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KCD Modders: Help Needed


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Hi all, I've literally just ventured into PC gaming in order to mod the hell out of KCD and RDR2 (though I have already messed up RDR2 lol) but I need some help with the Henry sucks (DLC SAVES) MOD. I've played this numerous times on console so now just wanna have some fun. Is there anyone that can help me with this? What I've done is manually download the mod from Nexus, gone to my local disk > users > Gamer > Saved Games > Kingdom Come > Saves > and this is where I become unstuck. I have the folders playline1 (that I created, before it was playline0) and rataje. I've dropped the save001.whs file below rataje and that hasn't helped. I have also dropped it into playline1 folder to see if that helps and that hasn't helped either, in fact, it just deleted itself from the folder. I keep starting in Skalitz. Is there anyone that could help me here, I'm meant to be starting in Rattay. I am a complete novice so any help would be gratefully accepted :smile:

PS. I also created a saved games folder in case that helped, nothing is working.

PPS. Don't worry worry folks, I see like a typical community these days you have been so helpful, thanks!

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