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Hidden Buffs and Bars reappear after doing stuff


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Hi Guys,

i dont know what to do..


i 've created a user.cfg. In it is this:


wh_ui_ShowBuffs = 0 -- disable sleep/hunger/broken chest/etc icons
wh_ui_ShowCombat = 0 -- disable green shield etc in combat
wh_ui_ShowCompass = 0 -- disable compass (icons, background, N/E/W/S letters)
wh_ui_ShowCursor = 0 -- disable yellow dot
wh_ui_ShowStats = 0 -- disable health bar


Problem is:


If i would have the hunger icon active because of hunger. It is hidden because of the config - which is good! But If i eat something the "hunger" icon reappears. Same with anything else. If i enter the inventory and close it, all icons reappeared. I dont know what to do :sad:


I then tried to hide the whole ui. But then i dont have Text in Conversations :sad:


I just want to hide everything and DONT want, that it reappears after doing stuff. :-)


I play on Hardcore - maybe this is a important information - dunno^^

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