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What if there was a mod where we could have a theme song whenever we activated DRAGON ASPECT!?


I mean... How come there's mods where Alduin has a custom theme song, same going for Miraak, but why can't we, THE LAST DRAGONBORN NOT HAVE A THEME SONG!?

...sure, we have the theme song at the main menu for vanilla Skyrim- but I'm talking like, SUPER FORM theme song. How come characters like Natsu Dragneel, Naruto Uzumaki, OR literally Goku have super form theme songs?


It would encourage people to use this form more, because let's face it, not a lot of people go far into the game to get Dragon Aspect. If we were to make a theme song mod for this form, perhaps it'll allow more game-time for long-time users- like me!




TLDR: What if there was a mod where we could have a theme song whenever we activate Dragon Aspect?


I know it's possible, but I don't know how to do it since CK is really hard to understand. Theme songs such as these three would be very nice to hear in-game every time we activated Dragon Aspect.

Dragon Force

A Beautiful Song

Otar The Foul


Imagine being able to hear custom theme songs of YOUR own choice with the Dragon Aspect overhauls of changing colors, adding wings, or making the form stronger. This is something I really want, not just for myself- but perhaps other people too! A small tutorial on how to do it would be very nice as well.

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I don't know how to do it either, but I imagine it is possible, because The Forgotten City author was able to attach such epic music to the use of the Decree of the Arbiter power. (Unfortunately, really, really UN, the power is always bugged for me, and once I use it, I have to reload a save. I still do from time to time, though.)


I would absolutely love to have the Sovngarde music play when I use the Dragon Aspect shout.

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