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Stupid question about neon lights/letters

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Hey all !!...


I jst need a helping hand because my brain is a little fried atm...

Someone please point out which keywords allow a neon letter to work without power ?



How would i hook up a power source to a scripted switch that controls the rest of the lights(scripted switch and enable marker parent) to control the power source for the lights and how would i link the lights to the source ?(what source to use ? )


Basically i want to make a neon letter sign for a new diner but want the neon lights not to depend on the user having to place connectors,power etc...


Dont want to ruin the looks of my first wasteland Mc D's :P



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When I convert light nifs from a powered version to an "always on" version, I eliminate all the NiControllerSequences except the On sequence, then rename it to Idle. Then you need to change the sequence cycle type from Cycle_Clamp to Cycle_Loop. I also eliminate the BSBehaviorGraphExtraData block.


No keywords needed in the CK. You can just use the converted nif to make a static object.

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Have you taken a look at: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/60154


In the posts he walked me through how to make neon letters that are always lit, and now my red circle night-club has...well red circles.

lol i was just testing that one but duplicating his nifs...


Thank you both for the info...

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