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Prospector's Shack - Better Beginnings mod home


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I've recently found the 'New Beginnings' extension mod for the mod 'Live Another Life' and would love nothing more than for the (tragically) burnt down house that you start in from the option "I was attacked by a dragon" to be rebuildable (or at least reasonably livable) in some way.

The Prospector's Shack is the building that is used to spawn in (given a map marker and named 'Destroyed Shack' from the mod). The mod extension makes your story that you were able to run inside while (presumably your parents) did not make it in time after a dragon flew by and burnt the place down (there's a note inside basically spelling it out for you). I think that the location of this place is absolutely beautiful and want it to become a home you could actually live in despite the dragon attack considering it makes a very good starting point for your Dragonborn to originate from. Your family killed by a dragon, you make your way to Helgen for help/to warn of the danger, just to hear a certain black dragon roar and see they too have been attacked (and allowing you to start the main quest in an immersive way due to LAN needing you to go there to start the main story anyways).

I'm not saying that this place needs to be 3 story grand hall that the Dragonborn, their spouse, and 7 children can live in comfortably, just a little bit of work to make it a place you could rebuild (or assumedly rebuilt prior to your adventure beginning even) and live a humble life (maybe with a small family later on).

What i'd love to see if anyone could do it is just a few little things: fix up the house (clean it up so you wont freeze every night and add a door because how do you live in Skyrim without a door?!), add in the very basics for crafting, maybe even get rid of the corpses and make a little burial space for them, stuff like that (I think the broken trees are nice reminders though).

I've tried my hand at doing this myself but sadly can't figure out the editor for the life of me so I figured i'd ask and see if any of the wonderful creators out there have a lazy afternoon and want to try and make this brilliant gem of a location Bethesda put in into a home.

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