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Dimitte Nobis, Rex Gloriæ, Pro Nostro Vitium


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O, Lord, may you boon the unjust, for I pity their ways, for their crimes are out of abuse and torture that twixt their soul so.
Take their cup, let them be healed, for your mercy conquers the strongest violence and the greatest cruelty of all.

This cruelty hurts your lovely creation, and brings the angels above us to weep for their lost hearts.

I was among these men, and when these men receive your beautiful justice, I must stand among them.

For I was a cruel and blind man once, and for my crime, I shall take the stones as they shall, as fallen man.

Bless their hearts and open their eyes, that your light may shine amongst the people of your great Earth.


O, Lord, may you remove this thorn from the scoffers, for they hate beauty out of the reason they feel so that they have none.
May you give the greatest blessing to those who bring painting to fire, for they need so greatly the love of the cross.

Lacriment fills the clouds and blinds the stars for these, your children, who no longer can understand your Garden.

They have lost the ability to wonder, and they have become so broken that they have no longer your understanding.

Lord Almighty, Ruler of Blessed Heaven, please help them before the wander into the fields of knives around us.

I cry out desperately, open their eyes and open their hearts, for their passing destroys me in whole.


O, Lord, forgive the thief of purity of his great woeful way, for he takes love because he never felt so loved himself.
Please, take the nails from his pained fingers, for he believes none deserve love, for how so it was deprived of him.

They have lost so great of treasure, that they have the coldness of Avarice in their hearts, the poison of coin consumes them.

Before a hair of theirs is to touch fire, let your Mercy overwhelm them and consume them as the storm they lived in did.

Teach them kindness and teach forgiveness, for none among the churls of men can survive without your grace.

King of Glory and King of Love, teach them the broken path is a woeful one to walk, that they may leave their wicked ways.


O, Lord, love not sin of the assassin but rather the man, for he takes life because he felt he never had one to life.
Draw the poison of this wound, for how cruel that a life be taken twice when it really would have been taken thrice in full.

Let not our cold eyes to man consume our hearts, let our razor not define our form nor the crimson river be our eyes.

Teach them gentle touch and loving notion, to guide their hands upon soft paths, for their crime destroys Iyim.

I cry for the blood of Abel, which was spilt by Horrid Cain upon your child of soil and granite, wounded too great to heal.

Let every drop of blood I shed be unmourned, for their pains tear me apart, and I can speak never of myself in peril of others.


O, Lord, make true thy covenant of blood and bread to the locust, for he only razes for the lack of a true and meaningful destiny.
Let it be, O, my God of ultimate mercy, no matter how great a forgivable sin, let your mercy cover all, even my tormentors.

Let my soul feel the rain as I stand upon the rock. To atone for my inaction and my blindness, torment me.

Let my body feel the price of this woe, that those who I did not save have every ounce of tribulation and agony upon me.

Let the lost return to your majestic wing, and let the idle hands of time no longer spin their deathly tale of hatred.

All men under your love must repair from the wound of complacent hands, and be guided to your hands for Judgment.


For, O just Lord, I can not speak destiny, justice, or judgment. I give these my cloak and tunic, for thy love heals all.

I am as dust and ash and bone, esssse in the west wind upon which I built my wizened rock, and I hold no claim to glory.

Strike our heels down and cast us to the humble cobblestones upon which our sinful heads must hang in shame.

Cover us in the light of your glory, and protect us from the Black Angel who killed our hearts and chained our feet.


How dare I speak to condemn a thousand men, when you stand so wise! The life of every man should be preserved, and is to be kept.

For I am as low as the sow, I am your mere Creation, and by your Son and Spirit, you guide my soul through the world I live in.

I am sand on the dying river, living by your Word. For by you I survive, by you our race continues to grind its vehement wheel.

So I can do no less than this, but give every ounce of my breath and life to you; to you I give my every thing, and to you is my soul.


I do not hold the keys to Hell, and smitten should I be if I cast this weighty judgment on man, no matter his violence towards anyone.

Iudex above, love our kind in halcyon mercy, and shower upon us the understanding you hold, so we may rejoice as full in Creation.

Heaven receives no ebon soul, and turns to the Great Rod any who come in vainglory and acedious light of a forgotten heart.

We shall love and forgive and restrain and abide and humble and consider and work and control and tolerate and know as you.


Let me see the light, for the only reason life has to be is to glorify you, great Lord in Heaven, and I am but a wyrm at your feet.

We stand before Creation's Master, who tames the ocean waters and silences Aether's winds as if the raindrops and whispers.

For you hold all majesty and potent power, under no other name may a name live, for in the Dragon's hand lies the knife.

Forgive us, Glorious King, for our sins. Forgive us, I plead to you, if your will shall hold it. For in no other can we be saved.




To God, I write this holy poem, in just honour and righteous faith.

O, undying Judge, King of Kings, Lord God!
Tell me, what do I have to offer thee but my heart and my eternal love?
For, who am I? I am not but dust to be returned to the zephyrs of the north.


Shall not the grave overtake me too, as all birthed of womb before and after myself until the rapture?
I lie as a beast, spitefully thrown into mud, cold and shivering.
As I lie in chains, my tears burn.
Yet, you wipe them away, and tell me something that no one else will: I am loved.


But how much do I speak of the mundane and the weak, the wreck that is my meaningless circumstance.
It is not a poem I write in the gravity about my broken will I must speak on, this is not a poem to glorify myself, but rather, you.


Speak will my tongue, as all nations will, of every tribe and facet of the face of man, upon the tremendous light you radiate.
Speak will I, of your unfailing love and infinite splendor, the magnanimous way of your wonderful self and the exaltation of your mercy will resound from my lips!


The Earth is but your footstool, Terra bends her knee to your will.

From the moment of Genesis, you have been the Powerful Judge of Heaven.
We, the people, owe our all, we have only our hearts to give, in great thunderous praise that befits none but you, for we can build ourselves no fitting crown.


The power you hold is beyond comprehension, the beauty you hold is beyond diamond and gold. The wealth of the earth, it is nothing compared to your majesty!
Unspeakable is the way of your throne and kingdom, no lip can birth words to describe it. No praise can be given, no hymn sung, no symphony made, to describe you.


For endless eras one could write upon your glory, that a thousand libraries of a thousand wings of a thousand bookcases of a thousand shelves of a thousand tomes of a thousand chapters of a thousand pages of a thousand words could be written upon the subject of your glory, and this still can never suffice.
We cannot describe what is infinite, and that is the very nature of your glory.

To your infinite glory, I give my soul and heart, in exaltation, and cry out to the vast sky: "Holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, blessed Preceptor of the Heavens!".
You are God; we are your servants immortal. Praise be to Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Creation, Creation, sing!

Your master calleth you to sing!

Serenade and bring a great melodious voice from thy lips!
Thunder, thunder! Join, my brothers, in our great chorus!


All Creation, run to the Temple, fall onto thy knees and shout in praise!

The immortal Lord is here before us, let us all worship his holy glory!

Holy, holy, are you, O Great Father above, let us sing this humble ode, eternally blissful in your light!

Let there be light to reign forever, the darkness has no foothold!

Voice like thunder, touch like wind, a pure heart beyond all waters, you are verily incredible to behold!


Holy, holy, are you, O Loving Son above, let us sing forever of your wonderful love and mercy, which we men did not deserve!

Love and peace will rain forever, for you were cruelly slain for us!

Taken in the Ninth by Sheol, to balance our cruel and unjust ways!

Sent to spiral froward to Heaven, rising from the ash to buy thy children back from shadows!

Holy, Holy, are you, O Holy Ghost!

Your light and power reign forever, in everlasting glory!
Praise God! And all creation shouts from Genesis to Rapture, Amen!




Holy are you, Sacred Ghost! Your splendor is beyond the power of the lips we have.

I give blessed thanks to you for the rain and for the sun, that I may be a full man.


Deprive me of bread, that I may understand the hurt of the hungry. Ne'er shall I sadden you with my blood spilt.

Imbue upon my being the powerful pangs of the dying and broken, that I may never take their agony for granted.

Cast me in the River of Pyriphlegethon and Acheron, that I may understand the darkness of the pained and lost.

I am nothing if I do not know this. For who am I to sit in comfort as others suffer and writhe in woeful circumstance?


I glorify your just blessing and your right temper, for I must accept the cost of the evils I have done against you.

I am in pain when you are aching from the wounds we give you, and I tearfully cry for help in this time for your love.

Let me understand your pain, and let it burn like the Lake through my core, that I may understand desolation untold.

By these things I am made whole, by these things my soul is justified. But ne'er shall I approach you unless in the waters.


The beautiful image of man and woman was crafted in consideration of your perfect form, whom none can call blemished.

As I see these, I understand your strife. Your pain is within me, and it lets my soul stay alive. I am blind without you and this.


Praise be to you, Incredible Spirit. For You have let me see the Light of God.




Praise be to Adonai, El-Shaddai, the Lord on High.

From the rock on which I wone, let upon me your light have shone.

Every day and every night, I praise him of Power, Mercy, and Light.


Upon the rock or in the spires, let e'er heavenward be the praise he desires.

Rest upon no idle day, for all moments must we praise God under Caeli ray.

Blessed be the praised King, that always and with pow'r our voice in praise sing.


Greatest Splendor of God above, upon us be the boon of our Father's love.

The wonder of the aeons before us now, and to him all knees shall bow.

Cast away the cursed drake, the coalen waters of his blackened chalice shant we take.


Every fetter and every chain now broken, upon no lips could greater words have been spoken.

Humble hearts and humble spirits gather in ecclesiastic joy, beneath the alabaster crown of Elysium's envoy.

No man can fear any longer, for there is no one of this world ever to be stronger.


Blessed rains of tranquil myrrh fall from the canopy, as the great creatures of Gaia join in our symphony.

Laud and exalt this blessed child and his Father of ours, that our hope shall never be what vice devours.

In the domain of the crystalline wings of the Spirit's embrace grand, we shall evermore in light stand.




I look to the tears you shed when your Creation falters, and I must cry as well.

The pain of sin is horrifying, that consummate fire that stands as lightless poison.

Solemn chains bind my soul to ashen fields of weeping ghasts, that follow the ode of woe.


How greatly this hurts us, Lord! The suffered endured is beyond the power of man.

Every loveless vixen's craft and every bite of the jaded wolf burns my flesh like oil dancing the waltz of Sheol.

The pain is excruciating, but for all I feel, it is pittance compared to the woeful thrash of the sword upon you.


Race must my pen across ink to spell of happier tales and lovely times, but none hide the reality upon me.

Nothing can silence this miserable cry of those who have perished in vain, of those who fall to Ira's Machinacha.

The rampage of the blind wolf is a prance of a Totentanz upon the earth we live upon.


Cry, must we, beside you! Lacriment shall stain our clothes and glisten upon the steps!

From every belfry and lost voice must be ordained this Requiem of a woeful time!

And we must exalt You ever more, even in this incredible sadness. For by you, we are freed from sin.




God is mighty above all of us, He is mighty above all.

He shields us and protects us from woeful fates we spin.

God is mighty above all of us, we adore him e'ermore.

He showers us with his blessings of pow'r and fire true.

He is mighty above all!


God is might above the Dragon, he is mighty over all.

He turns us from the wretched angel's gaze.

God is mighty above the Dragon, he is our Saviour e'ermore.

The tears we cried, the sins we hide, they are washed away by his blood.

He is mighty above all!


O, Creation, cry! O, Terra, stand! O, Caelorum, bless us well!

Sanctimonious kingdom e'er drenched in power, know us all well!

Free us from our earthly chains! Take us from our world of pain!

Let his word unite all!


O, Gaia, boon us by your stars! O, Blessed Paradise, let us see the light!

Let Heaven and Earth ring their colossal bells to celebrate our song!

We, fore'er to have won the war, shall in longsuffering will no longer stand!

Let his word unite all!




Teacher, you are glorious! Teacher, you are great above every kingdom of men!

Who can compare to you, who formed the heavens, who crafted the Great Book?

There are none who compare to your power, there are none who know love as you.


The world may drown and fill with ashes, but as we turn blind eyes, you weep!

Can we truly say we deserve the honour of your image, when we disgrace your name?

We are but lost children, churls wandering in the darkness, unknowingly looking for the light.


You, Magnificent Judge, know none hold the grain of sand to eclipse the shore of the Sea of Power!

What fools have we been, Father and Son and Spirit, that we have turned away from your love?

Perhaps we are both above and below the beasts, for unlike the beasts, we doubt your glory.


All Creation bows before you, he who formed the universe with your gentle hand!

How can we redeem ourselves when our hearts have become black as coals?

We cannot, for by the banner of the crimson covenant you set, only then can we be healed.


We have no choice but to submit to your power; Glory to you, Teacher and King!

Who are any of us by esssse in the wind, forgotten memories given graceless time?

Only in you is there meaning, only through you is there hope, only by you do we live.




O, weep! Weep before the beautiful Earth man has shattered in his hatred!

Woe! Woe! Woeful ashen shores shall hold our immemorial tears of sorrow!

To those imbued with just and good reason, cry for what we have lost!

There is no happiness, there is no kindness, it has been washed away by the pound waves of malice!


Tearful you cry, you angels! Tearful you cry for our sins! A world of broken dreams was not what the Father mean to be.

Cry, all you angels! Cry for the lost peoples! Can we truly stand before the glory of the King and speak with beautiful tongues?

Tearful you must cry, you bless’d angels! These chains we cannot overcome! Let us live in mercy, ne'er to die under the sun.


O, sing! Sing of God's glorious grace, sing the song we forgot!

Life! Life! Life in him now who takes the honest water to his lips!

Let us no longer suffer under the scales, Christ, God!

We can no longer bear the sin and the thorn which pierced your soul in the ninth so pow'rfully!


Tearful you cry, you angels! Though this is a time now of light! We overcame not our own nature, but were pardoned from hatred.

Cry, all you angels! Cry in beautiful felicity! For who can mourn the death of those who are saved through the Spirit true?

Tearful you must cry, you bless’d angels! We now understand! The iron pyke of Justice and Judgment avoids our hands now!




O Lord, Lord of magnificent virtue! You are my true king!

You are He! He who rules over all! King glorious, who sees our true hearts.


And though we fall and we cry, we forget not your face! Through peril and unending fire, we can never abandon you!

I and my fellow men must cry for the lost, to call on your beautiful name in the world of shadow!

And as we writhe as lost beast in mud, we cry in tears of burning nacre for your dispensation from this nightmare fate!


O Lord, Lord of magnificent power! Let your love shine verily!

I cannot speak for all my kind, but I shall sing "Glory"! Teacher wondrous, who holds so dear to me.


And I am but brittle bone and flesh, I hold no crown, for I bear the peasant's hands.

I kneel in fiery esssse, the flame-kissed ground receptive of my tears as I offer humble praise.

And all my kind shall kneel to you and sing in praise, for none can deny the power of the King.




Behold he of the mighty crown, God, Lord of Heaven!

He who holds the blade of Abaddon and the keys to the Lake is before us!

None can hold against his indomitable will, not even the Fallen Angel!


Black Angel, wicked dragon of worthless scorn, hear this declaration of your inefficacy!

You cannot even escape your vile prison, let alone hold ground against your Creator!

Do as a fool, you do, remaining in the way of believing you have power in Heaven!

Do as any with wit or mind shall do: Surrender before a truly impossible to best foe!


God, he has no power compared to your fire, he has not but rot in his lightless brain!

As worthless, he is, as the contents of Dante's Tract noted ages prior to us.

The Liar is powerless before you, and e'er more in war you shall obstacle overcome!




Where is true peace, the gift you blessed us with in Eden?

For how long is the clock our master, binding us to manacles of terror in the world of ruination?


Kind Father, who am I to ask for less than union, the only glory that ever truly fit my heart?

Where are we in this world, but amongst fading shades and moments of regret for our sins?

Believe our penitent, Father above, that we may see the ultimate beauty: Paradise and her King.


Where is true peace, if not from Heaven above?

We hold no merit of deserving medals or ivory towers; we are humble beneath the rock.




Glorious Light, from the Elysian waters above!

Rain, do you, so gently upon the kind and downtrodden.

For the oppressed you offer not a rose, but a kingdom.

For the hated you give not the lash, but the dove.


Love, you shine upon us, let us see in this ebon jungle!

The rolling fogs of miasmic winds cannot stifle the Lord.

Gentle, you must be, the poison made our souls weak!

Deliver us from the fate of this pestilent vision of fright!


Tundra shall roar its mighty hoarfrost against my heart, yet I will not fall.

Fire shall burn on me, but I shall emerge untouched.

For He will guide me, I shall weather the storm.

The rock holds me, the rain shall burn so cold upon my flesh, but ne'er shall I fall to this icy torrent.


Death, it cannot hold my way forever, it is now too weak.

The fate of time is no thing to fear anymore!

Trust, this is all I have in my Father, it is the light of Terra.

And I shall not be afraid, for the Creator keeps me under his great wing!




Lord, O Judge! Be not cruel to men!

Forgive their blindness, that fire never touch their lip.

Guide those who walk this, the cobble path.

For the wretches shall hold to pearls in the storm, as the barons cast bread to dogs!


Let no ill come to those who would receive you, nor have the Book erase their tongue.

For silver hearts lie in the revenants hand, icon of a forgotten vow in their mind.

Let no vile air hold them to the suffocator's grave, nor bind their thumb to rack and chain.

For every creature in turn to bow, so a man must under knife lose his place in Creation.


Save the lost! We humble men need your beatific love!

Save the lost! Chrysanthemums grow even in the darkest prison!

Save the lost! Our word can find no true acceptance if it is shaded!

Save the lost! For in this ebony wall we lay, in the mud we beg and pray!


We need you now, Father of the Heavens! We need to know we are not alone.

Enter forth from thy mighty throne, that we may fall prostrate to the lowly ground!


We need you now, Son of Righteousness! From you accosted for us was Elysium's Crown!

None can deny the bitter blade which shattered the blackened tree of Adam's vice!


We need you now, Ghost most Holy sanctified above the heavenly hosts! For your hand reign just e'ermore!

Deny no sinner's kind repentance; turn no blind eye to those who ask for your grace and kingly mercy.


Save the lost! Remove this violent crown!

Save the lost! Fill our hearts with virtue great!

Save the lost! None compare to your life-giving way, the pow'r that e'er shines!

