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GIANT Rebuilding Helgen Mod


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I typed this all out on a 7 page word.doc, please note this is just a rough idea with many more things to add and change. I would greatly appreciate feedback and help on making this mod.

Rebuilding Helgen mod (My Own Hold)

Description: A mod that gives the player their own hold after the civil war quests have been finished. The hold is fully customizable with fully scripted NPC’s and various buildings. This mod will require the player to purchase “upgrades” to the hold. This mod is intended to reward the player more than the civil war quests already do (in my opinion). It will also make the player feel like a king/jarl by having events that occur with certain actions. This mod will require HUGE amounts of time and work.



1.) After the last civil war quest has been finished, after a day or two either


a.) A courier will arrive with a note asking you to come to (Solitude/Windhelm) because (Jarl Ulfric/General Tulius) wishes to speak with you. After arriving they will speak with you about how you did well during the civil war and have decided to give you your own hold as a fitting reward.

b.) After entering (Solitude/Windhelm) a (Legate/Officer) will approach you and tell you that as a reward for your service you are being given your own hold.

- You may accept or decline the offer. If you decline you will be told to come speak with them if you change your mind. (text option when speaking to them about it should be “About that hold…”

2.) After accepting, the area around helgen should become its own hold. No guards from whiterun, falkreath, riften, etc. should be in the area. The area will not include other towns or the area that lakeview manor is in or any other possible homes of actual NPC’s. This area will also only give bounties to you if you have guards purchased for the hold.


- For an idea of how big the hold needs to be, keep in mind that there needs to be room for a few farms, a stable, and for the outside to make the inside look like a city, carving into the mountainside is OK if it works changing the original landscape. However the mountainside will require some sort of defense to make it look like the city is defended against any enemy who may try to come that way.

3.) An NPC will be added inside the ruins of helgen. He will stand near the front entrance next to a table that has paper and charcoal on it. This NPC is the contractor, and he will be the one the player goes to in order to install new buildings to the hold.


a.) The first thing he will do is introduce himself and inform the player that in order to start this new city they need to clear the rubble and landscape the area. For a large price, this will be done.

b.) Then the Contractor will tell the player that the first thing that should be done is to build a wall to defend the city, to which the player will be asked for more gold, and then asked whether they want round or square shaped towers. (either way the towers will have wood “roofs”)


- If option A (round) is chosen, then round towers will be made with the wall at average intervals, if B is chosen, the same thing will happen but with square towers.

c.) Once the walls are built the player will be able to “enter” the main city of their hold. It will be empty built the ground will have cobblestone in the correct roadways, and grass in others. Little rune stones should be set up in different locations. The runes will be used to tell the contractor where the player would like an item built. (rune near south wall selected, building erected near south wall where rune was.)

d.) The contractor will say that the next step is to build the jarl building.



Buildings & Building architectural designs:


1.) Buildings will have a number of architectural designs available.


a.) Nordic: can be chosen to be made of stone or wood. Will have winhelm-like structure ideas if stone. If wood, will have wolf and bear carvings and steel joints.

b.) Empiric: Can be chosen to be made of stone or wood. Will have solitude-like structure ideas if stone. If wood, will have empire-like carvings with iron joints.

c.) Dragon Born: Will be made out of wood, dragon bone, and the best looking ore for the joints. Wood will have carvings based on dragon born items


d.) Plain wood: just plain wood styles


e.) Plain stone: just plain stone styles (like markarth kinda, less dwemer-ish)


f.) Dwemer: just like the ruins but in a house kinda shape (like markarth but more dwemer-ish)


2.) Homes will have three different choices, large, medium, and small. They will be affected inside and out by the style chosen, and include no abnormal equipment for civilian NPC’s (enchanters table, alchemy table, forge, mannequin, etc. weapon plaques are ok) and no shrines.

Small – Kind of like breezehome, add a child bed to it.

Medium – Kind of like proudspire manor, make sure there is a childs bed in it

Large – Like one of the hearthfire homes minus the bedroom/garden/enchanters tower, and the trophy room/storage/alchemy tower. Only wing should be the kitchen, reclutter the main hall so kitchen equipment isn’t there, no mannequin or enchanter/alchemy tables. Also take out the door to the basement and add a staircase to a new basement cluttered in an exceptional way for a civilian NPC.


3.) Business buildings can be purchased as well, one by one, or by selecting a whole section of the city. Merchant buildings include: armory/weapons, general merchant, a fine clothing store (fine clothes and jewelry), a bar/inn, and an enchanters store (alchemy, enchanting, ingredients, clothing, staffs, etc.)


- Business buildings are also subject to the building design types, selecting a whole section makes them all the same type and builds all of the stores in the selected area.

- Merchants are all added NPC’s who have unique names but basic merchant dialogue. Each merchant can be used as a fence and start with 10k gold. All Merchants sell a variety of all types of items (armorer has different parts of daedric, ebony, steel, etc.) Each Merchant can teach up to master in each skill as comparison to what they sell (Ingot/ore = Smithing, Heavy armor = Heavy armor, spells & books = each spell skill, Enchater = enchanting, ingredients/potions = alchemy, etc.)

- Some stores (like the armorer and enchanter stores) will have multiple Merchant NPC’s (for example one merchant in the armorers building will sell weapons while one sells heavy armor and another sells light armor)



4.) The Jarl building: will have three choices. Small, Medium, or Large.


- Small: Entryway, jarl bedroom, small war room with a mini armory (fits about one fourth of each armor set/weapons), stewards quarters, child’s room, and a backpanel wardrobe in the jarl’s quarters that leads to a cave for a vampire or werewolf.

