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Wearable Locket-- Connie Abernathy Wears Mary's Locket After Quest


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Hello there!


I've seen a mod that makes Danse's dogtags wearable but never the locket.


It would make sense that Connie Abernathy would want to keep the locket close after you recover it and most likely wear it.



-Wearable Lockets

-Connie Abernathy Wears Mary's Locket After Quest

-(Bonus points if Mary's looks different, eg clean/silver/gold)


Many thanks for reading,


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That's an awesome subtle detail, been thinking something was off about that locket in passing... But you nailed it! :woot:

Should be wearable by player have some buff to make a bit harder to part with, or at least a choice to be made. Sort of like molerat cure or Mysterious serum quest item.

i.e. Do you go for the "Abernathy Discount"/workshop access or keep it a while for a rad resist/stealth/charisma boost, or some such thing?

The other in-game lockets do nothing either, (which also doesn't really make any sense).


Should be very simple (I almost know how to do it):

1) Thing to do is make custom armor piece out of one.

2) Then apply/hook at quest end trigger where discount is applied.

3) Something, something...

4) Profit .


PM me if this gets made by someone more capable than my own damn self.

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