Save the lost! For we mere men can have no greater honour than praising your name!




He judges, He judges, He judges, He judges, the time is here...

He judges, He judges, He judges, He judges, the time is here...


God of Heaven, listen now, listen now... We wait for Rapture...

Save us! Save us! Save us! Save us! Save us!


He judges, He judges, He judges, He judges, the time is here...


How long, Lord, must we weep in the waters of nightmare?

It burns so cold; as cold as Sheol!


He judges, He judges, He judges, He judges, the time is here...


Day of Wrath! Please come!




You, I praise! Higher than the highest throne, high above heav'nly hosts!

For none deny your great word, at Judgment's banquet on our Earth.


You, I praise! Loving protector and ægis mighty against foe!

Let church bells ring and choirs sing upon your form, so glorious!


Lord, let me live in your way, just e'ermore in your light!

Lord, for each bread I pray, desperate to fight the night!


Salvation rang so beautiful in ears crafted pure, that Death o'ercome be so!

The symphony calls all Terra's hosts to e'ermore praise your name!


You, I praise! All my days! You e'ermore, my king be! All æternity shall witness to this and see!




Tears, tears... Angels cry, angels cry.

Dæmons rejoice! Dæmons rejoice!


So bitter I cry my tears, trapped in this iron cage.

Please, Lord, tie my soul unto this bondage, so I may do your will.

Let me forever wet the ground with my tears, for all the crimes I've done.

For my blackened heart as I writhe in mud, salvageable man you see.


Tears, tears... fall from you heavenly hosts!

My light has died, my very faith be tried... Good Lord, love me still.


We must cry for the forgotten, we must cry for the oppressed!

Else we see them die in vain, cursed glass in the great panes.

Father, make them strong, that they may hold you close and tight!

We seldom grow if left alone, to our miserable frail device.


We must cry for the loveless, we must cry for the brute!

God, Father, love them so they may love you still.

We cannot see if we all wander, tend to lone sheep still!

We lap the fire and embrace the coals, we do not know our way.


God, Father, make us stronger! Make us see a better way!

God, Father, be our beacon! We cannot see the path today!

God, Father, love us in mercy! Remind us we can be strong!

God, Father, teach us your word! We must know what is wrong!




Magic Fox!

Save us from! Save us from!
From! Our wicked violent sinful ways!

Dæmon fox!

Nightmare creature of fire and chains!
Jagged one wrapped in the icy storm of wickedness!


Poured in pearl!
And clothed in despicable blood and tears!

Listen to us and hear clearly!

Do not take the crown of Creation!
For you have to hide in the blackened night!
And God's holy fire shall be your curse!

Dragon King!
Dragon King!

Seven thousand cold years bind thee!
Cradle, doth thee, in thy terrible jaws, the worst unholy men!
Hold, doth thee, in your wicked claws, the blood of dead angels!

Foreboding ice holds your wings to death!
And stills the forbidden magic that pours out of your mouth!
You foolishly climb up the sides of your prison!
But as the blasphemous fox you begat
You too will perish as a monster we detest!

Oh beautiful magic fox!

Shower us with the great jubilee of God!
Embrace us with His magnificent Elysian love!
Glory will rain in the halcyon mists!
The Chayil will join us in the blessed choir!
Sin and death have lost the immortal battle!
Death to the blackened kings, we hold their skulls in victory!

When judgment comes!
When rapture saves!
The King of Paradise triumphs!
And our tale is finished!




God, show me the light! Show me good light!


God, let me be found, honest and forgiving!

God, let me be found, your subject unwavering!

God, cast me in light, let you Spirit come down!

God, cast me in light, let only your words resound!


God, show me the light! I need this great light!


God, mold me true, erase my black heart!

God, mold me true, wash my stain away!

God, humble me, your lowly servant to call!

God, humble me, you word e'ermore my all!


God, show me the light! Light, ghost's doom impending!

God, show me the light! Fires set, ne'er ending!

God, let me follow you to the ends of the Earth!

God, I am yours now, yours since my birth!




Heaven now, hear us sing! Of the King of all Kings!

His majesty's splendor, awe striking splendor, captures our hearts!

Ruler of oceans and tender of garden's weak, salvation's ring in our souls you speak!

Crown upon you, Lord over all!


May we never forget these kind things you've done.

May ne'er more, our black webs be spun.

May we feel kind and give good faith to men who do by us wrong.


Blessed are those who are weak, tended with such care by your arms!

Let us be thankful for the hurt, who we serve in love!

Destitute women and shattered hurt men, these ones our lifeblood, brothers we defend!


For who can ask without qualm more, the life you have given not a gift pure?

For what price can we our souls take, for weathered ashes possessions soon make?

And who by crowd be wicked and scorn, when we in kindness know you take the thorn?


God, our Champion! God, our Love! Gave life to be Saviour, for us the frail boor!

We shall never hold against one man ill name! For example we make, by our cheek's turn!

And none of us can hold to treasure of weak dying Earth, nothing to replace our heavenly birth!

Crown upon you, God over all! He who so loved us as to take the fall!




God, I search for rescue. I search for service for these chains.

God, let me feel fire. Let me take the weary's place.

I tired of seeing the shattered world's pain. I'm tired of a life where I bear no name.


Let me see every hour, to know how it has been. I need to know the weather, to stand in the rain.

I need to know these people, their horrors and their hurts, that I may forever tighten our bond.

Plunge my feet into the desolate sands, rack my hands with pain. If not for these, I cannot feel the rain.

Let me stand on this rock, when the coarse winds blow, that I may be one with you, Lord above.


God, I search for rescue. God, I search for what is just.

Let me feel the lightning, let those innocent people be free of pain!

I cannot turn the tide of the past, but let my future use my chains.


Though the bombs and fires cried out in blood and pain, the fire within me made their lives not in vain.

Such cost shall come to Namibia, and its weathered people, if in this I shall see myself fail again.

The women shall cry in the great roar of gunfire, their world turn to blackened oak and ruins.

So how can I not weep for these people, whose life my inaction shall take?


God, I search for rescue! Let me pay their price!

Let this Earth's weakened bones be free from the knife!

I accept death gladly, my life is esssse as is all, so let me be the cost of each of them all.


God, I search for rescue! Call my bondage to action finally!

Take my humble life and vanquish it! Let the blade fall not on them, but on me!




You, protection against evil. Who can stand in power against your loved you guard?

You, ruler of torrent and thunder. Who can call out that you are with blame?

None shall stand in such darkness, to harm your children or curse your name!


For bought are we by the crown of scorn, from which the blood of resurrecting hope did drip.

Bought are we lowly men by the sacrifice of the Lamb before the altar borne of Golgotha's Tree.


Free me not from woeful warning, but in rebuke teach me love and kindness.

Free me in your will unending, free to pursue the love of Judgment's Reward.


Cast aside, shall, I, unholy vision! The world of sin be so now as intended dead to my eye.

Cast inside holy requiem, to mourn the lost and celebrate the found.


Let me be taken to place of humility, the stone upon me be thrust in full.

Take my e'erlasting praise. You, protection against evil.




Day of the Judge!

Day of Judgment!

Day of Heaven's chain!


Of no minor consequence to bitter man, shall be the perennial fire!

Black heart and wicked tongue, crushed by great hearts' desires!

Who can stand against this great heav'nly force? None, I must say!


Day of the Judge!

Day of Judgment!

Day of Heaven's chain!


For God's people know true mercy! They know the bite of fearsome coals!

Teeth to be as fang and jaw in symphonic display of the gnash and grind.

E'er we but freedom’s, to be away from the Asmodean force of Hell!


Day of the Judge!

Day of Judgment!

Day of Heaven's chain!




Breathe Life into me, O sanctified Lord.

Breathe into me as you did Adam, your creation of old.


For I relish the loving waters, and thirst for the beatific rains.

I cannot know my path if blinded, let my eyes see light again.


Hammers fall in the crucible in night after night of coaxing shadow into form.

To this aegis I cling in the band of the moonlight, the sackcloth robe ne'er again to be torn.


Lord, hold me to your dear promises, that hope in me can be still.

Breathe Life into me, O sanctified Lord. I cannot live without your grace.



Father so kind and Father so blessed, who am I that I deserve your kind guidance?

For as I walk through the shade of Death, the lifeblood does not part from me, adhering to your path.

Freedom is only worth the ground that one walks on, its dispensation loved only by its Master's name!

Frail are these bones as Sheol's grasp binds them, but ne'er in the hatred of abandon shall I walk.


Deny me no rest granted by your great will, that I shall fall and rise as the Book records for me.

Do you see him, Creation, the one to whom I address, the God of Mercy I love?

Daydreams and wishes mean nothing if fought for blood lost in vain!

Death cannot take those who shall love you with all of their heart.


Lo, the Creator! Here upon majestic grounds shall he stand!

Lo, the Creator! Endless grace upon rain forth upon his Lands!

Lo, the Creator! Kingdoms of men shall before his name fall!

Lo, the Creator! His beautiful kingdom stand e'er more tall!




Who, am I to be, that I can stand before you in the Hour?

Before the Elders and angels, can I speak as if pure?

Let me express the sorrow for how I have hurt you now.

For all eternity cannot heal the wounds I have done in full.


Kindly before you, Lord, I fall to my knees, asking for freedom from this pain.

Kindly before you, Lord, I cry, for my terrible sin to be e'er more washed away.

Let me be free from the hurt I now cause, that I can receive freedom beneath your wing!

There is nothing more that I desire, that to be whole beside you, my wounds and yours erased!


Let my fears vanish, let my woe not my soul overcome, so I can rest beside you, as you designed!

Rest, full, in Creation, holy and sanctified, receptive of my humble tongue, no longer the knife!

Banish these shadows which hold me to Earth, for is not the cost of this cup to be fulfilled on this earth?

From whose brow but your sun can I admire the blood that drops, who bought me in penitence I for price would I otherwise pay?


Rest, can I, only when the moment comes where Creation is not broken!

For what is but my peace when others suffer in the glass and splinters?

I love my fellow man, and though I am at peace by your branch, their pain hurts me still!

Father, so kind, can we rest together, e'er more in the love of your open arms?

We cannot see beyond the fire and storm! We need your Mercy and Guidance e'er now more!




I fall! I fall so humbly on my knees! For sanctified prayer and repentant way, do you ordain me.

I fall! I fall and cry for the broken earth below my ash-drenched feet, in the blood soaked night I weep!


Can we rise? Have we gone too far and lost the love we once had as your Children?

Can we rise? Or have we so lovelessly soaked our wicked whips and knives, that you cannot see time undone?


O, hear us now! The blossom of earth's Judgment shall ripen under the reddened moon!

O, hear us now! The chain shall for an hour shatter for the lost beneath the blackened loom!


Can we cry? We have no tears left inside with which to weep our horrid ways, please help us, the weak!

Can we cry? Through this foreign nightmare, a surreal cold word of dark escapes, we trek in hope of waters!


Christ, above! Hear us and let our penitent cries ring Heaven's lofty bells!

Christ, above! Shatter the skull of the wicked king, end this scream of suffering!


Can we be saved? The life flows away from us as we would flee to darkness' reach.

Can we be saved? We cannot bear this burden, trade our cups and free the slave.


O, lacriment flow! We weep through the blood we tread, staring to the hope that's dead, wondering if we can escape.

O, lacriment flow! Pilgrimage, with solemn heart, to our blood be upheld, that we may not suffer when we cry out.


Can I sing? Among these blessed meek I walk, among these people light shall talk, and who am I to these ignore?

Can I sing? The blessed sanctuaries shall good hearts e'er more bring, and I shall hold the candle crafted of tear.


I pray! I pray that this madness is soon to end and that this woe is soon to die!

I pray! I pray for your forgiveness, for people in the web of lie, for sinners and dreamers, I pray for the light!




O, God of Lords, Tremendous King! Do you see your children suff'ring still?

Look! To the hands of the peasants! Gaze! Upon the endless oppressed stares!

King of Kings! You are so kind as to love the faltering and bless the meek.

Præceptor High! Who, in love and gentle mercy, taught us to be good.


Mercy endless and joy upon joy! This we shall sing in thunder when called!

Kingdom's blessed upon hearth to hearth! Every man ever more loves you o'er all!

The bounty be blessed, upon your crown! This dispensation for penitent nations rings out!

Who but you can speak, of many loving ways, you who blesses all?


But look to the fallen! O, how they cry! Battered and wounded in the dark of night!

We ask now to see the spark of majestic Heaven's song, reparative of their broken hearts!

And tribulation! The force of Hell, this you overcome! Lightning crackling amidst rain's flare, the sound of wrath for the hateful so!

Kind upon the kingdoms, and healing to the crushed! No rod or yoke can break our souls, when tended by your love!


And to you woeful creatures! Unrepentant beast of nightmare and scorn! You loveless demons shall receive no feathers!

The Lord shall strike you down in fury, in the hour of your lustful pride! Do not hide, for the Earth shall reject you and die!

And infinite woes! Plague and pestilence amaranthine! The very Earth shall shatter under the gravity of your vile devices!

The King shall only hold back for those with the Seal! Desolate goats! Scatter, for the ultimate power shall strike you from Life!


To you, wicked men, a billiard woes! Cost endless came from thy lips, price eternity must pay!

Go forth to your weak and loathsome king, sickly and wan dragon below your ash-soaked feet!

For you, as him, shall die in blazing sulfur, endlessly struck down in perils unending!

And you, as him, shall be worthless relics of a forgotten era, made nothing by your folly!


And to he who is kind, to he who is saved! Shall we not end the delay of this thankful address to your ways?

The price He paid, etched on your grave, mark of the water that embraced and the fire that kissed!

By thorn and iron, by wood, by stone, not by these you are saved. Remembrance of the wine and wheat shall your blood turn white.

And to this man, he who accepts God's kingdom, accept the warmth of deliv'rance after your earthly suff'ring!


Deliver us from suffering; we know if our soul by your pen you record. We accept the wage, Denarius, in the good kingdom true!

Heaven and heaven's ring e'er clear, washed clean our skin from relicted fear. Be there no ire or woe to stain the light!

Deliver us from suffering, e'er in this endless hour! The world of pain, the times of rain, Sheol wash our lifeblood upon its shore!

These times, as all, to those who are suffering, let this be the sign of relief, let this show your truth e'er more!




O, Lord, Host, God! To you, I hold true!

I have lived, true for your Name, all my years.


Through seasons e'er changing, through storms weathered together, e'er still remain I by your side.

And you, for all my broken natures and my sins of gravity, can be of heart such to accept me and love me.


For none beyond your name show love even close to your kind, none ever to embrace with sincerity true.

When I laid in blackened chains, when I was ripped apart and broken by rain, when thunder came down in mud stricken vein, I cried Hallelu Yah!


The endless fires roar in the darkest nights, the Liar of weakness tries to fight, but ne'er can he bring me to him in love!

Beat upon the wood and twine, gash my soul and let to flow the wine, but still I clutch my sides and cry Hallelu Yah!


To you, good God! In times of pain, in icy torrent's again, through Death's Phantasmal Train, I will be in your Name!

Before the witnesses of Heaven and Earth, to break this be my gravestone earned, ne'er again I falter in the fire and poison!


O, who, Lord God, can be so still? To be naught but prostrate on the Day of Ire, regardless of lives spent, would sign a fool!

O, how can one, be uttering tongue of Hell? The vile caught in webs of madness, the kings of hatred struck down in false glory!


To you, I hold allegiance! You, creature's master and tamer of worlds! To you, I bend my knee, my soul unfurled!

To you, I hold my name, for no merit of mine is with true meaning, outside of the Teacher's warning!

To you, I have lived, true for your Name! I have come in this day to behold the Father!

To you, I bow! The Day of Judgment, even for unsaved men, be a moment where happiness be, to see the Great Lord!

Now, bells above and bells below, they sing their holy song! Treated so kind, by solemn hands of loving will binding!

Now, hear the song, of Creation, who must sing! The symphonies and choruses endless to your Name!

Now, we have our hope, we have our calm, we see your peace, we rest gently! We have seen you, Lord of All!

Now, I so hunger, for that good day to come! That I may be with you, Lord, whom I love most, all etern'ty long!




Through crackling sands of Sheol, I bear witness to the way you have put me on.

Regardless of tribulations I may face, regardless through fire I may walk, I do as you will.

Sacrifice bought in honour and praise runs sweeter than this Earth's waters, so sacrifice I shall!


Kingdom's bells sing! Just men and women bring! To ear crafted melodies and wound e'er healed!

Your children laugh! Your choir thunders! In your endless joy, and in our endless praise!


To this earth be bequeathed my body, sculpted in perfection by your hand!

This is the life with which I am gifted; this is the life for which great purpose is ordained.


Beneath your compassion, I lie! Beneath your splendor, I bow! Will must force the man of good sense to praise you e'er more!

Beneath your love, I bask! Beneath your gentleness, I convalesce! Only good men would know of this sanctified light!


Through the darkness, you carry me! Through suffr'ng's veil I bear the maelstrom! For your will, small price is this.

Though I cry in the mud and bleed in the dark, abandoned by men, left hopeless to rot, e'er more your smile shines on me!


By this great love, I am gladly captured! Evermore be I entranced! For who can reject this lovely way?

By the protection you cast, I see your love! Even in the gate of Hell, pulling at my shadows, your light shall not fade from me!


Through the anvil we are broken, but by blood and bone we are saved by the reigning Son!

Through evil devices our souls are broken; there is nothing your love cannot repair!


Lamb of God, relinquish us from evil, by the greatness of your sacrifice we stand!

Let us be with those firm roots, those roots the wicked neither hold nor can bear!

O, how I love your simple way to solve the nightmare, the cost being one I'm glad to pay!


Be quiet, you wicked! You cannot hold sanctuary in a loving house, unless you flee your ways!

We have come to understand the way of love, the way of silence, the way of calm in Him.

And you, our brothers and sisters, his loved daughters and sons! Kneel, I cry out, before the Lord!


For no trap of Hell, no snare of Lucifer, can ever break his love!

You will find no rest beneath the iron claws of the wretched snake, for he loves only one!

Mourn the evil, but celebrate the saved, their passing brings us felicity!


We cannot stay low, beneath a King, who would take our woeful ire earned upon his own flesh!

Singed and darkened, beaten and blackened, spent and wasted in those dark hours of humanity!