- Medium: little Larger entryway, Larger war room with a small armory (fits about half of each armor set/weapons), personal mage quarters/shop, small prison/barracks area in basement, second floor with Jarl’s bedroom, stewards bedroom, and Child’s bedroom, a backpanel in the Jarl’s bedroom to a small treasure room, small personal kitchen, and a cave in a secret location in the prison that leads to a vampire/werewolf lair.

- Large: A large entryway, Huge war room with a large armory (fits two sets of each armor set/weapons) Personal mage quarters/shop, large prison/barracks area in basement, large personal kitchen, treasure room in basement (locked metal doors), Second floor with Jarl’s bedroom, stewards bedroom, child’s bedroom, Jarl’s office, Jarl’s family living space (living room area with a fireplace and books), Third floor/attic with mage stuff


5.) Bath house (optional addition to this mod)


6.) Outdoor Prison/Barracks: would be like the prison in dawnstar, nothing too big, but houses a good handful of the guards and at least 4 or 6 prison cells. (only an option if the Small jarl house is chosen.


7.) Misc. buildings: Water well, farms (outside the city), stable house (outside the city), Garden, tunnel to the thieves guild (only available if the first two missions of the thieves guild are completed) tunnel to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary (one available after first two DB missions are completed, then inaccessible after DB destroyed, and can be “upgraded” after the last main DB mission), Fountain


- All Misc. items (except the farms and the stable house) have a specific area they can be built, (blue runes for main buildings, green for misc buildings)

- Farms and stable house will have set locations outside he city.




Customization & guards:


1.) Guards can be bought in sets. You will have a set of patrolling guards, archers, prison guards, personal guards, and area-specific guards (they stand next to entrances and shops)


a.) You can select the race of guards you would like (Orcs, Nords, Imperials, Wood elves, Dwemer automatons, Argonians, or Khajiits.)

b.) You can select what armor they wear (basic sets of each armor set, or different hold-colored armor. Personal hold armor is available (Orange or black sash chainmail/patterned). Shield (If normal hold armor) will have a shield used that specifies your allegiance (Dragonborn (dragon head) Storm Cloak (Bear head) or Empire (Empire dragon))

2.) Jarl’s building and the wall can be customized for looks, wall gets only flags, Jarls building gets flags, and role-specific clutter items.

a.) Flags include Dragon born (orange or black with dragon head) storm cloak (bear head) and empire (empire dragon)

b.) Role-specific clutter items include Hunter, Warrior, Thief, Mage, Royal, and Dwemer

- Hunter: has tons of animal pelts on walls and floors, tons of mounted animal heads, lots of animal statues, archery focus, fur focus

- Warrior: Focus on weapons other than bows or daggers, lots of monster statues, focus on animal bones more than furs

- Thief: focus on gold and daggers, stolen goods kinda of items, pack rat-ish

- Mage: focus on apothecary items, ingredients, staffs, potions, etc.

- Royal: opulent rugs, fancy looking

- Dwemer: total dwemer focus, junk and automaton statues, dwarven armor and weapons

c.) Role-specific only effects the Jarl living quarters (upper floors/bedrooms)

d.) Other parts of the Jarl building will be based off of Dragon born, Dwemr, Imperial, or Storm cloak (Dragon born has dragon statue or skeleton/skull in entryway, storm cloak gets bear in entryway, imperial gets imperial based statue, dwemer gets giant automaton statue)

e.) Shrines can be built, one large to any god, or daedric prince, along with smaller shrines that grant blessings around the bigger shrine.





1.) Non-unique NPC’s: each merchant also teaches skills, guards act like normal guards, and civilians act as just normal random NPC’s. Merchant NPC’s all double as teachers up to expert skill and teach corresponding to what they sell. (Spells mage = all spell skills) All NPC’s need their own unique name, except for the guards who will simply be named “Helgen guard”, “Helgen Archer” or “<player name>’s Personal Guard”. there will need to be; at least


10 archer guards

15 patrolling guards

5 Personal guards

5 prison guards

10 area-specific guards

6 Armor/weapon merchants (Bows & arrows, Light armor, Heavy armor, One-handed, Two-handed, and ingots/ores/forge supplies.)


2 Fine clothes merchants (Clothing, and Jewelry (circlets count towards jewelry))

2 General merchants

3 Mage merchants (staffs & enchanted clothes, spells & books, and potions & ingredients.)


1 bartender

2-5 children

3 civilian couples

5 random civilians

4-8 farmers

2 stable owners

2 bards (one in jarl building, one in bar/inn)

1 Steward


2.) Unique NPC’s: these will need special scripting and speech options, possibly voice acting.


a.) Person who gives you the option to own the hold.

b.) Contractor: Needs to have specific name and lets you buy everything (rubble clear, city walls, jarl building, other projects), moves into the jarl building when finished, stays in tent outside near his table until then. Follows you into the city and starts a conversation when you select a rune, allowing you to make the choices wanted, leaves you once done.

c.) Follower: is in the bar, starts a fight, and you have the option to have him arrested or forgiven if he agrees to join your personal guard. Arresting him takes away the chance of him following you as will having guards execute him. He prefers dual maces, or war hammers.

d.) Guard captain: Special heavier armored guard who is in the war room. He can be a follower, preferring a sword and shield. You can talk to him about hiring city guards, archers, etc. (pay him 500 gold per guard. Select options for guard such as race etc.) changing the uniform for the other guards (costs 250 gold for standard guard armor, 500 gold for custom guard armor, and 1000*x [x = tier of armor] for any other set of armor (dragon = 1000*10 gold)) and changing how much tax is collected from citizens (5-100 gold per person)


e.) Creature Companion: can ask the bow/arrow merchant to track down any creature in skyrim, capture it, and tame it to use as your companion as well as give it a nickname (if not possible to give a nickname either have names selected from list as a speech selection or simply name it <player’s name> <creature>)


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