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I click the play button but nothing happens? (SSE)


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I'm using the newest version of Vortex and running 66 mods, things were working great until I tried to install skse, and now when I try to launch the game through vortex, I click the play button and nothing happens. I think that I installed skse right, but I must have made some kind of mistake in doing so.


I started by installing the main skse file through vortex, then I installed the address library through vortex, then engine fixes part one through vortex, and finally I extracted engine fixes part 2 to the skyrim folder.


Any help would be super appreciated, thanks for your time!

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"Nothing happens" may be misleading. SSE may just never open the initial screen, for a variety of reasons.

Try closing Vortex and execute skse64_loader from the game directory. What happens?

Note: Vortex never needs to be open when you run SSE. This is different than MO 2.

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Thanks so much for answering, I got a system error that says bink2w64.dill was not found. Is that from engine fixes? I made sure that my address library was the right version but I don't see that file in engine fixes.


I also should mention that I use windows 11 if that affects anything.

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OK - I am taking a risk here, and this is not a Vortex recommended activity.


Here is a YouTube video that describes your specific problem on Windows 11.

The guy seems to know what he is talking about, but use of his information is your responsibility.


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