For who are we to not tearfully thank this King, he who suffered beastly agony as our vessel of burden?


And I cry, God! I cry out in blissful peace and joy! That you have set forth this great kingdom, how wondrous is your love!

Can I speak to you, in truth, without bringing to light the concern of other flesh, brethren of mine upon this earth?

From lowest miller to highest noble, to love is to do but the least in your way upon these.


That day is coming, the moment of harvest, that all who would receive you have been counted for.

The Day of Wrath, that day of ire, of scorching thunder and e'er burning fire, to come when fully penned be the Book of Life!

And so bitter and sweet be that day! That many are lost, and many are saved, yet to my dying breath, I shall try to save!


And holy, completed, in whole and in full, must the joy of Life and darkness of death see recorded!

To vanquish vice and build pedestal for virtue, as we sing upon your treasured wings!

Built would be that City of Gold, whom you see us walk in our e'erlasting communion, righteous in full!


But take moment must I, to see to it that I cry, a tear for those who have been lost, who none of man nor you could save.

We must cry so hard and deeply, for they have chosen blackened ashes they've wept to stain their eyes!

The cost of our communion has a bitter price: The souls of those poor, unwilling to love, goats below.




Oh, Lord, God of the heavenly hosts and the Elders, King above the angels and beasts, Ruler and Teacher of man, how great you are!

Good words upon your name, my King, that I show my love for you as I could hope to reflect that which you show me.

Offer I my humble praise, let these mere coins whose name shall fade from my mind leap from my coffer to yours, the least I could do for you.

In undying faith I serve you, Father, in the light and love you have given me, made clean and whole by Christ! Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


Stay the wrath of the razor or draw it in, for in this peril my foundation cannot shake or falter, for I am not a man who fears Death.

Sheol is a defeated foe, vanquished by the ultimate price paid by your great son, Saviour and Lamb to humanity truly.

By the nail to Golgotha's Tree, by the thorn of Scoffer's Crown, bought was I in the Ninth by a Lamb's blood, whose mere passing tore the Earth asunder.

Who am I, then, to have this now weak foe command from me abandonment, to tread the desolate path? Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


By the merits of a gifted life, I cannot stand, for I am not to reject my Maker on the substance of the breath he imbued within my soul.

Only the fool sees it wise to abandon the God of Love for the chase of vice in a life sculpted and created for beautiful and holy purposes.

This life was given to me that I may serve you, and as such, I shall drop to my knee before my King and Master, whom I happily call myself the servant of.

By my gales within, my crimson wine of oceanic flow I bear, by mortal strand I carry, I cannot abandon you for this. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


In the heavenly hosts’ power I may trust, knowing full they can no longer carry hatred for the King of Creation. But tie myself, I do not, to their power.

For they were created and sculpted as I, booned with power and baptized in fire and flame, but as all Creation, they lie inferior to you.

Fearsome power in their swords and wings, may humanity bear to witness, but they too are as humble as we are before you, the Almighty God.

So, for these of such power, I cannot abandon you, for the worship of these is to mock you and forget your power. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


And of the Nephilim below, ne'er shall I flee to their shaded footsteps, to accept their costs and manipulations as acceptable prices.

For they were as the angels once, but in an aspect they remain the same: their inferiority to their True Creator.

Great power is in the churls of the Liar's hand, masked in darkness and cloaked in fear, for they flee in Light's Name.

Gallantly ring the Demon's Bells, but their ashen coil shall not take me, for they too are weak before you. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


The times of woe which take me now shall not phase me, I shall whether this storm, carry this yoke, and bear this thorn as all before this time.

Lust for virtue can only overtake me, for I bore of vice; it has found no pleasure within me; it has given me nothing but the most powerful of pains.

Mere circumstances cannot change who I am in you, as I write this book to e'er more remind myself of my servitude and your love, which is kind to me.

Life can throw its maelstrom upon me, and Fate macerate my bones, but this love I have for you cannot fade. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


The future, which I wonder if you let my eyes to see, is dark, and full of the tribulation of others; Let that ring truer than any misfortune that comes my way.

For I have remember your words, delivered unto the Sheep, that whoever does the least of good unto your brethren has done it unto you, and opposite.

So let stand this weather, I can brace the storm in full, with patience and clarity of spirit, and comfort under my den those who suffer greater than I.

Memorial of past and present, the future shall hold for me no qualm or worry; I shall remain true in you. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


Into Mephistopheles' web I shall not fall, the Lying Dragon's manipulation and puppetry bear no hold on my soul, in this time or any to come.

No cheap illusion, no charlatan's craft, no cheat or sorcerer, no false magick, suggestion, or machinacha, can pull me a step from you.

The grandest of powers of your Creations shall ne'er bind me in way that shall replace your warm and beautiful love, that eternally protects me.

My soul fears only your powers, and no power of those of ill intent can hold my eye; it is but rust and loss to me. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


No spire draws its tower too high, by the pen's capricious ink, that I may be in circumstance where I cannot see your Name around me.

There is no treasure abundant or wealth and splendor of existence can hold my eye, for bark and metal call to me in no sweet tune as other men.

Humble I fall from the womb, naked and innocent as Adam were when begat in full form, so there lies no grand steeple from which I can stand here.

Lofty, I am not, this is not who I am, for I would take to sackcloth and ring of ash before aurum and nacre. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


Ne'er a valley lie so low, that I cannot find you, for you are always with me even in the darkest and most foreboding of circumstances.

Even in Death's Valley, which I once walked, you held me close, even as the darkness ensnared my flesh and Sheol turned lifeblood to ash and esssse.

So, in light of this, what mere shortage of bread and water can hold me hopeless; Are these not temporary and fleeting things before me?

Rather would I die, robt of bread by Fate's cruel talons, and pass through the mesh of live, than abandon you. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


There is no thing in Creation that can ever pull us apart, that can separate me from you, for all is of choice. Let my sin weigh heavy on me for this fact!

For no soul has loved me as kindly as you, no soul ever to embrace love as you do. If this is so, then I would not let anything tear my flesh from you!

All the powers of creation bear witness to this truth, as evidence to its mystery and witnesses to its glory! That I, as all, will not stray my loving heart.

There is no thing that I desire more than to be in eternal communion with you, Father, Son, and Spirit! Nothing can rip my soul apart from you.


Loving Father, I cannot express with words enough how much I thank you for all you have done for me. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you!

Blessed Son, my thanks must be unending for the extraordinary sacrifice you made for me, a sinner impure. Nothing cannot rip my soul apart from you!

Mighty Ghost, I bow a milliard upon milliard times before you, marveling at your power and protection. Nothing cannot rip my soul apart from you!

Trinity pure, Lord Almighty in the Heaven above me, my love is ne'er to falter or fade for you, He who loves me. Nothing can rip my soul apart from you!




Lord, by your candle's call, I remain on this Earth.

No nick or storm of fiery weather can destroy this rebirth.

Freedom be bought in the blood aboust the door to accost my mirth.


To you, I cry when I wander, you who holds me close and answers my prayers.

By your gentle hand you guide my willing strings from the call of the Devil's vile stairs.

I, as humble as these, to be the mere pawn of a level field who calls the Earth its players.


Grotesque and rotten chains do bind, but their maw hold no power against you, as you save.

To you, I would be seen as a humble servant of your will, for the Dragon, I am seen as a slave.

Offer we, your humble people, the reparations in penitent form, of lifeblood purified from the darkness we stave.


Jesus, I live for you: I live for you as every humble man, Gentile or Jew; And through this, your love shine ev'r through.

Anointed are you, deserving one: you are splendid, you who is God's great Son; by you was the rail of Adam unbound.

High above hosts, you are glorious king: Let I and the world, for you, forev'r sing; Let salvation your hand, to us, bring.

No voice of hell defeat can your name: No repentant man left to feel his shame; for you, in love, eclipse all woeful blame.

Spire built forth, had you, in that Hour: Let, by this, holy light now sin devour; Ev'r more we, now, to see your power.

Lust and lie can bear no whim, before God: Spare us forgiven the pow'rful iron rod; to good faith's see, we bear this pod.

O sinful life, may we see you forgive: By your word only may our people live; Cast not our die into Hell's deep sieve.

Before the king, shall all knees bow: Bear us, your children, no false cow; May we do only as your Book allow.

Cain's mark ne'er touch a hand: Lest we fall into Sheol's wicked sand; and forget so horridly what you have planned.


O, Lord, we worship thee, dependent as you would save them as me, to a life where we live free.

The Ghostly Bell before twin doors, by rotten wood be poor choice good man ignores, and our forgiveness dealt in scores.

Great words to mean us well, those recorded in the Book parting us from Hell, that of Life to keep us from Satan's spell.


In the light of misbelief, may we who doubt find naught but grief, until the dawn of day we return our love from his Thief.

Broken men, we are so now, to feel any love beneath the broken sow, if by your name we see right a wicked vow.

Trembling before the Judgment call, braced for the presence of you for whom we fall, no eye not by glory you may appall.


Final words to soon upon us come, the final beat of heartstrings strum, when we follow the pound of Caelum drum.

Ne'er so soaked by tears before, than in the moment my heart the robe of misery no longer wore, in your love fore'er more.

Lord, thank you for all your love, by the branch of the Great Dove, to praise is honour earned from my loving King above.




Joy to Bethlehem! To Bethlehem, is He!

Crown your Maker, and give him great gifts.

Joy, joy! Hallelu Yah! For our Creator shall break our chains!

Joy, joy! Hallelu Yah! For come has our salvation!


O, he of Caeli crown! O, he of Bethl'm town!

Who are we, we of he, to receive this gift of splendor?

O, he of whom we sing! O, he of Salvation's ring!

When did we, of our own merits, earn that righteous place?


Jesus, our king, Lord of human'ty, to you we call this song!

To this we call a song, bells in this day and month of love!

Jesus, mighty king, Lord of ev'rything, to you our hearts belong!

To you all hearts belong, Creation's gaze drawn to your Kingdom 'bove!


Joy to Bethlehem! Joy, He is born!

Joy, for Christ our Saviour has come! Joy, to all living things!

Joy! To all man! Joy! To all man!

Hope! To all man! Peace! To all man! Love! To all man!


Christ born, our Saviour, rescuer of fallen ones! Christ born, our Saviour, hope born as His Son!

Pow'rful infant beneath the Star, below the angels whom he stepped beneath, glory to He!

Christ born, our Salvation, freedom from slavery! Christ born, our Salvation, to buy us at Calv'ry!

Pow'rful One born of Heaven-dipped waters, Elysium child, earn He our costly Vict'ry!


Joy to Bethlehem! Joy, He is born!

Joy, for Christ our Saviour has come! Joy, to all living things!

Joy! To all man! Joy! To all man!

Salvation! To all man! Pow'r! To all man! Forgiveness! To all man!


Christ, born king, He to end our great suffering!




That day! That day of wrath! That day of wrath!


The Day of Wrath is the Day of Happiness!

And he who promised suffering in full; bought us from our own.


Vehement day! The Father shall scold the world with lightning!


The Day of Wrath shall make all joyful bells sing!

For it this that promises to vanquish the ancient foe; Sin itself.


And God, our Father, we asked you protect us by you Lamb.

God, our Father, we ask that you deliver us from wicked hands.

We must both weep and laugh; the death of sin has come at a great price.


Let our lacriment stain the earth below us for the perishing of the lost.

Let our tears of happiness burn like fire and bless like water when evil dies.

For he who stands in Abaddon's Tomb shall not cause our demise.


That day of wrath! Scream, you bells! You Children of the Lord, sing!


The Day of Wrath be, to bequeath us with your splendid light forever pure!

For I am your lowly child, slung to mud in which I'm on my knees.


No nightmare or storm can taint my hand's grasp upon each other; they are resolute.

I weep and sing for the lost Earth, as I kneel in the mire to praise my Great King.

Deliver'd from death, chain to be broken, I am naught but thankful for your works.


There is happiness for your loving Child; who eats not of Elysium's pestilent tree.

Our appointed hour comes, the sanctified death to hear you, forgetting not your blessed words.

The Book of Life shall record the rewarding, and the wicked shall be struck down in Judgment.


That day of wrath! Heav'n sent as Zion sing, all the bless'd works of your Creation journ'ying.


The Day of Wrath shall buy me peace, and no time before then can I speak of true felicity!

Every dark moment in this life fulfilled, my soul at peace and your love to shine ever more.

The Day of Wrath is the Day of Happiness!




O, grand God! I stand before you, humble man as ever, to call upon your name!

Stand not my soul in fragrant waters; bear not my being a lovely form!

For he of knowledge must know his actions have their cost!

For he of your ways must bear this scornful stone to the grave!


Ugly am I, your fallen child, as ever before this day!

Stricken down as beast in mud; blackened waters on Terra slain choke my very soul.

Caked in the blood and flesh I bear knowledge of being my price, I humbly lay before you.

For in the horrid rains, I have been chained to the unholy nightmare of wicked life!


And who am I to act sincere in the moment you are to ask?

Who is this child, broken on this earth, torn to rags and drenched in ruin, to ask good of you, God?

No sanctified breath runs cold through me when I fall to the violence of the storm!

And I am he who shall cry in misery on that Final Day; when I am asked to recount the acts I regret!


Clasped together are my hands, my knees forced bent to be humble before the Lord!

Kneel, do I, in icy ruin, chained in eternal repentant remorse of my sins.

For I bear not the gift you have; my actions shall forever haunt my corpse.

How blessed it be that you can see beyond my wounds and can see this sin relicted from your mind!


I cannot see without you, Father; I bear no merit that shall crawl beyond the tomb!

I bear no cause without you that can be seen as worthy; As Teacher spoke so long ago, all is naught without you.

The tears I cry become petrified, stone chain to hold to pain my thorn!

And I cannot be without sadness in those moments I detest; when my path strays from you, I die.


Thunder and lightning shall crackle and fissure the ground before the gravity of my sin!

For these selfish ways, I know all days what consequence for my kind was borne.

The pain of knowing what I did, my part in an innocent's suffering, that is one of many thorns.

For I, as man, destroyed the life of the king; for my part in weakness, I was amongst that crowd!


O, that woeful sting! That I know I held a fragment of the spear!

Christ, our Saviour-King! He, the only innocent, bled for the lost!

O, woe is my sin! That it remind me of the price freedom bore!

Christ, my everything! Yet, slain by me and man for meaningless things, was he!


And how the earth shattered! How existence crumbled before this perishing of such power!

Terra could know no greater sting! The world could not comprehend the gravity of that Ninth Hour!

And how Heaven and Hell roared! For no being could accept the tremendous act's ferocity!

Ocean and sky bore unequaled fury! The grave, Sheol itself, could not even withstand his glory!


For selfish cause, I, as man, took to wickedness, and from my hands dripped my part of His Blood.

Woe to me, and all men, who tore asunder that pure and holy Lamb for the sake of his own pleasure!

Such suffering I had caused, and naught have I to show for this evil thing I did!

And now I weep, a murderer, who by joining in Hell's symphony, even for a blink, stained red my hands.


So, now I pray, that I may one day forget the pain I caused; that my suffering is to know what I did.

Through repentance I am freed, but chains still hold to me, for as I called out Barabbas, I know what I did.

And there was no price I could do to take that curse away, that my shame from that evil day shall be forever.

I feel this sorrow and unholy guilt, for in my sin, I know I joined the many in exchanging gifts at the fate of our King.


To my brethren I say this: Do not further dive in chains, the nacre poisons and the river stains; be pure, my brothers.

Do not sate the demons' calls, do not further embrace the fall, set yourself away from Adam's great sin!

Please do not sing of deadly strings the Fates would have you weave; these threads will make tenfold your agony.

Heed my advice, for know this well: In that Day of Happiness and Fire, even the wicked must bow, and no man shall deny him praise!


The life we bear is His good gift; he imbues us with air and water; well off would we be to turn it not into ash and miasma.

Fear not death, fear not pain, fear no earthly suffering; no pain is beyond Caelum's Salve, no misery his hand cannot heal.

Stay holy, His child, dearly holding to his blessed wing; for nothing can make us, in Heaven, slaves.

Hold to his peace, his compassion's ring, it shall guide you through; Take from my path this: there is nothing he cannot do.


And turn again I to you, Father, humble as I must be to cry and weep for what I've done and its tremendous cost.

Crawl I through fire, burn I in rain; regardless of my straying and hopelessness, you saved and comforted me.

Shielded was I, even with my sin blackening my arm, limp and crying in that Valley where you would tend to me.

For what love is this, that beneath the brand's kiss, your angels would rush to stand up my feet?


What can I say now, of my faith, and how much greater is this pain, that I, undeserving one, am guided by you?

Regardless of the storm I'm in, regardless of my ebon sin, through the ash bed you raise me to let me breathe again.

And I have nothing but thankfulness to soothe the remorse I have that you would show such love, and I such hate.

How terrible it be, that in everything you have been by my side for me, and I repaid you by slaying your son, your olive branch?


Tearful I fall, before this love, repenting endlessly for what I did and what I do; many know not the cost of this.

No man may ever know my pain, that the razor dances in destruction within; how can I breathe in this torturing?

My cost is not of evil way, it is merely of my regret; that I did so much to hurt you and you did nothing but bless me.

Ingrate was I, deserving not life, but even so, you comforted me; so how can I do anything but praise endlessly?


What price you paid, to have from my life fade the vanquishing power of sin; and look what I do to repay you?

I can never truly make up for what I have done; for as it wounds you, it too scalds me, and I deserve such suffering.

O, how deep this hurts my broken soul, that no level of praise or penitent ways can heal it true!

For in this nightmare meadow in which I lay, I can see not beyond revenant shade; how can I call myself pure?


Though your give removes the splinter, the maw ever grows, in knowledge of what I have done.

How can I call my way beautiful, if I know I went to a path where I did that I cannot undo?

More merciful are you than any, for nothing can erase this ghastly pain from me, yet you love me.

Were I in your position, I in flawed and foolish way would not let one of wickedness so stand!


But take the tears I cry, you do as see I, and turn the bad to good; such holiness can never be by man understood!

And cry, still I, for gravity must overtake this wound, fire cannot shy from wood; And a pyre to commemorate that vice am I!

Take from me this mortal woe, calm this heart and soothe this soul, I cannot rest now; for how can this not remind me of that brow?

Crown of thorn and nail of iron, to innocent man put on, a cost that should have been on us; Instead render to our precious Jesus.


