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Need help with getting CBBE 3BA to work with BABP and HDT physics


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I just need some help getting CBBE 3Ba and breasts and butt bounce mods to work, everything else seems to work fine until I install and load CBBE 3BA. I see the boob bounce animations are there but the boobs just glitch through my character's back when i jump and crouch, I also have xp32 maximum skeleton installed so not sure what im missing. It might just be i need the right load order. Also breast and boutt bounce doesnt seem to work but character and nude seems fine, but physics arent there until I install CBBE 3BA. Let me know if you want to see all the mods I have on my MO2.

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All my mods (didnt really put them in a load order yet not good with that yet):



FNIS Behaviors

FNIS Spells

FNIS Creature Pack



Address Library for SE Plugins

Skyui patch for flashing save files

The pure - CBBE



High Poly Head Patch Installer

High Polly Head

HDt Physic extensions

Cherry's CHHDTP

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

HDT breast and butt bounce physics

CBPC - physics with collision

HDT - SMP (Skinned mesh physics)

PapyrusUTL SE - Modders Script Utility Functions

Bodyslide amd Outfit Studio

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