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I had a realization recently...and people might find this a bit silly (it is, tbh...but I do have a point, I swear!).

I don't actually hate any of the bosses in Skyrim. There are personal reasons for this - let me explain:

I'm pretty unusual as a person, I guess. I am part of the goth subculture (this is relevant, you'll see why). Obviously, I won't explode if I step outside and into the sunlight in real life...but playing a fantasy game where unrealistic things can happen...for example:

Being goth, I tend to play "goth" / "goth inspired" characters...so...a vampire who wants to block out the sun. I'm 100% on board with that!!

Whether I choose to become a vampire or not, it still helps my player character to keep her nice, pale complexion! Even if not a vampire, she'd probably still choose vampires as allies wherever possible. They have things in common lol. Black clothing, pale complexion, hate sunlight, spooky interests, coffins are cool, etc. See where I'm going with this? I mean, don't get me wrong...Harkon is definitely a jerk. Especially for what he pretty much forced his family to endure. Helping Serana get revenge against her power-mad father is awesome...plus, sacrificing mortals is not very nice...but I tend to play as Chaotic Good-ish...and also a Daedra worshipper...so I'd probably side with Harkon as far as blotting out the sun goes and then find another way to solve the "Vampire Take-over" problem. Technically...vampires are people too. Serana herself is proof that they are not ALL evil. It doesn't help that we get Auriel's bow and can still blot out the sun (in a much weaker way) anyway. I'm all for helping Serana defeat Harkon - he most definitely deserves it...and I agree that Serana shouldn't have to DIE for eternal night to happen...I dislike Harkon because of his bad decisions / power for hunger / disregard for his family...but I like his general ideas. My point is I don't hate him as much as I should.

As for Alduin - I can't really hate him either. Depending on how seriously you take the lore, he's either going to destroy everything or he's rebelling against his duty to destroy everything. If he's rebelling, my character would be 100% on board with that as well. Go against your destiny! Why not? Sure, she's the Dragonborn who's supposed to save the world from "The World Eater"...but he's a BLACK SPIKY DRAGON! How can she not find that cool?! He's either just doing his job, or he's rebelling against his own nature. How can anyone hate him for that?

Miraak is under the control of Hermaeus Mora and is eventually betrayed because...DAEDRA. They don't care, and also don't exist by the same laws / morality as mortals. I hate Hermaeus Mora more than I dislike Miraak. But we never get to actually FIGHT Hermaeus Mora. If we did, we'd pretty obviously not win...but STILL. The point is...TWO DRAGONBORNS!?!? She'd definitely be intrigued at the very least and want to learn / find out as much as she could from him. Sure, he's a jerk too...especially the dragon-soul-stealing and hypnotizing people...but Hermaeus Mora is still much worse! Trying to force her to be the "new champion"? No thanks. She has already pledged her soul to Nocturnal. She'd do everything in her power to escape Hermaeus Mora. Especially since he tries to corner you not once...but MULTIPLE TIMES. Actually, she wouldn't like Molag Bal very much either...with his whole 'domination' thing. But we can't fight the Daedric Princes...and if we could - like I said - we wouldn't win.

My point with all this rambling and ranting is that I don't feel "fulfilled" defeating these bosses. Which is majorly due to my own / my character's nature. I don't play as a 'Talos Worshipping Champion of Meridia' and use the "Power of Light and Sunshine" to defeat my enemies. If anyone knows of any mods that add...idk...evil unicorn rainbow pixie pink cupcake princess glitter bubblegum bosses...that want to...turn Tamriel pink...and cause eternal sunshine and rainbows and infect everyone with the giggles...*cringe*...please let me know.

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