The world in which I stand shall one day fade, every brook and garden erased, triumph over the broken grave.

And the powers of Death and Hell no one save, the angels shall accost the wounds of Earth, a remnant not left of the Paradise you made.

The holy sceptre shall fall down, and we shall be sent to you above, beyond the tops of the highest cloud.

And that will be the time the trumpet blows, to sound the end of all that we know, to finish the power sent below!


And on the Day of Ire, upon the Day of Wrath, I shall burned with the brand of Happiness and Judgment.

And I shall stand before you, accountable for all I did, to brace the howling gale of the greatest wind.

And I will stand before you when you ask me of all of that I've done, and there, there shall be the time I cry the most!

For I will be before the angels and witnesses, before the elders and all your creatures, all your heavenly hosts!


For I will give the account of my sin, the wickedness that burns the Book's page, that that Book of Life must weather.

And I will speak of my sorrow and regret, for what I did to you and how I destroyed you for selfish nothingness.

And I will speak of my happiness to see you; the blessed mark of Fate that I may receive shall fetter it not.

And I will stand before you, an imperfect man, purified by Christ crucified, saved, to bask in your glory eternal!




And in the fires of immortal praise, let us sing to the end of days, that he is great, just, and right, the Father of all blessed Light!

Let Hell find its tomb, the darkness cannot stay, flee to your womb! Ne'er shall the glory fade, upon these tranquil crystal rays, in this divine glade!

Call from Earth, call from Heaven, even Hell shall glorify New Eden! Coarsing through our veins like heroic fire, be the Hallelujahs of God's desire!


Sanctimonious community, wrapped in beatific revelry! All Creation see, the glory that is He!

The magnificent love by the sun and moon, eternal, ne'er they die soon! Terra, emerge from thy cocoon, and in metamorphosis shall be your boon!

Separate from fire and ice, riches we share shall our souls suffice! Good men in need dire, praise God in Jerusalem's jacinth spire!


Come and fly on wings of lofty silver light, leave to perish your iron chains, that struck you down to sea! Nothing to fight, leave all your pains, and live in glory!

Let us sing a million songs, blessed odes of a cherished Garden, we shall sound trumpets of pearl! Ne'er in the wrong, ne'er be peaceless men, ne'er to see a churl!

All the world call to Spirit, blessed Holy one! All the world call to the Father, each person a daughter or a son! All the world call Messiah, for by him, we have won!


Great fire flows, all splendor shows, upon the morning light, we raise our hands to him of Might!

Such a perfect assembly, of all the good Lord's men, a final act of mercy, we have now what was then!

Traipse in blissful tranquility, the world is no longer broken, we have seen the light, it came with agility!

Such a wondrous air, of all the ways of God, now that we are not so cold, and he destroyed the Dragon's rod!

Great water springs, from all the heavenly things! The holy creatures God was to employ, they too praise the king that brings them joy!

Such resplendid grace, that falls from the skies! Free in laughter and free from sorrow, free in love and free from lies!

Traipse and burn in virility, the magnanimous days have come, and we have just begun, to deploy our laughter in his Grace to our full ability!

Great wind blows, Caelum's wonder glows, we praise him who slew the Dragon of Night; we praise him and rejoice for he has made us just and right!


All the world, dance in laughter! All the world see his promise, for now and ever after! All the world shine forever, we survived the storm we had to weather!

Let us cry out in bliss, God's perfection is no longer broken, we have seen the light! E'er the darkness hiss, E'er is beauty spoken, E'er we love this sight!

Come and celebrate the reward of Heaven, community of precious gold, that we can walk inside! Everything shall our hearts leaven, run about like days of old, in pride!


Separate was wheat from chaff, victory on our behalf! Any man who walked by the Calf, we hold not forth Heaven's Staff!

The magnificent mercy of our Lord, our great and just reward! To refrain from what God abhorred, that was the path to be restored!

Sanctimonious world of godly love, once below, to rise above! Heard long ago and kept note of, fit to heart like hand to glove!


Call to Earth, Call to Heaven, Call to even Hell of joy ne'er to lessen! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords reigns forever, the end of eternity's endeavour!

Let Hell flee from us, we have found our rest, and it shall have no power! The final days are here, we have told our story, and long had we awaited this hour!

And in the fires of immortal praise, let us shout to the end of days, that the Lord God Almighty has won, and our tale of praise is done!




Who am I, to ask you this? That my soul be washed clean, that I, as my kind, may be delivered from suffering?

Accosted in the fires was He who was pure; that I, as my kind, could be bequeathed with the loving hand of Grace we did not deserve?

And for what was this child slain, the innocent child who, for a lonely moment, knelt below the stars to be below his angels?

For we have gone our fruitless ways, we have ground to ash the principles for which we stood once, that we may seek nothingness.


I kneel before the gaze of Heaven, as I must run from the wheels of Hell's engine, that roar e'er closer in the blackened mists!

I fall as a humble man, my ways and crimes judged by the angels, as nature wails in fury at what I, and my kind, have done!

Can there be Mercy any greater; that for your lost children, you have paid the ultimate price in flesh and blood?

O, how we stained those waters red! O, how brutally we drove the spear! How that hyssop humbled itself before the woe to come!


We, your children, stand your witness, gazing at the horror we have caused! No cruel motion could we, as men, have done!

With this solely ear we bend, we shall e'er make amends, for we have destroyed the beauty of Creation with our blindness!

And I ask, what foreign tongue is spoken upon my flesh? Is this kindness, is this darkness, or am I now a man blind?

For what cost can I hold my sorrow nameless, that my fire may in the wisp of wind be fore'er undone?


Jesus, Jesus, please forgive us! We bow in remorse for what evils we stained the earth with, that beckoned violence in the Ninth!

Jesus, Jesus, we have now wept so great! And still we must call further upon your name, on Earth as in Heaven!

And as were cruel, how we destroyed, and for the little we gained, we offer all we have to your name and your name alone.

And as I wandered as a sinner, how I strayed, and what that cost me, I shall give my life to you etern'lly, as all I have is yours.




You, vigilant God, are the Lord I praise without end.

Through venom and lead that I travel, a lit path do you send.

And for who I was and what you've done, I can only praise you.


Through your Son was bought the salvation of all, be they Gentile and Jew.

In darkened hour you saved us, and by the covenant of the Law held your world true.

To deliver upon men freedom undeserved, to inherit the Curse of Adam and return salvation.


After the second dark day, the grave perished to give back the King, Lord over all nations.

Through the eyes of crystal and the eyes of glass, beheld were the marks of your ruination.

You, to be the Rock eternal, denied Lucifer and his fallen angels the taste of victory.


You, vigilant God, have by the cup of thorns borne the suffering of humanity, every drop drank.

The world now cast in restless vision, has earned convalescence from the gravity of Adam's claw.

As we travel through this life, for the record of the Book of Life to behold us, we are shy from Sheol's bank.


The powers of the heavens above shall triumph when the Archangel crushes the Dragon's jaw!

In this good victory, we of the Book cannot flee the embrace of His pure and holy rivers e'er again!

The powers of Hell shall be thrown in chains and will petrify, no longer able to snare us in their maw!


And in this, we feel freedom, to spend eternity as the reception of God's now complete men.

The world overcome and the darkness shunned, the howls of hellhounds ne'er to pierce our ears.

Yes, that day shall mark the birth of our happiness, but as it has not come, we shall wait until then.


You, vigilant God, have never left your children, and we shall fear no pain in your arms.

The world has fallen silent tonight; the prayers of men drown out the wicked man's sorrow.

And we cry, Jesus, Son of Man in Heaven, we thank you for this great gift, the gift of a clean tomorrow.


There is only sacred vision, the light of Heaven ne'er rescinding, the blissful shore of Jerusalem ne'er relicting.

If we are good and penitent for our weakness, shall we join the Elders in song, beyond the reach of he who harms.

The Liar's tongue ever gagged, and temptation shattered as poisoned glass, that we shall find in evil no charms.


And this hour is one we set aside for the penitent ways of our kind, and for praise, to the King who is worthy.

Taken from us was the skeletal hand of Death by you, He who took the pain that all eternity would upon us be inflicting.

You, vigilant God, watch over us, in the moments of certain conviction and in times no man could have been predicting.




Look, to the heavens, shall I; And shall I see our wonderful Creator.

Blessed Creator, imbue me with wisdom in the sun and in the rain.

For it is by your hand I shall live or die, and to stray from you is death.


The world presents me no kindness; it only drenches my soul in thorn.

I cannot find happiness in the ways of man; for they kill you, my blessed Protector.

As I follow them, Sheol tears the life from me, and I am forced to drink the ashen waters of the River of Death.


Can there be redeeming moment in evil? No, it is borne of wickedness; it can bear no fruit.

Why would I abandon my God for the ways of vile people, for ways I cannot ever understand?

Eternity is the price of infinite gravity, bought by those would reject your loving ways, lives accosted in fire!


God over all the peoples, your loving voice is kind! In the shadow and in Narigheid, I must follow this.

Damnation has no truer ring, than the bell of he who flees your arms, merely to bathe in unholy works!

O, God of Heaven, please be listening! Give even the doomed the chance to repent, that all can be saved!


Holy God above the creatures! Lord above the highest spires! Remember me even when I am on the knife!

Jesus, Jesus, by your blood and bone, forgive me! Remember my beauty from your heavenly throne, even as I wander!

Kingly Spirit, Holy Ghost, be with me! As that cloud and plume of fire, the one who reigns in power, please be a sentinel!


Xerxes' heart ne'er to be within me! Let this word for my humble form of broken soul and weakened bone ring true.

Michael's word of victory in future, that great day, be my solace! For in this moment, sin shall be crippled.

Ne'er reminded after, cruelly, of the Lamb's blood by which my freedom was bought; that salvation is word of felicity.


Zephyrs roar against the shack built on rock, but upon that Rock, no structure can fall to prey of Acheron's maw.

You, dear God, guide me in my fragile moments, defending my heart against the worse of my life's works.

Payment to you can be nothing less than my soul and praise in full. For I am given the undeserved and I must return the deserved.


Virgin bless'd, that good woman of hope, was the sign of your promise given and not forgotten unto men.

Question not, then, I, your holy plans; you can see far beyond those circumstances I cannot.

Repentant then, must be I, for that shall wash me clean and see my pain's waters relicted.


Understand I so little, as frail and mortal man, and so must I turn my hands to prayer for guidance.

Salvation by your hand delivered, but woe to me, as any man, if even for a moment I may stray from you.




Heaven and Earth, those bound Creations of glory!


Heaven, your beautiful throne, crafted in pearl and aurum!

The sound of angel's trumpets, the songs of the great choirs; these things are naught without you.

As the Teacher told us in truth, all things bear no meaning without you.

That beautiful place, Heaven, of Elysian joys unending; the creatures of Earth bow, the Elders fall prostrate in worship.

High Sanctuary of our King, Jerusalem's fiery ring, in your hands held and on your finger rests.


That glorious place! Where darkness cannot reach, where poison has no foothold, where Death is turned away.

Holy and fiery wheels of glorious praise whirl, dispensing the halcyon rains upon your children!

As in the final hour and in the dawn of time, and all tolls of the bell and clock betwixt, this place reigns magnificent!

How, though, this place, however grand it may be, be as if nothing when separated from its King!

The song of Joy falls into silent coil, if for even a second your light in Heaven would not ring.


And Holy Ghost and Holy Son, these two may I not curse as to not join their names too in praise absolute!

Holy fire in my blood, by the body of Son and tongue of Spirit I bear; for salvation and protection are good things.

That child who bore the stars as his mighty mobile; how great he is in the moment of Requiem, as he foist the forked tongue of the Grave!

How mighty that Spirit, who declares Death a weak thing, crushing the woes of perishing and evil beneath his pow'rful scepter!

And how the Trinity shall send away the world of fire and of pain, for me, as any, for the sincere belief in the pow'r of Christ reborn!


Earth, the Creation you bore! O, how that wondrous place now holds ruin, the peasant and the prince both scarred!

Gheists and demons, woeful feeling to be slung to our manacles; the burden of Cain the crippling blow!

How we weep as we now suffer, the victims of our constant sin! This price is but a small thing to pay to see with our eyes.

Ghastly webs of lies to vanquish, the lodestone to attract each Rider's ire; who can be pure if they justify their evils?

Everything vile perishes under the Sun! What evil stands against that sun, given the gift of fire to scorch the unfaithful to wreck'd cinders?


Go to ruin, evil Babylon, you and that woeful prostitute! How can you stand and mock the king when you are to die?

Ebon vine wrapped aboust the arms of your sinners, do not ask for feathers to lessen the power of your fall!

How can you ask for salvation, when you in your sinful pride cannot bow your knee and repent before God?

Every flash of lightning and roar of thunder, every tremble and every quake, shall you fear in the moment of Armageddon!

Great man shall have their bodies all turned to dust as prophesied in the Curse of Adam; How can you withstand the hailstones?


How the Earth must weep on that day! That so many of God's wonderful children are lost to the Dragon!

Every soul lost is a blade's nick, every Goat a tear of blood shed by the loving God.

God, please hear us! Please do answer us! We cannot stand in the waters of poisoned rivers and cry for love!

Even though we have done wrong, broken and in chains as you did not want, we still hold to penitent thought.

Heaven, your sanctuary, we cry out for the blessing of! Earth, your footstool, we mourn for the destruction of!


Heaven and Earth! The things you made! And by our wrongs, they lie in chains! Please forgive us for our wrongs!




Pitiful Jesus! Look forward, men! Look to the woeful thing our hands have wrought!

The innocent King of Heaven lies dead upon Golgotha's Cross, murdered by our hands of malice.

See how he is lifeless, the blood from his brow dripping, his body cold and breath taken.

We must look now upon the fruits of our evil: the death of the only innocent to walk our Earth and pass to the grave with innocent flesh.


O, Jesus, Lord! Can you hear how I cry out to you? How I ask for an answer in the dark hour of humanity?

Nature itself was torn asunder by your death, and torn no less should be my heart as I stain the ground with my lacriment.

I am sorry for the part I held, I am tearful that this was the cost; what man could deny the beauty of such love?

For no greater power of Mercy could ever be shown, that you humbled yourself in every moment and died of the greatest torture.


Pitiful Jesus! Look, my wicked brethren, evil as I! Look at how our ways blackened the night and caused the wailing of the Spirit of our Lord!

How we wounded God, one of infinite kindness, for purposes that were all for naught!

In this hour, we have committed the unthinkable: the murder of our Lord. We cannot stand as if pure men without repentance now.

The world accosted in fire this beauty, a love purer than any. For mere copper, we threw to the gutters all the world's gold.


Jesus, please remind us! How can we look upon this tree and think nothing of the power of this love?

For no man could possibly equal this love. How could a man even think that he could?

Remember us, dear Jesus, as those people you asked God to forgive, for we knew not what we did.

We may never come to understand the true gravity of what occurred, what wound we delivered to Earth and Heaven alike.


Remember us when you pass in fire, Jesus. We have hearts of penitence for our crimes; we are sorry for the hatred we have caused.

How can it be that we are such blind people, when your love and light are even now displayed for us?

Look now, my fellow men, upon that cross. That cross bears a Lamb, stained in innocent blood, slain that we may live.

Now, I ask you, my brethren of all kinds and creeds, who are we to deny this olive branch? Who are we to turn our heads away from that cross?




Hear, O Lord, my cry. I reach out in the hours of my greatest darkness to beseech you for kindness and healing.

For I have done evil in your eyes, and I have fettered myself to Death, as Sheol's sting washes upon my face.

In this hour of fire, I call out for water, that I may bury my woeful sins. Please, Lord, accept my cry.


Crushed on Golgotha for our perverse natures, your Son bore the power of anguish that we may life. I thank you, Lord, for this,

Please forgive me, Lord in Heaven. Beneath the stars I cry as a humble man, lower than the beasts of the field.

For what promise can I see myself forgive, but this great love? Please, Lord, by your promise endow me with forgiveness.


Broken was the bowl of powerful water broken upon me, to crush the crown of the kingdom I had built in nacre.

Powerful was the roar of that trumpet, the trumpet that struck me with the Great Star, which would ravage my limbs.

Every woe shall in time touch the sinner's flesh, no different am I, a lowly man. Please, Lord, imbue me with the pain of correction.


Nothing has transpire in this world that bears no meaning; no woe upon me or iron around me that would tell me false fate.

Delusion is the refuge of the shattered, those who cry out that wicked Beast's name. Pain and fire follow a wailing tongue.

A fool am I to see no wrong in what I do, for I have sinned as all man. Please, Lord, let me remember my fallen nature on this Earth.


O, how long is suffering to be? That I cannot join the waiting dead in white robes, that I must lie in ague unending?

Men and women of the ages shall be crippled by the poison of the river, and I cannot indulge its ilk.

The pain shall never leave my bone, as long as I live in this world. Please, Lord, let my agony serve its anointed purpose.


Evil is denied its breath upon me, sin without grasp of my interest; I feel no temptation yet I still sin. Is this woeful reminder one of my failed humanity?

Unholy darkness has lived within me in my moments where I have donned the garb of the blind, and constrict does it still.

Wise Father up in Heaven, tell me why I do what is wrong; I have no pleasure in it and no desire. Please, Lord, answer that question.


Spirit Holy, I kneel upon the cobblestone, I clasp my hands together in immortal praise of you, God, my everything.

Jesus, Saviour, heal me and repair my vision. I cannot live without the power of the salvation you provide.

Lord, my Father, please be with me. I may be broken and frail, but I will always believe in you. Please, Lord, accept this humble praise.




To you, I submit!

I fall before the clamor of the singing angels!

To you, I submit!

On my knees shall fall I, at Golgotha I cry!

To you, I submit!


The world beneath Heaven can deny you glory no longer! The nations now fall down!

And in this hour, we submit!

Abaddon races toward us with wings of brimstone that shower sulphur, consuming all who deny you!

And in this hour, we submit!


The time now comes, the scales are breaking, and Justice shall consume the world.

Who is such a fool, that they do not fall down and repent?

The Earth you made, consumed blackened plumes of fire; Nature itself rebelling against the violences of humanity.

Who is such a fool, that they do not fall down and repent?


Your angels hold the winds, but whom of your sons and daughters feels the horror of a cursed womb?

What kind of power courses through the wicked's heart, that they do not submit? Clearly they are mad!

