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Remove pauldrons from female Golden Saint armor


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Pauldrons resemble shoulder pads like those worn by players of US and Canadian style football or hockey. Some have a vertical fin or fins on them that I presume is there to make it more difficult to behead the wearer of the armor.


Doing that is out of my wheelhouse. But keep asking around. You might find someone who dislikes pauldrons on female armor as much as you do.

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I'll try it. If you want to do it yourself, do this:


1.Get BodySlide and Outfit Studio

2. Extract the meshes from the BSA with Bethesda Archive Extractor

3. Open Outfit Studio

4. Import the low weight Golden Saints female armor (the .nif ending in "_0") into outfit studio, can either go to file then import, or drag and drop the .nif into the outfit studio window.

5. Before doing anything else, create a new slider. This is for the character weight.

6. Click the pen/pencil icon on the slider to edit it.

7. Go to Slider, then Import Slider Data, then Import from Nif

8. Use the "high" weight mesh for the Golden Saints armor as the slider data (the .nif ending in "_1")

9. Now the mesh has a slider for the weight. This is important because if you removed the pauldrons first, you would not be able to import .nif for the slider data of the mesh.

10. Use the mask tool to mask the vertices of the pauldrons. If you need help, press W to enable wireframe visuals to help you see the polygons.

11. After you mask the vertices, invert the mask so the body is covered by the mask.

12. Go to Shape, then Separate Vertices.

13. name the pauldrons anything.

14. select the pauldrons in the meshes window.

15. Delete Vertices.

16. With the mesh at zero weight on the slider, export the mesh to the required folder to overwrite the "low" weight mesh.

17. Set the slider to the max weight, then go to Slider, then select Set Base Shape. The mesh is now fixed at the "high" weight.

18. Export the mesh to the required folder to overwrite the "high" weight mesh.


Alternatively, you could save as a new project for BodySlide to output it for you.


If I don't get to this soon just know that I have something cooking up that would include it anyway.

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