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While searching for followers for my new playthrough I stumbled apon a follower mod that looked a lot like Peg Bundy from Married with Children and I got to thinking. "We have mods that are based on hentai, anime, real life actors, on movies or tv shows, other games and others that focus on bumping the nether regions together."


Why not a quest mod story that enthralls the Dragonborn to help and enlist to the aid of Al & Peg Nordbundy. After a lengthy introduction at a pre-determined location the Dragonborn finds out that either Al or Peg has become sterile (it would be up to the mod script writer to decide who.) Peg sends the Dragonborn to several locations to rescue captured children because she wants more children (enough to fill a home mod like Dragons Keep, maybe) and wants to start an orphanage. While the whole time Al is hesitant and resentful and remarks with comments similar to humor in the tv show and asks the Dragonborn to set him up with vanilla NPCs instead.


Story could go either way at this point.


Two hire ables involved in this case is Kelly and Bud Nordbundy..


There are animations available that resemble Peg on how she walked and sat, Al on the other hand sitting with his hand in his pants would be custom animation. Each location of the child or children could be any dungeon, crypt or bandit camp location (children can be snotty or thankful.) RS Children overhaul possibly be implemented and the vanilla Riften Orphanage also. Each time you rescue a child Peg has an excited reaction resembling her in the TV show and awards you with certain "x" item, while Al Nordbundy has a negative comment reminiscent in style to the TV show. After determined time or certain number of rescued children or during the rescues, Al starts to re-evaluate his desire and willing to live by venturing off to a random Dragon mound or other extremely dangerous place to accelerate his passing to Sovngarde, and when during those times when you arrive back Peg sends you off to retrieve Al safely and rewards you. In between Al's episodes of wanting to be assisted in his self-delete, there are options of taking him out on vanilla or custom location quests to build a male bond and discuss interactions the fundamentals and benefits of being a father of "xx" number of children when he retires. For an example a major skooma dealer and a town that quite possibly could be focused on skooma and other profitable addictions built with the player involved. After all this, at the end, if everything goes well, Al and Peg Nordbundy renew their vows ceremonially at Temple of Mara in Riften.


There are so many mod authors still active in the community and numerous amounts extremely talented. They are either still creating new mods or just updating the existing ones they created while waiting for the new Elder Scrolls release. Seriously this idea could be humorously silly, funny and when to the point downright serious reasons to live one. I'm not a script writer, nor a talented modder but it could be serious and funny at times with the right person.

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