Your angels hold the winds, but whom of your sons and daughters feels the horror of a cursed womb?

Only those truly rotten to the core shall feel this wretched fate, the fires of Armageddon to consume their souls!


O, God, we submit! Please our sins absolve and acquit! God, we submit! God, we submit!

Thunderous terrors shall rain from above, bloodied the earth and closing the skies as a scroll! O, fools, submit!

O, God, we submit! Please our sins absolve and acquit! God, we submit! God, we submit! O, God we submit!

O, God, we submit! Please our sins absolve and acquit! God, we submit! God, we submit! O, God we submit!


O, roar, you Earth! Your whitewashed walls are failing! O, buckle, you Earth! O, buckle, you Earth!

Blaring trumpets and roaring sirens, bowls now pouring and horsemen riding! You cannot withstand this storm!

O, roar, you Earth! Your whitewashed walls are failing! O, buckle, you Earth! O, buckle, you Earth! O, buckle, you Earth!

O, roar, you Earth! Your whitewashed walls are failing! O, buckle, you Earth! O, buckle, you Earth! O, buckle, you Earth!


And freedom from sin overcomes! Our weary souls bask in the sun! Hearts mended, wars ended, the grave now undone!

Silent moment of gravity, of Book turning and Judgment ringing, that we shall be rescued from Adam's Thorn!

And God, we submit! Come now, eternal respite! We lick our wounds and shed our chains, freed from pain as we submit!

And God, we submit! Life of bliss and happiness unending arrives! We laugh and dance, and in halcyon fields prance, freed as we submit!




In the voice of Power and Conviction, I believe in God.


In this hour, I cry out in great worship! Come together, fellow man!

Let every valley beneath him thunder praise!


O, dear Lord, Heaven your sanctuary that hardly contains you splendor, I adore you!

O, great Father in Heaven, Earth the footstool you rest your mighty form upon, I bow down to you!

O, God above me, Jerusalem your child to sing in good praise and to roar and thunder, I praise your name!


Blessed by your craft are your meek creations, those who are to humble themselves before the Living God.

Immanuel's blood to wash clean our black sins, that we turn white as snow, to break our chains and free us now.

Ne'er to dwell in wicked bondage again, if we are to so have the heart to accept the cup Jesus, our Lord, pour'd out.

Deny us, our kind, opportunity to commit evil, that we may do no violence against you in our foolishness.


The way of humanity can bear no sweetness; the way of sin is to inherit death. Who then can hold themselves to these in felicity?

Foreign nightmare and fears e'er growing, to consume a mind that holds no vigilance. What man can be blind in the light of fire?

Idle hands bring hunger and ruin before your eyes, for a man is held to wage only through labour. Where can the lout hide from you?

There is no action without cost, no puppeteer to exact no cost; all lies come back to haunt. When can man receive this cost, then?

For what have we destroyed this Earth, for what have we called the winds to die in Sheol's grasp? Why does Earth continue on under this agony?


How the beauty of God must remain so clear, the Justice he holds humanity to now to become so pure!

Heaven sends the kind words upon us, that that moment is not yet to come, but shall soon.

We bask in the glorious promise of that Day of Felicity, that we may feel the broken fetters no longer!

We wait and see what lies in the mists, the glorious vessel of freedom to arrive at the shores of time!

Holy presence of our Maker to be revealed on that day, that even the lost see an ounce of glory.

How small that consolation, that the wicked may see true happiness and then be tossed to fire!


And we have seen this good promise fulfilled, by the words the Book records, on that day in the clouds!

Bequeathed upon us, in that day, shall be wings of God's holy fire, our souls wiped clean eternally!

Cower shall the doomed before the iron scepter, those Goats to feel the crushing blow delivered to their Master!

Damnation shall overwhelm the vile and wicked; they shall not plague the children who clung to salvation any longer!

Eternity goes to both sides, one of Horror and one of Felicity, and we shall stay forever in the kingdom that rains light!

Fools and wise men both die the First Death, as all do, but only the righteous believer becomes immortalized!

God, we worship you endlessly, and in my last hour, I cry out: "In the voice of Power and Conviction, I believe in God!"!




Save me, O Lord. For I have done the unloving to my fellow man and to you.

For I have become a cold man, whose stone heart is wrapped in chains.

Let me be freed from this curse, for I have been to your way untrue.


Save me, O Lord. For I have forgotten the way of Joy and replace it with my pains.

I have harmed the temple, and forsaken light for shadow; from this I ask for dispensation.

The wicked way starts with the unsettled soul that lies in chains.


Save me, O Lord. For I have destroyed the peace and inherited devastation.

Unity of body and mind broken, and for this loss I now sincerely must lament.

For this path I have followed, I weep, and I ask you, by your Son's price, for salvation.


Save me, O Lord. For I have been quick to anger and slow to be penitent.

Misery rests upon the restless, those who do not weather storms in stride.

This thorn shall capture me and bleed me whole, until the day that I repent.


Save me, O Lord. For I have been unkind, and by such nature I cannot abide.

Wicked people adopt cruel ways, uncaring in time and are soon to fall.

Deliver me from this consummate evil, the snare of my ungodly pride.


Save me, O Lord. For I have forsaken the good path, and ignored your call.

I have bloodied by hands by my violences, and in guilty pain shall shout.

Take for me this horrid blackness; I repent for the whitewashed wall.


Save me, O Lord. For I have been too weak in faith; I have experienced mere moment of doubt.

How vile that is, to question for a second he who crafted my soul.

Now must I part myself from that crime, for you I cannot exist without.


Save me, O Lord. For I have been without gentle hand; my talons as burning coal.

Deliver my hand softly upon others, and let no threat come to light.

Weep must I for my brutish way, I have been unjust in whole.


Save me, O Lord. For I have been of little continence or control, despite how hard I fight.

This is the time in which I draw closer to you, in the blazing sun or in the torrid rain on the icy rock.

Please, Lord, direct me the way you would have me travel, so that I can do what is right.




Good Child of Bethlehem, underneath the stars! Great God in Heaven, your lovely gift to us!


Blessed child of innocence, wrapped in holy light! Beneath the angels who serve you for the smallest time!

Joyful infant of Elysian hope, all the gifts we could offer are mere pittance, for you own all under the stars.

The light of our Lord shall gleam in your eye fore'er; He who gives us day and night, now lies under the moonlight.


Good Child of Bethlehem, underneath the stars! Great God in Heaven, your salvation is at hand!


In that manger lies the Prince of Peace, so wondrously! Walk upon our Earth, for those glorious years, shall our king!

The light of love delivered now, crushing the shadows in halcyon crown; delivered to us was this ray of hope.

Thankful we stand, but how we shall mourn, that this child will one day bear the cross.


Good Child of Bethlehem, underneath the stars! Great God in Heaven, your promise now fulfilled!


Child of prophecy, you are the resurrection of our solemn hopes! Magnificent one, the end to our longsuffering!

Rejoice do the heavens at the sight of your splendor, no fanfare ever fit for you, he who shall set us free.

The war against the Grave by your cost shall be won, great Saviour we thank into eternity's dawn.




Look, you peoples of Earth, who have no innocence before the eyes of God! Look up at the fruits of your hateful labour!

The Son of Man, the Son of God, the Saviour who did no wrong before our pow'rful father, bears no longer life; he has passed to Death.

He lies on that tree, rivers of blood pouring from the wounds of his Children, his whole crushed for the sake of our wicked iniquities.

I tell you once more, look! And do not turn your eyes! Look at what you have done, what all sinners have done, to our Saviour on Golgotha's Cross!


For we condemned this holy man to suffer and die in our place; we wounded our Lord for the pleasureless chase of that which moth and rust destroy.

Look, my brethren, to your red hands, those hands caked greatly in blood! Is this the pat that our Father wanted us to take in the dawn of Creation?

No, brothers and sisters, it is not! We have all fallen short of that wondrous standard of the God of the moon and the sun and the stars!

And how we must weep, how the angels must weep, how the creatures of Terra must weep. For tonight, the world has fallen into darkness.


For hours our Lord suffered in agony, rife with ague and slowly perishing from brutal torture. Woe are we, who drum fruitlessly upon God's Flesh!

Forgiveness came at this heavy price, so join with me, as flawed children that we are, to bow our knees in this misery before our loving King!

Pain to remind us of this day, ne'er till Judgment truly washed away, must we mourn that we turned ill way and tore apart the burdened Earth.

Understand this solemn vision, cast in fires never ending, that we must honour the Lord, to pay for the treachery we have committed.


And even the animals, who shy away from His wrath and praise him in every storm, are higher than us in this moment.

For as God had set himself below the stars on the days of birth and passing, so are we below the animals at ours.

By birth, we are given our Curse of Adam, that by water and faith pure must be broken! By our Lord's passing, we are set below the beasts!

So, dear nations, right our wrong, show penitent heart before the King of Heaven and Earth, rememb'ring the power at Golgotha's Cross!




Who shall stand, on the Day of Judgment, with voice before the blameless and omnipotent God?

Who shall not tremble at the roar of the winds that shall emanate when the Book shall have its pages turned?

Who shall not be wounded when the evil are thrown to the fire, their horror etched into eternity by their screams?

There is no man on this Earth that can withstand the awes'me power of Judgment on the day of Rapture.


And who shall not behold the splendor of the God who controls the oceans and winds, the fields and the mountains?

Who shall stand before the Magnificent King and not fall prostrate before him, singing "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty!"?

Who shall have no terror in their veins as they behold the infinite Præceptor of humanity, when he shall call their name?

Not a man shall exist who will not have his blood run cold when he shall stand accountable before the Lord.


And who can deny his presence, when they see with unblemished eyes the Creator, who sculpted their perfect features?

Who can deny the Lord the beauty of his craft when they stand before him in the light of eternity?

Who can see himself as blameless and righteous before the God who knows every darkness and wrong they have done?

All mankind shall quake in the sight of the Judge, who shall turn to just the scales of Life and Death.


And who can flee from his ire in their blasphemous guilt, from He who said that the wicked shall all be uprooted on the final day?

Who can reject his wonderful mercy in their saved way, the gift bestowed upon them by the perished Prince of Peace, now risen?

Who can turn a blind eye to the works of our God, the one who has fulfilled all his promises and finished every chapter of Creation's story?

Everything under the sun shall bow and praise him, for even the wicked who reject him cannot be hard of heart in the face of his glory.


And who will say to him that he knows not what he does, or criticize him for the path of destiny laid out beforehand?

Who will approach him and bark in rebuke for the circumstances that were engineered in perfection to occur?

Who will take such leave of their sense that they would question the one who formed them from naught but dust and ash?

Callous men shall hold no breath; the men who prepare speeches and monologues shall inherit tongues of lead.


And who will be without wonder, unphased before the magnificent God we shall see in the end of time?

Who will be unaffected by the profound way of the Counselor, who is the source of all beauty we behold?

Who will deny the greatness of the Lord in the hour of light eternal, and scorn his way as if it is wicked?

Fools and wise men alike shall be struck silent, and they will have no words for what splendor is before them.


And who must feel compelled to be cold, with heart of ice and soul of coal, to waste away in fires which they shall burn?

Who must stay their feet by their nature and merit, that they can see no good in the judgment of God?

Who must think of wicked ways, before the pure Lord who shall call their name out in the crowd in the moment of their wickedness?

Grand kings and peasants poor, they shall both receive their just earnings, be it the Denarius or the furnace.


And who must feel no wrong, by the sick way of their mind, when they stand before He who created them and knows their every thought?

Who must see the delusion that they are the exception, that their actions were as hidden from God as they were from man?

Who must seem convinced of their purity immutable, that they needed no saving grace beyond their vain conception of supremacy?

Made humble shall be these men, as all, before the Lord our God, who will have recorded everything needed within his Book.


Who shall stand? Of you, my fellow men? I cannot speak for you, but as for me, I shall be speechless and shall fall to the ground!

Who will feel joy? Even the doomed must have felicity in the mere sight of the Lord their God, if it is only to be followed by endless fire!

Who can speak? Can any man even do so? The very thought of that silence broken is an incredible thought indeed!

Who must pass? For let that number, let those names and spirits, be the enumeration of the final moments of suffering, where we weep for the lost!

That day shall be an incredible thing, for all Creation, doomed or not! For we shall all stand in that moment before our Almighty God!

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Flee the Day of Wrath, beasts who cry out for it! For on that day, the Lord Almighty will make infinite your perdition.

When the Earth is torn asunder by the Elements, when everything you know is turned to ash, you shall not be spared.

For you are the ones who cried out for that day by defiance, those who, in their iniquity, screamed out for destruction!

What qualm you lacked, what heartlessness you carried, shall be magnified by the Lord your God, whom you forgot, into pain.


Descending on the mortal world, you shall behold Apollyon, who you have cried out for in the night.

And when you see the face of the Angel of Death, you shall be torn from the roots of Zion, the one you poisoned to be freed.

Damnation fell to Sodom and Gomorrah, ruin to Tyre and Sidon. And ripped from the Earth shall be the New Babylon.

Ash is what remains of Chorazin and Bethsaida, flame to inherit now the wicked place that is Capernaum.


Zephyr to tear what the East charred, and the North to smite the fruits of the South; of this you unrepentant ones should be sure.

Cain's mark is a mere shadow compared to the mark you wear, that mark that eclipses your lost and damned souls.

Zeal for the Beast and blaspheme of the Lord shall on that day merit unending fury; the Bowls and Trumpets concentrated upon it.

Crushed by the stars shall be your bodies, and boiled in the roaring sun of fiery red shall be your flesh; you shall not see mercy.


Plumes of fire shall coil about the Earth, and choked the world that now is devoid of light; by the will of God, this shall be.

Lament, you wicked doomed! For on that day, the world shall suffocate beneath the full force of God's Wrath!

Pleas and prayers from the lips of vipers are ill-proposed and forgotten; for on this day, the Lord shall destroy sin in whole.

Let those words written long ago hold truest in that time: "There is no one left who is good, not even one."!


Ebon blackness will surround you, darkness pure will set your flesh rife with lesions and boils on that day.

Blasphemers, watch Heaven and Hell in those moments of pestilence and plague! For they shall seal your sepulcher!

Even as the Lord demonstrates His awesome power, you still are so unwise as to not turn the tide of your faith.

Beast and Prophet of Lies alike shall join the Dragon in the Lake, and you are fools to think that you part with your Master!


Know not will you any calming touch, nor shall you be amongst the grace of God, you Goats that are to be smitten!

Man shall not feel joy in those hours, those hours to mirror and shame those of your cruelty upon Golgotha.

Knave and prince alike shall fall in the storm of Revelation, that omen of long ago that warned of your woes.

Mercy shall be a stranger to you in the twilight hours of humanity; the end of the Earth shall be a violent one!


Soon the world will fade in fire, finally surrendering to the Wrath of God. And in that last hour, all you toiled for shall fade.

Understand shall you then, if not already, that more than mere moth and rust would destroy your worthless treasures.

Search shall you for them, but it is meaningless, for all the fruits of sin shall turn to nothing in the final hour of wailing.

Under the yoke shall you be forced, your neck brought low and your form made humble; for Judgment shall erase all Pride.


Holy Spirit, Son of God, and Father of Glory before you, how shall you stand and plead for dispensation from He whom you rejected?

Just as you turned away from your Lord, your Lord shall turn away from you, weeping away from your sight for his Creation's death.

How simple it was for this path to have been different! That all you would have to do was surrender to the One you stand before now!

Jesus Christ, the price for your salvation, will stand before you; tell, then, to your Lord, why you thought vain his suffering!


No lie or blaspheme shall change your path then, it is then you have no hope. For in that time, God shall see fate true!

Obliterated will be in that moment your castle upon sand; your house shall fall and your name shall lie in ruin.

Nothing shall ease the pain of your punishment, no salve or boon can rescue you from this woe of great gravity!

Only fire awaits you in the time of your condemnation, and never can you see the faintest whisper of hope again.


Quickly shall the sands of Hell overtake you, the maw of Death shall ensnare you and never loosen its jaw.

You shall experience in hopelessness the womb of Acheron, you shall kneel in Styx and crawl through Pyriphlegethon!

Quelled not will be your wailing screams, the cries of a broken soul; you shall drown in Lethe and see the stars reject your voice!

Years shall come and go, and you shall come to know that there is no end to your pain, the cost of an ill-spent life.


In the hollow cavern of Hell you shall wander; through tragedy and misery you shall endlessly wade, all for naught.

Rest shall never find you, and you shall curse the sky for the life you wasted, gnashing your teeth and gnawing your tongue in pain.

Ill spent was that woe-stricken existence you slaved to create; for useless and temporary pleasure you had forfeit your life.

Reliction of burning waters shall only for mere seconds be the silent rests for your charred being, only to wash upon you fire once more.


There is nothing to live for beyond the grave of one who seeks death, for they shall find more than they bargained for.

Virtue shall not save those who come to regret their pitiful fate, and never shall the tears of the saved pierce Hell's skies.

Take from this, those who falter and even those who are doomed, if only this one thing: Nothing on Earth is worth everlasting agony.

Violences of men shall come and go for the eras, but all vile mouths shall be silenced and all evil hands bound on the Day of Wrath.


Go, then! Flee pointlessly on that day, for the iron rod of God Almighty shall smite all those who are wicked!




The inevitable forces that exist in our world have been wounded by what we have done; the world now suffers for our vice.

Forgive us, Good Father, for we know not the extent of what we have done, to you and to our kind.

The actions we have committed to do, and the wickedness we have bound ourselves to, are both for naught.

We ask for your help in our broken and shattered world of hurt and pain; we cry out for forgiveness.

The earth we walk on has been poisoned with darkness; our ebon vines have ensnared the light of this world.


The vile cesspool of society has bent the scale so greatly; that Justice weeps before the eyes of God for what we have done.

We do so little to make amends for the wounds we deliver; the razor is careless in our hands as it does its waltz of misery.

Turn to dust by wicked plans, have we, the wonders of our solemn Earth, that shivers in fright and pain before us.

Misery is the nightmare by which there can be no shriller name known than ours, that to just ears is as the cry of the banshee.

Tread do we through fire, and in our blindness kiss the fire with our blazing footsteps,


The world cannot hold the burden of cost much longer; it buckles beneath what we have done.

May we ask for forgiveness and set right what we have done to Creation, before that hour of ire true.

