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Subnautica mods not loading/working


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Hey there. I've got the Steam version, I got Vortex installed and I use it to setup my mods for other games and the staging folder for subnautica is in the Appdata/roaming/vortex/subnautica/mods folder (which should be right?)


However my mods don't appear to be loading. I've made sure they were all updated and no updates were available


Here's what I have:


QmodManager 4.4.3

SMLHelper 2.13.4

Performance Booster (my PC is crap)




BetterPowerInfo 1.0.0


Nothing to set the world on fire, just some pretty basic stuff (at least for the moment).


I see no "mods" button in the options and the whitelights mod definitely isn't working since my seaglide and seamoth still give me those bluish lights.


Do mods work in an already existing game or do I need to start a new one?


If not, then any idea how I can get them to work? I get no error messages or anything - the game starts as if it was Vanilla, or so it seems.


EDIT: I've tried uninstalling all the mods and reinstalling them, starting with Qmod and SMLHelper, then adding the rest.


EDIT 2: Oh, I'm running Experimental if that's what could be causing it. Do I need to have the "stable" release installed or do mods work with Experimental?


EDIT 3: Side note - I checked Qmod SAM and the mods should be enabled.


EDIT 4: After checking another thread on a similar topic, I want to confirm that the MODDING HELPER folder is indeed in the Qmods folder and the files mentioned are present.



FINAL EDIT: answered my own question regarding Edit 2 - yeah I was stupid to think experimental would work with mods since the build changes all the time. Went back to "stable", redeployed the mods and it works just fine in a new game.

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