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Any quest mods for an alchemist playthrough?


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Hello everyone! I was wondering if there are any QUEST mods that would suit an alchemist. I couldn't find any myself, so I assume there's probably not much if anything where alchemy's front and center, but some smaller side quests would work, too. Might not even be alchemy-related via mechanics, just via story. Even if it's something of vanilla-level, i.e. looking for alchemy-related artefacts or collecting a few specific ingredients to help a fellow nerd with their research, that would still be great. All I can find myself are overhauls (which I don't want) or house mods... and running through same few vanilla quests while basing the rest of the story elsewhere is getting a bit old. I play LE. Thanks for any help! :blush:

(one last note, no Death Consumes All recs, please. Sorry! Thought of it already, tried it, but we just don't mesh)

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To me it really is a quest mod. It's centered on a follower character, true, and I really liked the voice acting, dialog... but it's the quest line that holds it together.


In truth though, it talks about alchemy, and it'll send you searching for ingredients, but it won't do much to exercise your alchemy skill.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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