Tired and wrapped in chains is Terra, by our iniquities, as it prepares itself to perish by our craft.

Frail and broken are our spirits by this sight, that the iron rose is driven through Gaia before us.

Time shall be no healing salve; the works of our hands will worsen the fate of this place.


Earth will not abide by our hatred any longer on the appointed day, for it is going to violently rebel against it.

Beneath the steps of our ivory tower shall there be the perishing of our pride, idol of self-worship.

Everything under the sun shall perish in fire; the waters will be as blood and the world shall be the home of plague.

There will be nothing left when this day comes; the world will be annihilated by the punishment for our corruption.

Evil shall die its Second Death; it shall be entombed in the Abyss for all ages to come.


End time having come, it shall bellow fiercely, the Earth, for all wounds it has by our works shall be opened at once.

Terra shall scream in utter agony, the excruciating pain caused by our wickedness to finally come back to us.

Every wicked soul shall feel the powerful wind of their misery's share coursing within them; the nightmare they have sown now a reality.

Great shall be their pain, as true suffering shall dwell within them, their fragile fantasies shattered for good.

End shall this world on that day, for the wicked things all have done have doomed it to die.

Evil shall perish from the face of this world; in that time, the world shall release incredible fury against action.

Grand men and low men alike, all who unite under the banner of pride and malice shall fall before the Lord.

Empty will the Earth lie, set once more to how it was in the beginning, corrected from the slant of woes it beheld.

Bloodshed will stain the stars as the heavens weep for the lost of the damned, who lived and lost in vain.

Eternity will call them with a violent knell, to trudge through the hopeless chasms of the Abyss.

We look to an empty world, sated by nothing short of the utter ruination of the human race.

How could we fall so far from the perfection we had in the Garden; for what did we sacrifice Eden?

What could replace the beauty we had, a beauty that disintegrated and washed away in our sinful ways?

Chains were cast on us for our evil action, but we never understood so clearly as now why.

When bitten was that Apple, the holy way of mankind had faded to loveless wisp of ash.


Woefully, the world cries out for the dispensation from sin it always needed, more now than ever before.

Calamity struck blow after blow to the crumbling world; no feathers would soften the landing upon the stones.

West wind and lying tongue together cast down, as brothers, Gaia from her beautiful pedestal on high.

Revelation's Winds shall save the little that is left, and eviscerate the cold and heartless who conspire against God.

Wayward assemblies of men made this world a fallen place, and by correction of that, we shall become free.


We need in this hour to rebuild, and for that, but a moment of rest for Earth, something the vile deny it.

Reviled are the ways of the evil in the eyes of those who fix what has been broken; they hold no value as tools.

Weak is this Earth, and woes great in number are beset upon it; woes we must by good works undo.

Holy way shall triumph over evil plans of the wicked and iniquitous every time; the fool is as impotent as he is stupid.

Wary are we of what is to come, however, for we must take care that good works are not undone.

Eventually, the burden of Earth cannot remain, and it must be lifted; we must lighten the load if it to have hope.

Prayer of kind people and vanquishing of evil thoughts in our hearts are merely the first steps to saving grace.

Every man, woman, and child who is to see light must adhere to the word of God and accept the Saviour to live.

Sacrifice is small price to pay to live, when we see that the cost of the wicked is their very lives.
Evil has no foothold before the righteous; the holy will stay adamant and strong in the Lord their God.

Evil must perish for us to survive; this shall grant peace, and only this truth can set the blind free.

So, for the world to survive, we must achieve the impossible: the preventing of all evil.

Earth, by this reality, is doomed to fall into the destructive maw of the ability, whose fangs shall ravage Terra.

Devastation is the certainty of doomed existence; that we cannot prevent the fall on account of the wicked.

Everything that exists under the sun, in the moment of ire, must cry out for destruction.


Even now, the action against Earth is so very great, and of such tremendous gravity, that it must wail.

Deafening screams and the shriek of funereal bells will roar out, a warning for the doomed of humanity.

Endless woe shall be placed on those who defy God to their dying breath; they shall feel the full scope of his power.

Perish shall all who walk the Earth on the Day of Wrath; no soul shall escape divine justice.

Earth and its hosts shall be destroyed by the rod on that day, by the acts of the defiant.


That nothing short of unspeakable bloodshed and ruination can repair it: that is the state of humanity.

Nothing can be done to alter the path before us; no power shall change the hearts of the wicked in time.

The perfection that was Earth shall have crumbled, there will be not even the ruins left as the guilty and holy walk to Judgment.

All that walk the Earth shall go to Judgment that day, to hear if they have their name in the Book of Life or not.

The sheep and goats alike shall be counted, and set to their fates for all eternity, for better or worse.


This much is certain: As a broken bone must be reset to heal, the Earth, a broken planet, must too be reset.

And so it was, and for that fact we must weep, that we could not have lived in perfection when first offered.

The blackened stain of Adam is now gone, washed away only by blood of the holy and the annihilation of our Earth.

Every action accounted for and the scales balanced; every man shall rest or be restless according to his fruits.

The time for suffering shall end, and a new light shall dawn over the saved, saved by the grace of the loving God Almighty.


The truth is a sad one; that sometimes we are taught only by what is one of the penultimate forces of existence: Death.

Each of us should turn from wicked way and go down the blessed path the Lord has ordained for us, but many do not.

There shall be the wages of both sin and virtue in the end times; all shall be accounted for in the end.

Nothing with wicked will be uncounted, nothing righteous will be uncounted, no action shall be unweighed, and no evil house undivided.

The Lord, in his glory, shall set all things right in the end, and for that, let us all sing his praise.




The Lord is good to us, those who have done so much wrong in his eyes.

The Lord is good to us, that he stretched out his arms upon the wretched cross and gave his life for us.


The Lord is kind, that he opened himself to the crushing darkness and fell to the Grave he commands, for our sin.

The Lord is kind, that he was shattered and razed for his children, murdered for the hope of humanity.


O, Lord above! How can we repay your kindness with any less than our all?

O, God in Heaven! What can we, the redeemed, deny you in your glorious Creation?


O, Prince of Peace! Sent from Heaven where you commanded the angels, to dwell among the fallen man.

O, Counselour High! From Caelum you descend, to teach the woe-stricken men and women of Earth.


What can we say? For endless tomes of praise we shall send, but worthy not is it to be before your eyes!

What can we do? For our good King, we fall to our knees in humble way, and exclaim "Holy is he!"!


What are we without you? None can hold high name against the Lord, who returns all to their humble place!

What are these moments on Earth? They are the mere sands of time until reunited are we with the Lord we serve!




Wrath! Wrath! Ire! Ire! Flee the trumpets, flee the bowls, seas turned crimson, sky as scrolls!

For what on that day, that day of the ultimate display of God's Wrath, can stand if it will not bend its knee?

Fire! Fire! Lightning! Lightning! Run in terror, run in pain, fear your God, the one you disdain!

For on that day, the day of fire and horror, nothing on this earth shall stand!


Tremble! Tremble! Quake before him, serpents! The Lord shall hold you accountable, your sins are great! Perish before plague, you of wicked state!

Behold the mighty Lord in all his glory, as he unleashes destruction upon your cherished Earth of woe!

Ruin! Ruin! The world shall perish, tonight! Cry in anger, run in fear! All action is fruitless, as Death to you draws near!

Fear that moment of Judgment, for it is you who are left that shall not survive this storm!


Abaddon's rage shall storm through the world; there will be nothing left for those of wicked heart to cling to.

The world shall break under the grip of darkness, in that hour to be crushed into lifeless sands.

Cry, you miserable wretches, for this is the least of your worries, the Hell you love below shall show this true.

Crumble in your ebon prison; stain your ivory towers with lacriment, for this day shall prove the death of these lands.


The Lord Almighty shall be before you, his Book opened and his power absolute, to tell of your doomed fate.

For those who do not listen to reason, you shall feel no solace and no rest, as you felt no remorse or regret in life.

Peace shall never find you, as you wander the depths of Nightmare, to crawl through the blood that could never your tongue sate.

Pride and vanity shall be dashed beneath the sceptre of God, whom you scorned, and you shall be given the poison of strife.


Unloving men of blackened sin, what have you committed your hearts to, that was not erased on that day?

Foul beasts of chain and sorrow in Hell below, what have you done, that had amounted to something under the sun?

Tearfully we of light must walk away from you, to be with our loving God, wondering why you could not join us and turn your way.

There you behold the wages of sin eternal, the Second Death; lament, must you, not having changed before God's Will was done.


O, how we lament that day! That day that you, our brothers and sisters, walked away!

O, how we miss you in Bliss! Utterly torn were we, in that moment, for it is you we miss!

O, how we wish we knew why! Remorse fell then, we had to weep, as we could only cry!

O, separated now by that rod! Not near us, you who defy the Lord, who blaspheme God!


Chains! Chains! In misery, you stand! To fire, the wicked are thrown! Cursed forever are they, to suffer in pain alone!

Furious storms and rays of anguish cover the flaming sky! Descend do the wrathful angels, who torment you forever!

Scorn! Scorn! You earned your wage! Snakes shall inherit your flesh; you shall be in the womb of pain! You who have fallen, feel forever the rain!

There shall be nothing but sorry for the wicked, there shall be nothing but joy for the righteous, when God sets right the scales.




God Almighty, Lord of Lords and King of Kings on High, I ask that you open your ears to this humble praise I offer.


Who shall deny his Master comfort? Whether one chooses the house of thorns or the house of light, all men shall be faithful servants.

Who shall, without sorrow, abandon his Master? For he who is loyal does not change sides so easily.


Walk the blessed path, broken ones, and see your brokenness healed, as was promised long ago.

Flee from the corrupt rod and the corrupt iron, for chains shall only drag hellward your soul.

Find no wicked way a gilded path to take to your heart, and do what is right.

And in this, as all, praise the Lord your God.


For, God, we sinners are without mercy to one another; we robe our lands in fire and pain.

For, God, what we lack comes back to haunt us; the phantoms of past regrets will not leave.

Rescue us from this broken path, and set us once more in your light, as we pray for forgiveness.

Bend your ear to the repentant, for we have come to you with heavy hearts, that we may be washed clean.

Remind us not of those wicked days, where we were scattered in the haze, and draw us forth to halcyon mists.

Struck in iron and ague were we, but in the light of our prayer for dispensation from anguish, we to you draw near.

Trust not the way of serpent and fiend shall we, but hold tight shall we to you, to our dying breath.

Crown us in the light we seek, open the doors upon which we knock, and hand us that which we ask for in faith, in your will.


By the actions of our wicked hearts, we fetter ourselves long ago to doomed existence.

In the moment that apple was devoured, lost were we, struck blind by our ignorance.

Promised were we, justly, pain and toil under the blazing sun, that thorn and agony would rend us apart for our crime.

In that moment, hope was as if dead, but provided to us had you a path to walk, that we would not fall to the Grave.

Through prophets and promises, you gave us hope for a Saviour to arrive at the end of our first longsuffering.

For generations, you spoke of he who would have his blood shed, his life taken, for the salvation of mankind.

And waited had we for those ages to see he who would set us free, and break our chains of woeful gravity.

And at the appointed time, from heaven did you sent earthward your Son, humble servant of humanity.

The humblest of forms was given to him, as a wondrous yet helpless infant, with no power of defense.

For that moment, the Lord had stepped below the angels, for a moment with power of the Earth only.

And given the power over nature was he, to correct the afflicted and silence the elements, as he taught to the sinners.

Unequaled was he in the powers of mercy and holiness, that he gave endlessly for us, to be repaid with betrayal.

On that Passover week, the Lord of Heaven in the flesh was captured, to be mocked, despised, and scorned.

Beaten and spat upon was he, our King, by the sinners he would give his life to save.

Tortured was he for hours upon that hill, and in the Ninth hour, he had finally perished upon Golgotha's Cross.

And that formed the dark hour of humanity, which wounded the Earth, to be healed only by his Resurrection three days after.


God, glorious Lord, what price had you paid then for us, the shattered and lost! For by your good works, we can now live!

Blessings and honour, power and riches, glory and strength, to you, our King! Let from all corners of our Earth praise resound!

Thunderous symphony of towering praise, this shall be to ring out for all Creation's days! Let this good song ring true!

Humble we exalt you, Lord we laud, for it is by you that we may see hope and happiness! For in you, both are born!

And doomed sinners wept, wept that you were truly there, that they were fools to the bitter end.

Crowned was that virgin, in blessings pure, to be the vessel for the gift they rejected in folly.

The world had drawn to it close the lifeless moments it chose to accept, which turned to dust before their eyes.

As it was said by the Teacher, all that was toiled for under the sun was a chasing of the wind.

Why did they cling to that wicked darkness, and why did they reject your utter beauty?

What reason came to possess them that they saw you wrong and themselves right?

Who of those that you sculpted in the womb can deny what you have done?

Where were they when you created the Earth and the heavens, and where were they when infinity began?

They are ignorant and restless, drenched the putrid waters of their blasphemes.

Drowning in the fire of Acheron are they, the River of Malice, the fitting end for their evils.

Woe to the lost! For they have abandoned sense and been driven mad by illusions.

Requiem shall evade them, dirge to be denied by their form; for they have waged war against God and lost.


But adorned are your children pure with light and love unending, leaping for joy in Elysian streets!

The life within them does not end, and their hearts overflow with joy, for they have found peace!

All shall bow endlessly then, and all shall shout in praise, when we are to waltz in the heavenly plains!

That moment of eternity standing still shall be one of content nature, in world without pain or suffering, as you intended!

But these times have not come, and Judgment and Wrath have not yet come to pass, so we must wait in patience for those days.

The Day of Rapture draws ever near, the moment of rescue ever more draws close, where the holy are saved.

The Day of Wrath draws ever near, the moment where sin is vanquished races forth, where the doomed shall be destroyed.

The Day of Judgment draws ever near, the moment where all is set right comes with speed, where Creation is rest to glory.


So, how bitter is that wait, that wait for the moment we are free from the fetters of the world that lies in ruination!

Devastation shall come and pass for ages, and only in death will our footsteps hasten towards the end!

The world shall descend one day into fire, and until then, all the hopeful can do is wait for the day that dispels their pain!

Misery shall churn its woeful wheels and roar the fires of its engine, until that moment in which we are rescued!


But until then, my brethren, stay steadfast in praise of our Lord, for He is the one who shall deliver us from pain.

Live your lives in faith and goodness, and embrace the light of the Lord our God.


We can feel no greater purpose on this earth than this, to love and cherish all things of the Lord Almighty.

End our suffering soon, Lord, so that we may be united with you soon, to sing in everlasting praise.




The praise I have for you, God, is endless.
The path you have set me on is holy, and I shall not forsake it.
Because to forsake you is to make forfeit my life.

Please, accept this bowl, offered by the peasant's feet.
For with it are the gifts of alabaster and myrrh, that I wish to please you with.
And in return, fill this cup with light that will run over.

The victory of the grave is ill and short lived; it shall hold no tongue over me.
For I will be flattened in my irons, and ground to dust beneath the skies, and I will not forsake you.
I will never stray from you, He who loves me even in my darkest hours.

For I had lain as a beast in the mud, crying and whimpering in fear and desolation in my abandonment by men.
Shone down had your immortal light to clear triumphantly the darkened skies.
And in that moment, I saw your love for me and your children, whom you love to our dying breaths and beyond.

Who, in this path I walk, could taint their step with the Devil's dance?
Who, in your light, could make obscure the days he spent in the rain looking for salvation?
What man is so sick, that he would abandon his Lord for the fruits of the chase of the wind?

I shall know no temptation or vile way, for I remember the days I laid in thunder and lightning.
For in those days, the crowns of wild waters and harsh winds crowned my face and stained my tears.
No way of man or object of pricelessness could rip me from the conviction my soul has in you.

Shy away from demonic tendency shall I, and crush shall I my ivory tower, to allow you in my heart.
And I shall not wander, for to abandon you is to hate my life and Creator on High.
You who sculpted me in the womb, I have only love for you, for all ages.

Cry, shall these angels, when my path is bitter and false, when I do not praise you in full.
Magnificent Judge of the heavens, please have mercy, for what I have done is hateful to man.
Make me and mold me once more in the image you desired to see me in, for it is by your way I am good.

Resurrected Christ, Jesus, Lord God, reject not my penitent prayers; turn on no deaf ear my repentance.
Relict from my core the restless Sea of Darkness, tear from my flesh these ebon vines that cover me.
Let it be where I can spend eternity with the Trinity, as your Creation who confided in your promise.




Let your voice resonate within me. Let your Word fill my very soul.

You, my Creator, are the Holy One, and I wish your works recorded in me.

I am but a humble servant, and I can claim no high place.


Create for me a simple life; cast me not to dog and not to cutpurse.

But let me make just works by my hands, that I am measure in weights that would delight you.

The world shall come and pass as I will, but your truth shall never change.


When I am gone, I shall go silently, and shall open my jaw on the Day of Judgment.

For I cannot simply be silent before the King of Heaven, my Lord, Creator, and Saviour.

By your Holy Ghost, let goodness overflow from me, and create good works.




Humble form before you, am I, your child who lies broken in chains.

Ebon vines of darkness wrapped and coiled around my mortal cage, these are to be broken by your Son's blood.

Am I to be dashed in the storm, Father? Or am I to be anointed for a purpose.


In this cathedral I cry, wept have I before the bitter stones, and recounted my sorrows for my sins.

I am down on my knees, in the hour of my failings and blackness, that I may be washed clean by you.

By the light of Jesus Christ, my wounds are undone and my lifeblood is healed from the works of the evil one.


Glory to you, Magnificent King! May there be for all days the warmth of your power and splendor.

We of Earth bow down and worship you! For the humble heart shall not see itself undone.

The world is lost without you! There can be no happiness in a world devoid of our Maker.


Humble form before you, am I, broken on the spire and cast to wicked flames I created.

Every deed of vile way I have done has drawn life from my body, and left my form cracked.

Ash and sand, shall I fade into in this mortal shell, when upon the shores of Sheol shall I lie.


In chain and thorn I lie, praying for humanity to be delivered from pain, at any cost to myself.

If not for the sake of care, then for the sake of God's Children must I pray this solemn prayer.

Because I am lesser of a man under the dominion of God if I care only for myself and not at all for others.


Glorious King, we bow before you! Honour and welcome upon your name must we cry out.

