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Elliptical Desk-cycle with VR


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I have just bought an elliptical desk cycle to use with my Oculus Rift whilst sitting down - basically as I move or run I peddle normally or fast and stop when I stop - so I get to do a bit of leg exercise and hold off that DVT risk when playing for 8 hours at a time - and it makes sense in the game after a few minutes. Any make or brand will do - I went for a more expensive model because it is silent and smooth, with large pedals which allow different positions for small movement fast pedal or big movement slow pedal - wondered if anyone else had tried this...




Update: After a few hours this feels completely natural and it feels like I am moving through the dungeons etc using my feet - would be amazing if there was a USB interface so I could actually control on screen movement with this - in the meantime I will just have to pretend :) I also burned about 800 calories in a 3-4 hour session :)

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