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Adding music to Oblivion!?


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Hey all,i recently downloaded some music that would realy fit oblivion but i dont know how to add it to its soundtrack,anyone got any ideas how to do it!?

I downloaded a mod that added the battle music from Final Fantasy X to Oblivion. This is all I had to do:


Place the .mp3 files in \Data\Music\Battle


These added files didn't overwrite any of the original music files, so the end result was my Oblivion has more battle music to choose from whenever a melee encounter occurs (random file selection).


As long as the file type is correct, then \Data\Music is where you would place them (you would have to choose which subfolder).

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Pretty much what Kiyoshi said.


Remember that not all MP3 formats play, if you can, convert all of your mp3 files to 128kb/s...That works for sure.


Also remember that there is no limit to the amount of songs you can place in each sub folder.

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Basically go to the music data folders, than put your music in the music folder in the Oblivion data. You can put anything from Normal music to annoying orange sounds. I did it with some of my music.
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