Jesus, Light of the world, our sanctuary! By your Cross, our good Lord has his promise fulfilled.

Father, Spirit, Son! Trinity Holy as one! Let us sing to you our endless praise!




The world now lies in ash, its lost children forgotten.
Weep must we in this hour for these, those without hope.
Their suffering was earned through the fires of perdition they spread.

The Earth lies in ruins now, destroyed because of the heart of Sodom and Gomorrah.
For the God of Heaven has had it recorded: "There is no one good left. Not even one.".
We, with the angels, stain the ground with our lacriment, crying out: "What have they done?".

The peoples are burdened by the sorrow they inflicted, the guilty are not pardoned.
Assembly of the peasants before God has transpired, and the proud kings are damned.
For he who does not humble himself is not wise, but rather a fool.

By your power, God, set fire to this world in the moment of tribulation, that it may die.




Bless me, God of Mercy, for no soul can fathom your glory.
No ocean can contain all your compassion; let every creature on Earth feel your benediction.

Number my days and correct my path to your will, for I am weak and without direction when I stray.
Cast the Holy Spirit's Light upon me, so I may not perish, for he who lies outside the grace of God shall be smitten.

Upon the bloodied cross you were vindicated, mauled for our wickedness.
Upon the hill where the world tore itself apart, you died for us.
Good Shepherd, guide your children in the hours of eternity, for this.
And turn white our flesh, which has been bought in blood and fire.

Creation bows before its Master, who stands glorious upon the Mount.
Zion has held firm to faith; through every violent storm it remains true.
And the gates of Hell shall be smashed as the Pearl Gates fling open for us.
For we shall, after Judgment, bid farewell for eternity all perdition. Amen.




Pardon the world in its woe, Dear Lord.

These people know not what they do; they cry out as they wander.

They are consumed with sadness, and are torn by their wickedness.

Please curse not those that have hope, but send hellward the evil.


We of this earth cry out for release from our chains of sin!

Gnash our teeth do we when we anger you, we who know shame!

God, help those who wander, even those who are doomed.

What less can Creation ask but for the love of its Creator?


O'ercome are our souls by your gentle hand, that hand we trust.

For we, the Sheep who follow you close, faithfully hold to you.

For those, the Goats who deny you, they shall see their world burn.

Obliterated shall be their treasures, and they shall scream out in ire.


Beauty endless shall gleam before the eyes of the loving!

How, though, the iniquitous shall shake before the Lord!

Holiness shall not abide by their acts, for their fruit they shall be ash.

Beware, shall the little ones below you, the ways of vile men.


Cross on which borne was our Jesus his flesh, we witness its victim.

Lo, see the nails in his holy hands, the price for our sins!

Lowly are we before him, the mere ground he raised in fire!

Creation shall bow in wonder before its Saviour that day.


Destruction shall soon overtake this wicked world, by God's hand.

Endless woe shall overtake the Earth we hold so dear in that era.

E'er approaching is the time of great violence, brother at brother!

Desolate shall lie Terra, for we have let her be destroyed by our sins!


Malice overtook our vile hearts in the Garden, when we forsook God.

Satan spake vile way into our ear, accepted to abandon perfect flesh.

So great have we forsaken our Lord, and shall we reap what is sown!

Mankind shall feel the force of Judgment soon, but first, his Mercy.




Redeem me, Jesus, before the miserable fire.

I have sinned very shamefully now.


I have lived through every wound, but you revive me.

From holy nails, comes joy!


Angels, do you see this?

That pain I feel for my cold heart?


Lost in Golgotha, was that sacred life!

For that, Jesus, I cry.


Forgive me, God, I have been violent.

Calm the beast within me.


Redeem me, Jesus, before the miserable fire.

I have sinned very shamefully now.


I have lived through every wound, but you revive me.

From holy nails, comes joy!






Fear I, your child, neither pain nor death.
For who can fear by the side of their Father?
Tribulation will not make me worry; for He suffered worse than me.
I shall not tremble at the forces of Misery or Hate, for they are not my masters.

Bought were we by His suffering; by the nail that pierced him, we saw hope live.
Blood upon his mighty brow, back wracked in ague, look to the Saviour of David on that tree!
Coughing his lifeblood earthward, spear acrost, see Earth itself violently shake at his passing!
Were it not for love such as this, perennial fires would be our only fate.

Serve you, God, shall I, in weather great and storm violent.
Torrent of frigid rain and ocean waves pounding the rock, they phase me not.
In my suffering, I bow before the God of the heavens, pledging my servitude.
Let these, my bones, be ordained to do your holy work as you would intend.

Jesus, I bow. I bow before the King of Heaven above, my comfort in the darkness.
Guide me, Good Shepherd, from the maddened wolves who gnash their fangs under moonlit sky.
Provide me my way I need to follow, O God, for that which moves the sun and stars does too command me.
In the love of people you share, in the wisdom you bore, let me learn of these, so that I may survive.




Great vigilant God, protect my soul from fire and flame.

For in you, absolved is my spirit by Christ my Lord.


Great protective God, ward back the darkness that would consume me.

For by your love, all forces of Hell and the Grave are crushed.


In darkness and cold night, free me from the wound of remorse.

Mend my body and spirit that I may be renewed in my vows to you.

And let no hatred of Dragon or Beast overpower the love I have for you.

For I am your servant to the time Death pulls me away from this world.


Sacred merciful God, forgive my iniquities as I forgive others of theirs.

For truly, there is nothing in this world worth abandoning Heaven for.


Sacred just God, let no evil of mine go uncorrected and unpunished.

For this I know, that all things carry cost and I shall gladly pay it.


But how powerful can I be in the ashes and rain, away from you?

O, God, hold me close in the tribulation of my life, that I may live.

Save me from the destruction my desire would crave, wise God above.

Turn me, good Arbiter of Earth and Heaven, to better ways than mine.


Wonderful knowledgeable God, teach me, that I may not fall to sin.

For you have secured this, that I am fallible and need loving guidance.


Wonderful supreme God, blessed are you for what you have done.

For us, you accepted Death upon your Son, and we thank you for that.



Under the Star we fall, weak and defenseless by our impiety.
Crushed by that serpent's ray of hatred are we in that day's dawn!
Bellow and scream, mankind, you who brought forth your annihilation!
For on that day of restlessness, you shall know no calm.

We shall lie in chains for them, for them and their wicked sins.
And they will die before God, whom they spat at and mocked!
Shatter shall this Earth; it shall be dashed like pottery.
Damned is Terra, who sold herself to slavery in her darkest hour!

Everything under the stars knows of love, and wicked men despise it!
Justice is served to the vile and righteous alike; all shall be made dust.
Truly wicked are those beasts, who love the world of murder and lies!
Violence is bred of the heart of nightshade, that knows not any mercy.

Godly men are wounded, for the light of beauty; a sign of the end true!
Holy fire comes to embrace the beauties of Creation, men such as these!
Killing fields are sown of the selfish flesh, that take all as hostages.
Love cannot stand where the plains wilt in the ashes of tribulation.

In the final hours, the true power of God shall eclipse the Earth!
Pious men shall not observe these flames, for they will be taken.
Murderous spirits shall walk the earth we treasure, in vengeance.
Resurrected Christ, let it be that you are the vigil of the holy then!

Nothing will remain of the Old World; it shall become esssse and sand.
Zephyrs will raze humanity, causing destruction by the hands of men.
Obliterating winds shall sweep through the Earth, fettered not by chain!
You, Lord Almighty, will see your Will concluded on that powerful day!


Come, guide us, you angels! Guide us to our Father's loving arms!
We shall feel whole and mended in his warm embrace, at the end of the war!
And all through the valleys and all through the mounts, shall we sing of Him!

Come, provide for us, you angels! Let no man turn to knife of hand or tongue!
For in the eyes of our Father, all that we may need shall soon become!
And in the wings of the heavenly hosts, evermore, is our eternal felicity spun!

Truthfully, we fall too idle in good vigil, not understanding His love!
For he was mocked and despised, slashed and pierced and wizened, for all of us!
Repay him, then, shall we, will naught less than our everything and our all!

Come, blow the good trumpets, you angels! Let the final twilight hours dawn!
For Rapture shall provide when Babylon divides, by God's holy power!
And ascend shall all men wise and of love, upon the wings of grand eagles!

Come, sing for his glory now, you angels! Let praise ring eternally!
We shall bow before the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, for He is good!
And we shall live forever in the love of Heaven, complete and without all woe!




Fear the coming hour, humanity! Woe, if you turn not back from your sins!

Warn you, do I, of the firestorm, humanity! Turn back before it is too late!


Broken and dashed is our world, the world we kill now in haste.

See Terra suffer and bleed by your unkindness, see her laid to waste!

Forget not what God has said, ignore not his laws, as you have done.

For the hour is coming where everything shall perish under the sun!


Repent, not run, on account of your sins, humanity! For we loom above fire!

Wash clean your wicked spirits, humanity! Fear each trumpet, fear each seal!


Iniquity shall raze to the ground all we hope for, with it dies the Earth!

Vile soul and spirit fettered by chain alike, neither will join the rebirth.

The world shall buckle under the force of Ire; it shall become ashes.

The doomed shall have soul flung to Hell, to suffer the demon's lashes!


Great shall be your suffering that day, humanity! You choose a vile path!

Razed will be your cherished lands, humanity! For God uproots the evil!


And on that day the saved shall weep, alongside the God the love!

Lacriment shall stain the clouds, tears shall drench you from above!

We hoped you would have come, that your repentance would be spoken.

But you walked away from Him, and so perish in a world that is broken.




Seek your face, must we, to avoid powerful Wrath by your Hand!

Afforded not are we eternity to brew our sins, for we shall be humbled.

Crushed shall be our idols, dashed to pieces shall be our evil havens!


Correct them and bring them low, all those who may despise your name.

For it is upon their bloody and cracked shoulders, the gravity of Justice!

And the angels will flee from our presence, for we abandoned them too.


Who knows way divine as this, as he who bled for our sorrows?

There is no man who pays credence to that act of gravity anymore.

And why do they think they were forsook, when they forsook the Lord?


Up on high the Holy Throne, the God of Heaven weeps for us.

For were these not his beautiful creations, who turned away to lies?

And still those fools think the Earth is theirs; gone shall be that illusion.


Why could they not bend knees to ask for salvation in penitent sorrow?

For the ways of these fools, Terra is eternally in ruin, crying in agony!

And these men who do not turn, why do they believe we are safe?


And know not I their path, but I shall say, "Holy is the Lord!"!

Can there be any other path of men and that holds to reason?

Weep, weep, dear man, for you shall be in ague for your wickedness!




I have lived in you, your solemn ways and have sought your love. Provide for me, please, when thorn chains me to Death.

Noble sacrifice that you made, acknowledged by my heart, that is what keeps my spirit hole, and that shall renew me in the end.

Cast the scoffer's crown and shrug the bondage of lies, shall I. For in your love, I weather all merciless storms.


For alone am I among this Earth, whose inhabitants have forsook your word. They have spit in your face in blind and dumb spite.

Rest shall never find my bones as long as I walk, for every man shall despise your servant, and every fool shall strike me.

But hold not shall I to a violent path, lest I walk in fire. Free me Lord and pacify me, that out of my darkness can come tranquility.


Ague shall consume the bitter heart; the world can know not the truth as it is. Fear I for the souls of man and beast, who are now alike.

Destruction shall not evade us forever, and so I draw close to you. For as you promised, the holy shall never be uprooted.

Eternity shall await the loyal and trusting beyond that pearl door, that door of bliss. Greater joy, among the world, can never exist.




With you, Lord, I walk, humble and corrected by your ways. Even in the greatest perdition, I shall shout your name.

Mold me in the crucible of your love, so that I may know your face, and so I can walk upright among shadows and thieves.

All meaning and power on this Earth are imbued in you, for the world admires and loves its Crafter for eternity past and to come.

Let me suffer what I must, that I can understand the trueness of your love and fly in the winds of Elysian plains as yours.


Though this Earth is broken and forgotten, your love shines like a beacon in the darkness, the bringer of hope in the storm.

Coiled around my soil are the winds of Death and the Grave; beaded like glass upon me are those frigid raindrops.

Broken and shattered am I upon the rocks, whose cleansing and merciless waters tear apart my soul and leave me to the ravens.

Holy Lord, I bend on my knees and submit, asking you eternally for your justice and love as I weather perdition.


The crimson waters of Past, Present, and Future keep me mindful of my eyes and hands, for all can cause destruction.

Cast off, must I, what would turn my heart hard and wicked; love must I the purity and pristine doctrine you have me hold.

Honour and valour are not to be shed in evil way, nor is the murderer to rest in the holy house of the calm and gentle soul.

Fire shall consume hatred, and those who practice it, for all must learn the gravity of their crimes, in the time of due diligence.


Beside you, I walk, O Lord God and fount of blessing, for it is by you that am empowered by airs and driven to life.

My soul thirsts to walk with you on the heavenly shore, beneath the Elysian rains spread by the angels of love and beauty.

I, as all, do as I should, to bow to my Maker and love him and cherish him. To deny you that would make me of a black heart.

Love, and walk with, shall I you, my Lord and Creator, who has been good to me, and rewards me with the cleansing waters of Justice.




Allow me the same wage as them, those good workers in the field. Ignore seniority and craft, for these mean as nothing to you.

Corrected and honoured in holy labour shall I be as them, for the spine of the weak and lazy man shall be twisted and wrenched.

For who am I to ask for more than perfect pay? I have no merit of bone or flesh that shall rule me in whole.


And bless me in my holy craft you may ordain me for, that I may further seek your ways and despise my own in full.

For I am crushed and brought to the ground in the hatred and malice of selfish thoughts, those thoughts that would see me undone.

Redemption you have bled for the sacrifice cost of, that I thirst for, for you are just and wise and loving in your arts and works.


The majesty of the mountains and rivers and springs of Terra pale to the beauty of your celestial kingdom, that shines among the stars.

Like the gemstones, your world blazes, kissed in fire and anointed in holy waters, as it releases the Elysian rains upon our world.

And I, as all your children, wish the most to see you and see ourselves reunited with your heavenly sanctuary.


Amen, forever more.




The world will bask in fire, for its sins and woes that it has prostituted itself to. Behold, shall we, the twilight of the world!

Men gnash tooth and fang, and bite in the unholy shroud of darkness, for they are consumed by the wicked flesh.

Boil shall our monuments, fall shall our towers! For our vile crimes, we shall gaze at the world's final hours!


The world will bask in fire, for it does not understand the gravity of what it has done. Perish shall you, you who spread blood across the world!

We shall know no peace, the Day of Ire shall smother the world and crush its throat, so that the life of our planet slips away.

The elements shall come with force; no veil and no shield remain! And in those blackened moments, Apollyon will reign!


Blackened souls, heartless men of coal! Look to the Earth, once child of beauty, whom you've led to destruction!

Happiness shall die away from the earth beneath you; the ground shall be infected in the loveless wrath of darkness.

And, O, how you shall be proud of what you have done! You will celebrate then, as gaze skyward and see the blackened sun.


Blackened soul, heartless men of coal! You shall see your bodies turned to glass, smashed by the Hand of God!

And your husk shall be esssse and ash, ash that shall wash away on the shores of Sheol; that pitiful ash shall be swept away.

Joy shall be your cage, that ruinous and heartless joy! That you always believed the world and flesh were your mere toy.


Progress through fire and slough through mud, shall you wicked beings of the vile heart! Stain the Earth, does your presence!

You refused to bow to your maker, and for that, you shall be kissed by immortal fire, and crushed by perilous ice.

Fools, who fled God's path, you make for yourself the work of the Grave! And you shall be brought low and broken in the crucible of Justice!


Progress through fire and slough through mud, shall you wicked beings of the vile heart! You broke the world that you had forgotten!

Merciless were you in your sin, and iniquitous was your path; you shall be before death and fire in the end, and you shall have no voice.

Forgotten shall be you, who know nothing of love and kindness! For the gale of the Book of Life shall rend you and tear the meat clean off your bones!


Wicked men, you have destroyed your world and shall seem into the eyes of Death for your crimes! For none escape God!

Iniquitous and feeble, your hearts shall be crushed like pottery, and burned like tinder, for the wicked heart has no protection!

God will hold judgment over you, as he held vigilant watch of your evils! And he shall put forth your soul to the furnace you begged for!


Wicked men, you have destroyed your world and shall seem into the eyes of Death for your crimes! For you have merited death!

You shall be forgotten and abandoned and despised, as you forgot and abandoned and despised the Lord who made you!

Fear, should your kind, the Day of Judgment, for the safety of mortality will evade you! And you shall be struck to your knees before him!


Fall shall you before your god, and fall shall you be before our God! For you shall find yours is the cruelest master!

Fall shall you before your god, and fall shall you be before our God! For you shall not receive comfort under his blackened wings!

Fall shall you before your god, and fall shall you be before our God! For you shall too be frozen in Hell by his winds!


Know not shall you rest, and know not shall you any hope! For all hope and all happiness are torn from the godless at death!

Know not shall you rest, and know not shall you any hope! For all protection and vigil shall flee those chained to Lucifer!

Know not shall you rest, and know not shall you any hope! For all safety and peace shall be denied those who deny God's love!


And you shall be crushed and brought low, and you shall know nothing but darkness. For the path you chose ends in flames.

And you shall be crushed and brought low, and you shall know nothing but darkness. For the path you abide is a hopeless one!

And you shall be crushed and brought low, and you shall know nothing but darkness! For the path of sin ends in damnation!




God of majesty, God of Mercy! Heaven-sent is your great love, that shine as the greatest of lights in the darkness!

Prepared is your way into our hearts, that you beauty may eternally resound within our souls!

Bow do we, in sackcloth and ash, humble and crying at the sight of your splendor, for we do not feel worthy to be before you.

Sanctified is Creation before your magnificent wing that embraces your Kingdom of gems and gold true, humble before its Maker.


We hold godly fear of the Law, and hold close the love that you shared for your Creation in the days you were flesh.

For bleed, did you, shamed and spat upon and mocked, twisted and desecrated upon the tree of Golgotha, for those you loved.

You accepted the lash of thorns and the wounds of sword, club, and spear, for the forgiveness of those who did crimes against you.

No more powerful love than this could have been shown, for you were of wisdom and love like the world had never seen.


Jesus, powerful son of God, we thank you for the cost you took upon yourself, forsook by the world that we would live.

