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[Mod Request] A framework for adding custom monster themes


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An REFramework-based mod that makes use of the music systems (partial or otherwise) already present in the game, that would allow the following:

  • The reuse of any music tracks from the game (base or Sunbreak) with any specific monster, for those that already have a theme, it will be simply switched out.
  • The ability to use any externally provided sound file of any of the common filetypes (MP3? Ogg? Wav? etc.), to customize the music played anywhere in the game, especially in-hunt battle themes.

Practically, this would allow people and the community to pick and choose out their own favorite themes on any given area, map, mounting, fishing, meat grilling, and monster, as well add custom soundtracks, or already pre-existing ones from other media into the game, maybe even pull soundtracks from previous MH games into Rise/Sunbreak!


it's relatively known that MHR seems to be oddly lacking in their soundtracks in some aspects of the game, certain flagship monsters such as Lunagaron don't seem to have a battle theme if its own, instead settling on the map's common battle theme, so a mod like this would be quite essential for a lot of people, perhaps we could finally give Khezu its own community-made battle theme?

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