiles, please simply make a patch that make that custom ammo use the projectile it is closest with (e.g. 5.45x39 = 5.56 projectile). Otherwise ensure that the custom projectile are added on the proper formlist in BLD where the effects are the ones suiting your needs. Still leaving thread open for newbies.

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