All the power of Mercy and Love poured out in the moment of the Ninth Hour, when you hung desolate on that tree for us.

Only the Lamb's blood could be so pure as to wash away our transgressions, and you paid the vicious price happily.

Love greater that this cannot be shown, that one would die for those he loved, in complete self-sacrifice and honour.


Resurrected were you, pulled from the maw of Hell and the grave, that you broke us free from our bondage by your death.

Treasure, then, shall we not build upon this Earth, but rather in the heavens above, where nothing can bring it to ruin.

Holy and corrected are we by your loving way and sacrifice, whole in the price of blood and anguish you took in our place.

Many lives could be devoted to the glorification of you for your acts, but no amount of praise can suffice for the Lord our God.



Razed was the curtain that separated man from you, O Lord; fixed was Adam's gravity by the perishing of Jesus.

Truth was revealed to our blinded eyes, that were driven to frenzy when we wandered, to see what could now be.

How great a multitude flocked to your loving arm, and gladly would pay with their lives for that love they had for you!

Mercy bestowed us with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, that we could be whole!


Joy like this could never be experienced under the thumb of Adam, but now we are a new creation, made alive in life and dead in sin.

And every tongue of faith and good knee had come to submit to your loving way, and accepted your heart in theirs.

Over all valleys and over all mountains was carried the message of our Saviour and his great kindness to men.

Lost was the darkness in our hearts, and gained within our souls was a blazing and pure light, that would see us clean


Christ, we shall not forget what you have done, or how you have made us clean souls by your being slain by cruel men.


Wed to blessing and honour were we, by the cleansing fire of baptism, to pursue your path in the highest degree

Freed were we, when we erected those churches, when we gathered in the sake of your name, whole and rectified.

Yeast and water were above the rail and spine and bark, for they could pull back the soul from the brink of death.

Now, and forever, we stay to the path of God, and seek his works that were good and holy shall we always.


Great peace united our souls, then and forevermore, under the clean and white banner of the living God.

Broken shall we be, gladly, if we should know cruelty such as you endured, for the Lord our God shall provide.

Persecution shall come and goes, and the threat and action of men shall pass like dust in the wind in time.

Secure are we are in the God we love, for he shall provide for his children as he always has and always shall.



God of majesty, God of Mercy! Heaven-sent is your great love, that shine as the greatest of lights in the darkness!

Prepared is your way into our hearts, that you beauty may eternally resound within our souls!

Bow do we, in sackcloth and ash, humble and crying at the sight of your splendor, for we do not feel worthy to be before you.

Sanctified is Creation before your magnificent wing that embraces your Kingdom of gems and gold true, humble before its Maker.


We shall behold you on Judgment Day, and see your incredible beauty before the assembly of the world!

Fall silent shall all mankind before the splendor of their Creator, aghast and in awe of your complete majesty!

Your tremendous presence shall render the entirety of humanity without speech, for you are glory incarnate.

No man shall speak a word in this pristine moment, where perfection is gazed upon by every eye.


Jagged monsters and vicious men shall be thrown to the hounds of Hell for their crimes, and our piety shall see reward.

As we bow before our mighty Creator, we shall be overcome with jubilation, for we shall be reunited with our Lord as he intended.

Of every tribe, every nation, every tongue, the tapestry of Heaven's loom shall be assembled from the souls of the godly.

Light shall pour from all places; shadow shall never dare to creep towards Heaven. We shall be one with our Lord Almighty.


Revived after the grave, alive in the happiness of God's embrace, shall be us who were faithful to him for all time.

There shall be no more sadness or pain, only the endless halcyon reign of the Father, Spirit, and Son.

He shall enrapture us in the warmth of pure light, and we shall be overcome with Elysian gaiety and love in the twilight days.

My soul, as all, shall eternally dance in the presence of the Lord, who we shall be with for all time.




Correct me, O God; lead me not down the blinded path. Turn my eyes from the swathes of darkness that would consume me.

Bend me to correct way, for my flesh recoils at the sight of burned waters, to the doors it cannot bear witness without agony.

Punish every sin, for your servant wishes not for it to be this way, and hurts for the sins he commits against you.


For you are the God of glory and power, the King of majesty above all creation that exists beneath your gentle wing.

Suffer do I in endless fire for the hours of my weakness and sin, for it tears me apart viciously from you, whom I love.

There is no happiness in sin, only excruciating torment brought on by knowing that it separates me from my Father above.


Repulse my flesh, and turn away the darkness of my heart, for they bear no love or nobility before the Almighty God.

Jesus, redeem me from my evils by your fire and blood, spilled out in the Ninth Hour for the reviving of the dying humanity of men.

Strike me dead in sin, and renew me in the veil of life, so that I may be corrected and whole before you on the Day of Judgment.


For what am I if not pure, and what call can the impure have to Heaven? These actions and thoughts of the flesh mean nothing to me.

Nothing on this earth is but a chase of the wind without you or your presence, for you bind me and make me righteous despite my crimes.

Fire shall strike me, and pain shall crush my heel, for I have done wrong. And though I may ask for forgiveness, I am not pardoned from consequence.


Remember me, Jesus, when I lie before the Holy Spirit on the Day of Judgment. Remember how I cried out to the wind for absolution.

All the pursuits of this Earth mean nothing if I cannot be with you, and no sin can hold pleasure, for it takes me away from you.

So I ask that you wash me clean in the lake of light and fire, that washed my soul clean and brings me Elysian joy.


Freedom comes from your mighty hand, God, and I am thankful for it, for it takes the bondage of my flesh away.

Unbound from irons and nails am I, and set free is my soul that is allowed to remember what love you bear for me.

Even in the mud, when I am gnashing my teeth as I lay frightened and confused, you love me and remember what I am.


Christ, loving Saviour, correct me and rebuke the darkness of my heart, that I may with you for the days I shall live.

Renewed am I in the baptism of fire and water, made alive in the Lord I love with all my heart.

You provide for me always, and for this, I shall always be your eternal servant, in this life and the next.




Restful soul have I, purified by the God given springs and Nature's waters. They cleanse me and make me whole.

I serve my God faithfully, my undying love and servitude devoted to him, and his heart, never to part from his sight.

Loving Lord above, find it within your will to protect me and drive back the demons that pick away at my soul,

Eternally do I serve you, and eternally shall I follow you in love and joy, that I may understand meaning and happiness.


I love all God's creatures, as my own soul, and wish no harm upon his holy Creation, great and small, for that is evil.

I abuse no gentle creature or ferocious beast, for the Lord granted me mastery of the beasts, but not tyranny,

So I shall follow your decrees, God, being kind and calm to all things begat of womb and good path under your wing.

And I shall follow your ways, and make sacred my life, so that I shall die in sanctified fire, whole in you.


Protect me, dear Father, from the scorn of mockers and haters, who despise and reject me as they did your child.

Protect me, dear Jesus, from the wicked thorn and crown of nail that men would bestow upon your servant true.

Protect me, dear Spirit, from the schemes of the Dragon, Lucifer, and the host of his angels, whom I rightfully revile.

And under your wing, let me breathe light and understand to avoid darkness, so that I do not suffer as others have.




Let not the hounds destroy us; let them not feast upon our bones, to return our refuse to their master.

Guide us with calm and understanding, and drive our path from the Dragon, Lucifer, the wicked king of Hell.

Protect your good children, for they do not wish ill will against your Creation, and save every woeful child.

Turn back the wound of time, so that we can be released from our sadness, that we may know you truly.


Please, Jesus, turn away our impiety, and wash clean our darkness, that we are not unholy before your presence.

Make us as your crafted us in the days of antiquity, pure and wise beings made in the kiln of Heaven above.

Take what nature originally held for us, and form that as Elysium's path, so that we may know peace in you.

Protect us from hatred and darkness, from the blackness of the Liar's tongue, and foist the wicked man.


Sanctify us in your sanctuary, Holy Spirit, ghost who has ruled as arbiter over the universe with justice and might.

Before we are overcome by old age, turn us to good and make us loving children beneath your holy wing.

We bow in the sacred center of your sanctuary, praising you until our eyes are poisoned by lacriment.

Our knees are not to unbend, our glorification of you shall never end, and we shall know love for this.


Turn our souls away from Sheol's tide, Father, so we may not wander and gnash our teeth in spite and malice.

Draw the poison from our phantom wounds, and crush all temptation in our hearts, as we kindly ask of you.

Correct us and help us walk your blessed path, so we may be bestowed with the peace and joy of the angels.

Nothing is worth anything on this Earth; it is all a chasing of the wind underneath the sun, if it tears us away from you.




God, Light of the World, magnificent Creator of all that lives and breathes, we call out in praise tonight.

Candles lit and banners waving, we shall declare to our dying breath the supreme name you bear, even in martyr death.

Beautiful preceptor, you have taught us great things and have stricken from us the vile and ignoble blood we bear.


Nothing in this world can compare to your splendor, laid before the eyes of men for the sake that we may know joy.

Purity's craft and Love's machination have been before us, watching in vigilant protection from the heavens, and that makes us glad.

Let us know good works, and shine your light for all Creation to see, that they will not be blind to glory incarnate.


Trinity, beheld before our eyes, these are the great authors of salvation and rescue from the bleakness of Hell.

Watch, shall we, the kind eye of our Lord, who bestows us with shielding from the elements in our dark times.

Eternally, light and joy shall reign beneath his wing, where all Creation shall sing hymns of praise, and where all good water is drank.


Verily, let us be mindful of the span of our lives, and the uncertainty of tomorrow, as we call upon Adonai for guidance.

Salve from horrid creatures and poisoned waters, our God fends away the darkness from those he loves most.

And weep shall we, for those who go the path of Lucifer, for they know neither love nor happiness in the end.


Jesus, holy child of Bethlehem, how he spilled his body out for the sake of repealing our darkness, we shall be glad for.

O, The blood he stained that Tree in Golgotha with, that is the fount from which all joy and salvation springs.

Know not we the way of tomorrow, but in today we can secure life, if our souls are unfettered by darkness.


Man lies in calm under His restful eye, that sees our sins and sees our goodness beneath them, eternally and forever.

Damnation is held so gently in its place for the evil, to be unleashed on the wicked who abandoned their just God.

For it is only in Him that we can find peace, and beauty can only be from the hands of the living God.


You, Lord above in Heaven, shall eternally reign mighty when the Book shall reveal its winds, for you call all to submit.

Paradise shall be revealed to the loving and good, and the Lake of Fire shall be the home of the loveless damned.

Hosanna and glory in the highest, God, for you shall hold once more on that day the lovely Creation you had lost.

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Forgive us, Glorious King, for our sins, for we have done wrong against you and deserve the wrath of fire.

Kiss not with pardon from consequence, but endow us with what is right and just, be it wings or chains.

Let nothing turn the tide of this war from your hands, which calmly and gently guide the universe.

For it is in you that we live and breathe, and it is by your will and your will alone that shall have that craft of air undone.

We exist by the greatness of your mercy, and by the shining beacon of your light we eternally walk.


Weak has this Earth become, and great grows Terra's burden, under the weight of our sins and under the iron rod of those who love sin.

Guide them from their wrongs, and turn all that is to be in their life to light, so they wake up with memory of a better resolve.

For ruination and devastation are the only children of the violent branch, and those who flock to it will die under the hand of Lucifer's cruel way.

Sadness shall take them if they continue their path, so use your power to show them mercy and love that could save their lives.

For those who will blaspheme you to the death, let the requiem bells endlessly toll for their spirit, as their scream in the blackness and fire.


Lacriment shall stain the ground where we walk because of them; we weep as they hurt us and we weep for the hurt they drive themselves to.

Turn no lily shall we, though, to those who wish to wander in darkness in their dying breath, for they cannot be saved.

There shall be no peace for those who follow vice to the death, for they have elected the path of desolation in the Book.

But let that good Book hold hope for those who struggle and writhe, who wish to walk away from the hatred of the mire they are in.

Truly, God, those people deserve mercy, and to be found under your compassionate wing, for they thirst for a greater bread and water.


We fall to the ground in thanks for what you do, for all of your deeds are just and without favour to one or another.

We sheep flock to your, and seek sanctuary in your embrace, for within your Kingdom there can be no mark against us.

We shall follow you regardless of earthly consequence, in utter and undying faith, steadfast in our conviction you are good.

We know no other sensible path than this, than to follow you forever and embrace all your ways as pure and holy.

We are prostrate before our King, for he endures forever, and He is the light in a broken and darkened world.


The light shall be our rest, and the cathedrals our home, for it is by your grace we continue to exist in this world.

Save us, God, for we have sinned greatly and of multitudes in your eyes, and we must ask for redemption for what we have done.

For we do not wish to wander from your sight, and we wish to be in your presence for now and for all days, a thing which sin forbade long ago.

That path knows not love or kindness, for it is birthed of the Dragon and is lauded by the black angels that lie in the fiery depths of Hell.

Father, we are not of the desire to hurt you, we wish not to follow those who thirst for fire. So then, God, deliver us from that way of pain!


Christ child, you good miracle of Bethlehem, we bow our knee to your supreme sacrifice. For, by bread and water, you have healed the world.

The thorn and nail accosted your life upon that woeful tree on Golgotha's hill, and it commanded from you your every last breath of air.

Laud not we the metal or the wood alone and laud not we the bread or water alone, for they bear no potent power of forgiveness.

Rather, we find them sanctified alongside your sacrifice and pain and we sanctify them alongside your body and blood,

For it is within a trinity that unity is found, and with the promise lies the completeness of seven gifts to man. In these, potency is found.


Ask then, must we, forgiveness in your name, for you are the Lord and Saviour who was cast down and despised for all mankind's salvation.

For on that day, you bore no selfish thought and you forsook no wound, for you knew that you would hang on that tree that man might live.

The world knew only darkness that day, when the Earth shook and was torn apart in violence, for it could not withstand what had happened.

The wound eternal was placed upon Golgotha, where you would lie until the Ninth, and had perished for the sake of all your Creation.

Even the humble animals knew the gravity of your sacrifice. Even they praised their Maker for the actions he had taken to save man.


The world is thankful for the sacrifice you made, and it bows in gratitude for what happened. For that was a day both dark and joyful.

When you arose from the tomb, the angels sang in glorious praise of the completed promise of our Maker, who pardoned us of our sins.

Beauty had never resounded more truly since the creation of Eden, for undone was the sin of Adam upon the world.

And hope knew its birth to be that moment, as it blossomed according to the promise you laid forth in Scripture beforehand.

How great was that moment, when the world knew peace! How great of praise came from those who knew the goodness that was done to us!


We knew rescue in that moment, and praise be to you, Christ, for ensuring it! The blood taken from you enabled felicity in this world!

That stone's moving signaled the dawn of the covenant renewed, where we were unchained from the bondage of the old.

Halcyon was that morn, and celebrated was that twilight, when the first day of a new world came and was eclipsed to bring another.

We bowed every second of that day, and sang our hymns in our jubilation, for we had been made free from sin that ensnared us.

Jesus, holy Son of God, we praise you for the selfless love you poured out for the children who did you wrong to you across the ages!


And for all ages, we shall remember your promise of salvation, for with it came the price exacted upon the innocent.

The lamb was cast down from Heaven, made lowly and despised, and was sacrificed, for the sake of the hard-hearted.

Weeping and scorning were mixed upon his flesh, for the Sheep and the Goats made themselves clear on that day who they were.

For those Sheep, they saw beauty and glory awakened, but stood in horror at the price it came with, for it was their price to pay.

For those Goats, they felt pride and happiness, for they slew their Creator, as it was what they were destined to do.


Holy Spirit, governor of Creation, let us speak now of our happiness in the end days that we greatly relish the realization of to arrive.

On that day, the Day of Judgment, we shall stand before you and shall speak of our deeds and crimes against you, ashamed or not.

The world's assembly, of all those who perished from the dawn of time to the twilight of the Day of Wrath, shall be before you to be judged.

Justice shall make itself known, as we know our sins, and we shall either enter proud or struck humble, but none of us shall have a voice.

For we shall be before the ultimately intimidating sight: our Creator, who knows our everything, holding us accountable for what we have done.


The Book of Life shall open, and those who it knows not, those who forsook it, shall be cast away from its sight for all eternity.

For those evil ones are the souls that will be claimed by the now impotent and pathetic Lucifer, with the scorned of the angels.

The Abyss shall open up to receive them, the Lake of Fire shall be stoked for them all, as Satan and all who follow him suffer endlessly.

And for those souls who followed the weak angel, they shall know as little rest as their master, for their screams shall reach no good ears.

There shall be no dirge for them from Heaven, and there shall be no thing to unfetter them from the agony they lusted greatly for.


But for the righteous, there shall be eternal felicity, for all shall reap what they have sown when all is said and all is done in the will of God.

There, we shall lie in the cocoon of Elysium, where we shall forget all woe and all pain shall be washed from our souls.

In that great city Jerusalem, we shall know the glory of our God as our everything, and there shall be no more woes for us.

No longer shall there be pain, hurt, desolation, or abandonment, for all shall be healed in the glorious Kingdom of the Lord.

How glorious every hour shall be, where the all of Creation shall be as it was intended in the beginning of Eden!


So, woeful creatures, abandon your path, for it is by the God of Heaven and Earth that you would be struck down. Beware, for he is just!

That age shall bear the trinity of your suffering: the Day of Wrath, the Day of Judgment, and eternity in Hell. In each, you shall weep greatly!

Turn back before your breath abandons you, for it is your breath that will betray you in the storm. Abandon folly, for it would abandon you.

Wicked crafts have no joy that last, and evil shall lose luster quicker than bronze, and gone then is your everything. Take not the worthless!

If you will not turn, however, there will be no place in ecstasy for you, as you shall be left behind. Fare poorly shall you against the hounds!


But you joyous men, you shall know the completion of all promise and the deliverance from the Second Death. Joy shall be yours alone!

And God shall reward all who are good, for as vice goes not unpunished, virtue goes not unrewarded. And how great both are!

All shall have been said, and all shall have been done, the will of God shall conclude justly. Good and evil persons, fate shall be sealed then.

For the wicked, felicity shall die, and they shall be coldly clinging to their fallen angel. Despised shall be all in the woeful lake!

But for the righteous, the tale shall end with happiness, and they shall want for nothing. Wise men, shall you flock quickly to that path!


And in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, let it be so. Amen.



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