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Mod idea for melee & fight animation


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The melee combat in Skyrim has some weaknesses, as it's basically a lot of fidgeting in the end. The camera is also involved, which makes the whole thing very hectic and confusing.
Combat with mouse movement/controller control is limited to simple right-left, up-down actions and is extended somewhat by powerstrikes. It lacks proper technical combat actions active as well as reactive.

My idea is a mod where you create combat styles and trigger them with the shortcut keys.
It would be desirable to pay particular attention to talents that are designed for specific actions.

If the opponent blocks you can trigger an ability that needs the blocking as a prerequisite. If you block successfully yourself, you can trigger another fighting style afterwards.
The same goes for parrying.
Dodging might not work properly, since the controls are simply too blurry in harmony with the camera.

You can also create normal attacks that can break through the opponent's block, or special attacks that throw the enemy to the ground.
This would also be interesting for unarmed combat.

The talents are then assigned to the shortcut keys and used accordingly. So that this doesn't degenerate too much into a reaction war, the fight should generally be a bit more focused and the tempo should be adjustable for each game type.

I don't know if this is feasible in Skyrim, but it would break up the melee considerably. The effort to deliver the right animations for many weapon types might be big, but it could be worth it.

What do the mod makers think? Is it possible to create something like this?

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